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Jade Green Onyx

Jade Green Onyx is a magnificent-looking stone. It displays a vivid green color with black, white, and brown swirling marks. Its bold features and vibrant green hue exude a glistening aesthetic and luxurious style.

Cultivate the elegant look of your interior design. This material has a gorgeous hue, unique surface marks, and breathtaking gloss. It can serve as an incredible centerpiece or a supplemental element in your design.

Additional information




Natural Onyx




Cream, Tan, Dark Brown, Gold veins, Blue to Bluish-Gray undertones




Susceptible to cracks, weak to acid



-Product Advantages-

  • Jade Green Onyx is relatively popular due to its resembling visual appearance somewhere in between jade and emerald stone.Its green hue ranges from a vivid grass green to mint green with a darker blue-green undertone.
  • This material has a lush green surface mimicking the natural scenery. It can create a refreshing and inviting space and brings a restful and calming ambiance.
  • Its elegance is subtle not until you put creative lighting on its back. It exudes abundance and aristocratic appeal.


-Material Application-

  • Maybe you want to add a material to your design with an eternal extravagance feel, or perhaps you want to create a show-stopping masterpiece. You can count on this stone, whichever you choose to do.
  • This material has luxurious details and unparalleled brilliance. Jade Green Onyx has a unique way of connecting the natural environment and the indoors. It provides a magnificent transition upon entering your residential or commercial space.
  • Install this stone on your floors, columns, and hallway. Its glowing appearance with backlit will take every guest’s breath away metaphorically. It surrounds the entire area with a sophisticated feel, a subtle touch of tranquillity and visual elegance.
  • You may also place this material in the bathroom as vanity tops and shower wall cladding. It creates a calming atmosphere and provides an unforgettable opulent experience.
  • You can ensure its unmatched brilliance and also enhance its appearance. We offer stone treatment and precision stone cut services. All services are customizable.
  • Some pieces of this stone have bold details. You can install it as a feature hall or kitchen backsplash. Some have subtle marking details on the pale green surface. You can place this as a decorative material, stone bars, and interior floors. It harmonizes and goes well with other colored pieces. It adds unmatched visual appeal to any style.
  • We can provide you with plenty of stone designs for this product. We have massive resources of high-quality stone from our in-house stone pit and other top international quarries for you to choose from. You can fully trust us with this.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is your ideal one-stop-shop solution for stone materials. It provides a world-class, seamless workflow and smooth operations with end-to-end unparalleled efficiency.

We work best with time-sensitive projects and provide exceptional hassle-free procurement and timely delivery. Our professional team and 215 workers deliver high-quality stone production, effective customization, and excellent service.

Contact us now. Let us fulfill all your dream residential or commercial designs.

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