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Kona Cream Granite

Cabinets in bright white, deep dark can all go with Kashmir Beige Granite. This granite has become a favorite for kitchen countertops because of how simple it is.

This granite is a popular option among homeowners worldwide who are looking for a kitchen design that combines style and versatility.

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Ash gray with consistent grain structure


Has flexural strength


Long term weatherability


Restore granite gloss with a light polishing agent immediately after etching.

-Product Advantages-

  • Better indoor air quality is made possible by Kona Cream Granite surfaces which keep particles, allergens and pollutants from building up.
  • Professional bakers know how important it is to cook on a flat surface. Smooth and even surfaces make it much easier to do things like roll out dough or prepare bread.
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products made just from Kona Cream Granite surfaces is a good way to make sure that care practices in home lasts.
  • Additionally, Kona Cream Granite stays cool to touch, which is specially useful when working with candy or rolling out dough since it keeps things from sticking and makes handling easier.
  • Geologically speaking, Kona Cream Granite comes straight from the earth. The engineering or manufacturing methods do not affect it.
  • Kona Cream Granite requires sealing, providing moisture resistance, a notable advantage over other materials.
  • The tiles and slab of this granite last longer than others which make it an ideal pick for many applications.
  • If you want quality that lasts, this natural material for both of your homes and business thanks to its dependability and flexibility.
  • If you choose Kona Cream Granite tile, the excellent liquid barrier keeps water from damaging the flooring.
  • If you’re worried about water damage to your floor, you can trust Kona Cream Granite to protect it.
  • Despite being famous for countertops, this granite isn’t the only option for floor tiles.
  • Each Kona Cream Granite block comes from a quarry that comes from geological formation that happened million years ago.
  • There are so many Kona Cream Granite flooring tile and countertop choices that it is easy to find the right one for your home and style so checkout the different options to make your room look better.


-Material Application-

  • A backsplash made of tile glass, or stainless steel can look great with this granite. And you don’t have to worry since using chemical free cleaners can protect the natural beauty and integrity of Kona Cream Granite surfaces.
  • For high traffic places like corridors, kitchen and entryways it’s a good choice for flooring and for practical reasons it is also easy to look after and keep.
  • The long life and ability to withstand weathering of Kona Cream Granite make it a popular stone for monuments and graves.
  • In honouring people, events or historical sites, these granite will last for generations, keeping its memories alive.
  • For both structural support and artistic appeal, Kona Cream Granite panels are often used to cover the outside of buildings.
  • Outdoor areas like patios, walkways and roads look great with granite pavers. Due to its ability to resist weathering it can survive the elements outside.
  • Along with looking nice, Kona Cream Granite backsplashes are useful since it keeps walls safe from splatters and spills.
  • Surrounds made from Kona Cream Granite around fireplaces make your room seem expensive and clean.
  • You can neatly line flower beds or paths with these granite edging stones or blocks. Natural in look, it fits in well in outdoor settings and it won’t break down easily when exposed to soil and water.
  • Some landscape design for chapels as you noticed  use this granite for features like benches, and decorative pebbles to make beautiful outdoor areas for meditation and praying.


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