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Michaelangelo Quartzite

The Michaelangelo Quartzite is an ideal natural stone in achieving a warm-looking kitchen space.

The stone features a white or creamy background with veining patterns in silver-grey, grey-blue and occasionally gold or green colors promoting warm vibes in the kitchen. Each slab has a unique pattern, adding more character and uniqueness in any application.

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silver-grey, grey-blue and occasionally gold or green veining


very durable




easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Michaelangelo Quartzite is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant. This is suitable in frequently used areas like kitchen countertops, flooring, and patios.
  • Its white or creamy background with unique veining patterns enhances the overall kitchen appearance.
  • Michaelangelo Quartzite is versatile. You can use this in interior and exterior applications such as flooring, countertops, backsplashes, accent walls, patios, and more.
  • The stone’s heat-resistant feature allows placing hot objects directly on the surface without sustaining damage or discoloration.
  • The stone has stain-resistant properties, preventing liquids such as water, oils, and any other acid liquids that penetrate the stone’s surface.


-Material Application-

  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Showers
  • Backsplashes
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Fireplaces
  • Bar tops
  • Furniture
  • Patios
  • Wall covers
  • Outdoor spaces


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is a one-stop stone project manufacturer, we can provide you with the best, most elegant, and luxurious natural stones in your residential and commercial projects.

We offer free virtual scene room service with our professional team. They can help you picture out the design and style you want and help you decide on choosing natural stones perfect in your home because they are experts in 3D max and AutoCad in stone projects.  What you can see during the session is what you get. Keeping in mind the satisfaction you deserve; our team works professionally and provides round the clock, online assistance worldwide.

We own 3 stone quarries and cooperate with hundreds of quarries all over the world. With this capacity, we can accommodate large projects worldwide without delay. With higher than international stone packaging standards, and professional forklift and loading services, we can deliver the package safely and without damage.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

Free Design Services

We also offer visual simulation and a virtual preview of the product.