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Indiana Buff Limestone

Known for the warm, inviting creamy buff colour, Indiana Buff Limestone lives up to its name – a popular limestone hailed from the centre of Indiana, USA.

The Indiana Buff Limestone has been part of American heritage for centuries. It is favoured by most designers, homeowners, and builders because of the quality it brings out to the table – both beauty and durability.

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Shades of light creamy to light brown and grey




Perfect against wear-and-tear


Very minimal

-Product Advantages-

  • Indiana Buff Limestone offers timeless elegance – not only that we are also talking about its good quality and durability that raise any project. It can offer so much versatility and flexibility in all your projects.
  • Nature has offered Indiana Buff Limestone a natural touch of elegance that can grace even the most formal buildings and landscapes. It has a warm and welcoming hue that invites any onlooker inside.
  • The creamy to light brown and even grey hues that remain unchanged as the years go by is also an advantage as it is consistent in providing a more pristine look to any space.
  • No fading, weather, or erosion can change Indiana Buff Limestone whether the freezing winter season or the hot summer days. It remains durable with its natural charm that can withstand such harsh changing conditions.
  • Not only this – Indiana Buff Limestone is perfect for any space that invites heavy foot traffic. Its robust nature can handle the bustling daily activities in commercial buildings without losing any of its natural-given beauty.
  • Another advantage is its simplicity when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You just have to wipe out its surface and you can keep this limestone looking as fresh and pristine as it once was.
  • It is perfect even for large-scale projects because of the different varieties you can get in each slab or tile for a more cohesive appearance.
  • If you invest in Indiana Buff Limestone, you are investing not only on its natural charm but also on its reliability, durability, and overall quality that remains over the years.


-Material Application-

  • We made mention of the natural beauty of Indiana Buff Limestone. However, this is not the stone’s only appeal as a construction material.
  • Indiana Buff Limestone is more than just a material for your projects. It can actually change the space it adorns. Whether you are revamping your home or just improving a commercial hub, this limestone is one of the best solutions.
  • Take it outdoors and Indiana Buff Limestone can be a complement to the natural landscape. Imagine your pathwalks graced with this limestone winding through the garden with the greenery as its background.
  • For patios, it can be quite a highlight for you and your friends to stay in the afternoon as it adds to the relaxing ambiance.
  • As a wall cladding, it adds unperturbed rustic elegance and the best part? Its durability allows it to stand harsh weather conditions.
  • But don’t think that the application of Indiana Buff Limestone stops here. You can also use this inside buildings or homes. Because of its natural hue, you can easily do it with the design already in place.
  • Business interiors benefit from this limestone too – making a bold statement of professionalism but does not compromise hospitality.
  • It may be placed as an impressive addition to lobbies – inviting clients in, as well as highlighting corridors that will add flair to the entire building.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your design preferences are either modern or classic. Indiana Buff Limestone can fit right in regardless of the design. It allows adaptability and flexibility, which is what designers and homeowners alike love about this limestone.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Here at George Stone – we make the difference when it comes to your project material needs. From slabs to tiles, we offer various products to choose from especially with our hundreds of partner quarries all over the globe.

We have a deep understanding of every limestone and we are going to guide you not only through the selection of the appropriate products but also during installation.

Through our expert design team, you can visualise all of your projects using our state-of-the-art design technology even before you start working on it. This way, you will be able to see all the options.

We also offer competitive pricing on all our products – one that you won’t regret having invested on.

Plus we are committed not only in giving you the best limestones but also to your satisfaction from the selection to the timely delivery and the seamless installation.

Let us be your partner in your design projects and you will no longer look for more.

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