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Imperial Gold Marble

Imperial Gold Marble comes with a gold & yellow shade surface, topped with white & gray veins alongside the small dark gold flecks. You can call it an igneous rock formed out of magma. The robustness of this stone makes it hard and strong enough to be used even in construction works.

As far as most home decor applications are concerned, people prefer using Imperial Gold Marble for both interior and exterior floor or wall applications. But that’s not the end of it! There are a lot of other applications where Imperial Gold Marble is considered the perfect material to add an aesthetic appeal and durability altogether!

Additional information




natural marble




Variations are seen in veining and shade


Highly durable


Heat and weather-resistant


High maintenance required

-Product Advantages-

  • Imperial Gold Marble is meant to add timeless beauty to your home, giving you an appealing space to live in. This marble is versatile enough for you to use it either in your residential or commercial applications. Not only that, but it is also available in a polished finish, which lets you add a reflective appeal to the space you use it in.
  • The best part about this marble is that it is resistant to heat and weather impacts, ensuring it will last longer, irrespective of whether you use it indoors or outdoors. With minimal maintenance efforts, you can expect the marble surface to repel scratches and stains over time. It is available in diverse sizes and shapes for you to strategize the way you craft the interiors.


-Material Application-

  • For interior applications, you can consider using the Imperial Gold Marble for flooring, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, wall claddings, etc. And concerning outdoor applications, it can be used with wall cladding, fountains, decor elements, and others. In general, it is available for you to use in polished variations, but you can also get it in flamed or honed finishes.
  • You can consider getting larger tiles of Imperial Gold Marble and using them for the shower wall to give your bathroom a next-level presence. On the other hand, you can also introduce this marble as your kitchen backsplash, blended with the metallic accents of glass tiles. Thus, your kitchen space will look commendable with this combination.
  • This stone goes well with all the earth-toned elements around your property space. So, you can consider blending the use of this marble material with other natural elements, which will help you add more glam to your room or house. You can add brilliant elegance or vigor to your property by using this vibrant marble.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

At George Stone, we are here to address your home decor needs! We have sufficient stock of Imperial Gold Marble for you to meet your home decor needs! Whether you want to do the flooring of your entire house or want to just accentuate the walls, you can place your orders with us for your Imperial Gold Marble tiles, slabs, or blocks. Connect with us to know more!

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