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Jura Grey Blue Limestone

A true nature’s produce – each piece of Jura Grey Blue Limestone gives off unique variation, which adds more depth and character to any space it is installed to.

Whether you are revamping the interior floors or highlighting outdoor landscapes, Jura Grey Blue Limestone showcases timeless beauty that designers and architects love.

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Grey with subtle hues of blue


Unique shades of blue-hinted grey


Very durable


Can stand up against changes in weather


Very low

-Product Advantages-

If you want the right materials for your project whether creative design or pure construction, Jura Grey Blue Limestone stands out – and for a very good reason.

There is no quality of this limestone that is hard to love.

  • No matter where you install it – whether greeting guests in your foyer or accentuating the patio – Jura Grey Blue Limestone is enough and can we say tough? Each piece has been processed with longevity in mind.
  • But durability is not the only quality of this limestone that you’ll love – the calming effect of grey-blue hue is reminiscent of the sky after a storm has passed. It’s the feeling of serenity that you get, which makes any space cosy to loaf around.
  • Jura Grey Blue Limestone is a chameleon when it comes to fitting into any project – it fits right in with no effort required. So any space can get its own exclusivity depending on your taste.
  • It is also perfect for environment enthusiasts since Jura Grey Blue Limestone is eco-friendly. It’s natural so there won’t be any concerns of soil contamination or emission of toxins in the air.
  • Choosing this limestone means you are pushing a step closer to a more sustainable living.


-Material Application-

Jura Grey Blue Limestone can revamp any space so it’s a good product to include in any of your projects. The reason for this is that it simply looks good in any space where you put it.

  • Indoors, it can be used on kitchen countertops to transform the space’s ambiance – making it look good without demanding your time for cleaning. A simple wiping off the counter can already make it squeaky clean.
  • In bathrooms, it can grace your vanity with its elegant cool grey blue hue transforming your morning routine into a spa-like experience.
  • Jura Grey Blue Limestone can add flair to your living room as it adorns the fireplace allowing you to have a cosy get-together with your friends.
  • Outdoors, the limestone raises up the spaces – literally.
  • The backyard can look like a homie retreat with pathways and patios enhanced by Jura Grey Blue Limestone and would be simply inviting.
  • Did we say it can also adorn the pool surrounds? It offers a sleek addition without you worrying about any mishaps or slip-ups especially when you have children to think about.
  • Jura Grey Blue Limestone isn’t your ordinary limestone. It can work and be installed in various forms from classy countertops to artistic mosaics and monumental centrepieces.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

When it comes to limestone selection that you can use for your spaces, George Stone simply brings almost everything to the table. We offer various options for limestones coming from our partner quarries located across the globe.

Our team lives and breathes for our customer satisfaction backed by years of studying every limestone and more than 30 years experience in the field.

You don’t have to worry about project materials here at George Stone. We offer the complete package from selection support to timely delivery.

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