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Irish Blue Limestone

Irish Blue Limestone is a great stone that makes one feel joyful as well as sophisticated. It has a light blue-gray color like haze on an Irish morning. It showcases the understated shine on the flat surface. Its soft and polished exterior is full of veins. It makes it look deeper and more appealing.

This limestone is very flexible and adaptable. It can serve varied purposes ranging from contemporary smooth décor interiors to ancient construction elements. If applied as a centerpiece or as an inconspicuous feature. It will definitely remind us of some Irishness in every room.

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Low (2-4 Mohs Scale)


Moisture-resistant, Acid-resistant


Regular Washing and Sealing

-Irish Blue Limestone Advantages-

  • Irish Blue Limestone is known for its amazing life span. A treasured material for indoor and outdoor applications. Its extraordinary toughness helps it to survive in harsh climates. It is a preferred material for outside installation. Its strength allows it to be a good choice for heavy human traffic. Even in driveways where objects and carts are moved all the time.


  • This Irish stone has a unique feature. Biological precipitation in nature results in complexity of colors, textures.  The presence of fossils in these stones is a plus for the creative minds. This special feature gives beauty, peculiarity and individuality to the desired structures.


  • Unlike haphazardly fabricated natural stones, Irish Blue Limestone possesses the uniform sizes and precision cuts.  These cuts and preparations help to simplify the procedure for its easy installation. You can now have the possibility to economize man-hours, as well as reduce the project timeline and installation costs. On the other hand, randomly shaped stones call for higher manual costs and take longer to install.


  • The mines where Irish Blue Limestone is mined are chosen wisely with low environmental impact. Such quarries have little harm on nature. This stone can be referred to as an eco-friendly construction material. As durable natural material it will last long once put into place, no need for frequent replacement. Besides during its extraction, responsible mining practices were closely observed.  Reducing the environmental impact of this kind of natural stone.


  • Homeowners, designers or architects liked Irish Blue limestone. It has a plethora of unique uses. This makes it a flexible material for flooring as well as worktops in various settings. Due to its flexibility, it allows designers to have imaginative freedom. They can select different finishing touches that can fit well with the rest of an architectural project.


-Irish Blue Limestone Application-

  • Outdoor patios
  • Pool areas
  • Patio flooring
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Shower walls
  • Interior flooring
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Accent walls
  • Fountains
  • Walkways
  • Hotel lobbies


-Why Choose Limestone From George Stone-

Quality matters most for us at George Stone. Every consignment is packed with great care according to global standards. Our experience comes to play during loading where we ensure safe handling and transportation. When it comes to tracking your shipment, you are assured of our transparency. Our commitment to deliver high quality gives us the assurance you have nothing to worry about handling. Our modern processing plants were strategically located. Due to this advantage, we will be able to handle a wide range of products ranging from types/roughness levels/design of stone products.

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