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Lagos Azul Limestone

The unique blend of blue and grey for Lagos Azul Limestone is considered a property that made it as a go-to material for design and construction in various projects.

Portugal – its rich haven is one of the primary sources for this limestone considering the abundant deposits. Designers and architects select this limestone for a wide range of projects like residences, corporate hubs, and formal buildings.

The reason for this is that Lagos Azul Limestone can make any space look classy and elegant without too much effort. Transforming a space to look elegantly cool is made easy by this limestone – making it a very good investment.

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-Product Advantages-

  • One of the best picks for numerous designs and projects, Lagos Azul Limestone boasts several edges over the other choices.
  • First off, its colour – which is a unique mix of grey and blue – gives off a serene but classy vibe. It makes you feel at home easily in any space, which is not usually present in other limestones.
  • Also, each piece is unique and distinct from each other so you get to build any space with a special flair.
  • Lagos Azul Limestone also has a durability that goes beyond expectations. With appropriate care – minimal at that – it can remain to look as new for years as it resists the regular wear-and-tear. On top of that, scratching has no effect on it as well.
  • Due to its durability, Lagos Azul Limestone is a perfect investment for areas that always get a lot of traffic.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re highlighting spaces indoors or outdoors. Lagos Azul Limestone can handle it and you won’t even have to worry that it’s going to lose its elegance with time.
  • These benefits aside – it is guaranteed that Lagos Azul Limestone is a common and popular choice for projects all over the world.


-Material Application-

  • With an unmatched flexibility, Lagos Azul Limestone is a building material that can be installed in everything at any time.
  • Inside any place of residence, it is perfect not only for accenting floors to make it warm and cosy but also because of its durability.
  • Lagos Azul Limestone can be installed in bathrooms to accent vanities and even showers. It will make your bathroom look like a welcoming spa retreat.
  • When it comes to kitchens, a Lagos Azul Limestone countertop is the best there is that can take the heat as you cook your favourite dishes. Its durability is not limited to regular wear-and-tear but also to its ability to resist extreme heat.
  • What’s even more surprising is that as you take Lagos Azul Limestone outdoors. It rocks a unique landscaping characteristic. You can have it installed in walkways or patios or even highlight the facade of your house.
  • As if it is made exactly for outdoor use, Lagos Azul Limestone can naturally resist any kind of weather. Plus, because of its unique texture and colour, it can blend just right with nature’s looks.
  • With all the unique applications of Lagos Azul Limestone, its durability, flexibility, and aesthetic looks are like icing on top.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

When it comes to limestones, we are all about giving only the highest and the best products you can find worldwide.

With our expertise, backed by multiple certifications, we guarantee you we know our stuff. So, you don’t have to worry about getting top-notch materials for whatever project you are working on.

We have experts in our design team that  will help you choose what you need from tiles to slabs.

Overall, we’re not only here to make sales – we make sure you’re satisfied and content with what you get. We offer personalised service so that all of your design plans are realised or even better than you hope for.

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