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Marmol Dorado Tepexi

The epitome of natural perfection, Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble, is a Mexican stone that looks vibrantly appealing, with a golden-beige appeal and bright orange veining. The pattern of the veins is abstract and provides an elegant vibe to the material. Apart from using it for residential home decor purposes, people also prefer using this material for pavers, fireplaces, sinks, mosaics, ornaments, and other such purposes.

It is often available in sawn cut, polished, sanded, sandblasted, and rock-faced variety to suit the diverse applications it is used for! If your imagination of a dreamy home has floors and walls made up of this golden beige and bright aesthetic veins, then you are dreaming of the Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble.

Additional information




natural marble




Golden beige color with bright orange veins


Highly durable


Weather and water resistant


Moderate maintenance required

-Product Advantages-

  • The beauty of Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble is unmatched, as its elegant look is what leaves people in awe of your property space. People get too conscious while walking on floors made of such marble. Upon installation on floors, walls, or other surfaces, it looks so soothing to the eyes that you can’t even resist a fingerprint mark on it.
  • Maintaining the Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble demands you to be a little conscious and prefer adequate efforts, such as wipe-cleaning or dusting, to maintain the look of the marble. Remember, every slab you buy of the Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble will be unique, with varying numbers of veins.
  • But be assured that irrespective of the order you place them, it will all make sense once the installation is complete! You don’t have to worry about aligning the veins or marble pieces, as they will automatically seem connected once you lay them flat on the floor or fix the pieces on the wall. Thus, you can expect immense versatility from Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble.


-Material Application-

  • It comes with a plethora of features, which include durability, weather resistance, and longevity. Therefore, you can use the Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble for interior as well as exterior applications.
  • If you have plans to renovate your house, consider using this marble for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, bathroom slabs, decor accents, and others.
  • While you plan on using it on the outside of the property, consider it for your paving, pathways, fountain, poolside patios, outdoor floors, outdoor walls, and other such areas. In short, the longevity and compressive strength quotient of this material have made it ideal for use in diverse applications.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone brings to you the best quality Marmol Dorado Tepexi Marble, which is the definition of elegance and beauty. Adding this to your home interior or exterior decor needs will give you the ultimate satisfaction of having invested your money in the right deal. To know more or to place your orders for this marble, connect with us today!

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