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Indian Black Basalt

Indian Black Basalt is a remarkable material option for the flooring. This is because of its beautiful appearance and excellent hardness. It has a deep, shiny black color with fine-grained texture. It makes it look more luxurious in any part of your home. These wide varying applications are not only limited to homes or business places. This type of stone floor covering has a profound effect in every room.

Indian Black Basalt is not only visually stunning but is also long-lasting. It is able to withstand the pressure of wear, which qualifies it for high-traffic places.  This stone has a dense composition. It allows it to withstand daily use without showing any sign of wear and tear

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Quartz and feldspar




High (6-7 Mohs Scale)


Stain and scratch resistant


Proper cleaning and sealing

 -Product Advantages-

  • Indian Black Basalt has built-in stain-resistance property. This makes it the first choice for multiple architectural as well as design applications. This stone is compact and non-porous. It is resistant to ordinary stains like water, oil and food spills.
  • Naturally, it does not stain as it prevents permanent discoloration. So, the surface can be kept clean and maintained easily. Either as a countertop, flooring, or wall-cladding, it brings tranquility to homeowners and designers’ minds. They know that it can withstand the climatic conditions it faces without getting damaged or stained.
  • This stone is well known for its exceptional resilience. This is one of the reasons for its great use in various types of architecture and design. Its compact and dense structure makes it an ally of strength. It gives a strong resistance under the stress of heavy foot traffic and deterioration.
  • Indian Black Basalt shows superb capability against chemical damage. It protects from corrosion especially with emanation of etching and staining from acidic compounds. This durability guarantees that it is able to keep its untouched appearance and structural integrity. It gives a long-life aesthetic and functionality to residential, commercial, and public spaces.
  • Indian Black Basalt is a versatile and dependable choice for designing wonderful, long-lasting and practical spaces. It provides extraordinary adaptability that can fit any design style as well as applications. Its hard texture and its durability make it ideal for flooring, countertops, and exterior paving. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it makes any space look high class and chic.


-Material Application-

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen sink
  • Flooring
  • Staircases
  • Shower walls
  • Vanity tops
  • Island tops
  • Outdoor paving
  • Patios
  • Landscaping


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is an exceptional natural stone supplier. Our services are unique. This is supported by very good quality control standards that have been put in place. There are always quality inspectors at our quality control department. On the other hand, our customer service team has people who are knowledgeable.

In order to verify the quality of every slab of rock, we have skilled and experienced individuals. Checking whether it meets the firm’s requirements necessitates a person endowed with such capabilities. The rock technician is also tasked with finding defects or irregularities in its structure which may occur naturally.

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