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Jura Grey Limestone

Jura Grey Limestone is hailed as a good, natural limestone that not only looks stunning but also lasts for a long time.

One thing that makes this limestone very popular among homeowners, designers, and even architects is its special color and texture, which makes any space look nice and naturally-looking.

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Soft gray hues


Sturdy with proper maintenance


Great against the usual daily wear-and-tear as well as harsh weather conditions



-Product Advantages-

  • Indulging in Jura Grey Limestone is excellent for projects involving spaces like residential areas and corporate offices. The reason for this is because of its cool gray color, which fits well and adapts naturally to various designs.
  • What makes Jura Grey Limestone even more special is because it offers uniqueness – meaning no two pieces offer the same looks.
  • Whether you are going for Jura Grey Limestone slabs or other varieties, you are up for a surprise because you can get creative any way you want.
  • On top of that, it can weather harsh environmental conditions too making it perfect for outdoor projects.
  • The best part? There is no need for complicated maintenance and service efforts, which really saves you time and money for its proper care.
  • All of the things mentioned so far make Jura Grey Limestone a smart and wise choice for all types of installation. With it, you can make any space as welcoming and homie as you can without too many complexities.


-Material Application-

  • Jura Grey Limestone is like a universal limestone used for all kinds of building projects. It is very flexible – meaning you can use it in various ways.
  • Jura Grey Limestone tiles, for example, can make your kitchen and bathroom countertops look classy without exerting too much effort. This variety can also be used on floors that can embrace and elevate your comfort even on bare feet.
  • Apart from that, Jura Grey Limestone is also perfect for areas with high traffic inside your home such as the living room – where many people could be walking around. The reason for this is because Jura Grey Limestone is very durable.
  • So, Jura Grey Limestone is not just an aesthetic addition to any space. It is an intelligent choice if you want to have a space that is not only sophisticated but also fully functional.
  • For outdoor spaces, Jura Grey Limestone paving is one of the ways you can enhance the space quality like paths and patios because as mentioned – it is durable and aesthetically appropriate for its natural looks.
  • Regardless of your style, whether modern or old-fashioned, Jura Grey Limestone fits just right. It is a natural complement to any area you have in mind.
  • For designers and architects, it is also a perfect choice for highlighting stairs or creating ornamental stones. It can even be used to build mosaics, accenting balustrades, or fireplaces surrounds.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

We, at George Stone, understand the significance and we highlight the importance of selecting only the right, high-grade materials for any project you have in mind.

With our expertise and certification in the trade, we know how to assist you and guide you through the selection process. We have our own internal design team that can collaborate with you and provide visualization for your project.

From getting our limestones from various quarries worldwide to shipping them to you, we offer unparalleled service. George Stone will make your creation a reality to boast. You can trust us to deliver only the highest quality limestone at your doorstep safely and timely.

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