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Kavala Marble

Using the Kavala Marble on your building or interior design project can help you create a reliable and highly attractive space without the expensive cost. You will be amazed at how this cheap yet superior-quality stone product can make a big change in your property’s appearance.

This marble got its name from the place where it originated, the province of Kaval in Northern Greece. Like other people, you might know already that the country Greece is very famous for exporting so many high-quality marble and other stone products. Among the marbles produced in the country, the Kavala variation is very popular because of its unique appearance and affordability.

Additional information


the province of Kaval in Northern Greece


natural marble




uniform grey veining pattern


very durable


scratch/weather resistant


easy to maintain

-Kavala Marble Advantages-

  • The Kavala Marble is as durable as other types of stones but comes at a much cheaper price when compared to other stone materials. You can benefit from its affordability as it can help you save money for your project’s upfront expenses. It is not as strong as other robust stone products, but the durability of the Kavala cannot be left out. It can reach more than a hundred years as long as it is cleaned and maintained.


  • You can easily spot the Kavala Marble through its semi-white base color and grey veining that moves horizontally on top of the stone’s surface. This uniform veining pattern makes the stone look very neat and organized which is a huge attraction for people who want everything to be neat and in order.


  • You can use the stone on various interior and outdoor applications. Whatever climate your country may have, you and your property can benefit from marble’s insulating properties. It can maintain its coolness even when exposed to direct sunlight. The cold weather is also not a problem as it can maintain its warmth.


  • You don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance with this stone. You only need to clean and seal the surfaces regularly to keep their beauty and durability for a very long time.


  • This stoneis easily customizable. You can have the edges cut into different shapes to match the object or space where it will be applied.


-Kavala Marble Application-

  • Walls
  • Tub surrounds
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Pool edges
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Shower walls
  • Wall decorations
  • kitchen counterops
  • Outdoor paving
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen islands
  • Furniture
  • Sculptures
  • Flooring


-Why Choose Marble From George Stone-

George Stone can deliver high-quality stones to any location around the world. We manufacture stones from our three owned quarries. We also partner with hundreds of quarries from different countries.

Our local and international clients have benefited from our stone products and services. We can help you make a decision by providing a free virtual room design service. We ensure only the best quality of service to everyone.

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