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Missouri Red Granite

From its name itself, Missouri Red Granite quarry is from the locale of Missouri, United States. For your information, this granite has an abrasion resistance rating of 80.46 hardness, which shows how long lasting it is.

There is a touch of nutmeg brown in this granite that makes the color look like rosewood. The difference is subtle but visible.

Additional information


Unite states






With traces of nutmeg-brown


Has a steady base


Calcium build up resistance


Apply a granite wax for added protection

-Product Advantages-

  • Missouri Red Granite only absorbs 0.25% of it’s weight in water, so it’s great for wet areas inside your home.
  • Comes from 0.75 to 1.2 inches or 2-3 centimeter thickness, Missouri Red Granite is available to people that have different tastes and needs.
  • The standard sizes of this granite give builders, renovators and project managers a lot of freedom alternatives.
  • If you’ve been to America, you’ve likely seen this granite everywhere since it is famous in the region.
  • Missouri Red Granite popularity makes it a common sight in many places across the US, adding to the beauty of homes, buildings and public spaces.
  • Its resistance to fluid and moisture makes it resilient and long lasting, even in places where water is common.
  • In case you’re thinking what shade Missouri Red Granite has, it has traces and touches of nutmeg-brown with overall shade of rosewood.
  • This granite really stands out as a one of a kind choice thanks to its subtle and unique appearance plus it came from a modernized country.
  • Missouri Red Granite adaptability and refined style make it an excellent pick for you if you are looking to brighten up your area without spending a lot.
  • As time goes on, Missouri Red Granite can keep its good look since it doesn’t have calcium build up. You can enjoy it’s beauty without thinking about how it will look.
  • Missouri Red Granite is beautiful and would look great in your home or even public area.
  • When you browse online, Missouri Red Granite number one uses is for displays, artistry and decorations.
  • As expected, Missouri Red Granite will be of the highest quality this one is from the United States, a developed country known for it’s high standard.
  • With its roots in a highly developed country, you can be sure that this granite was made with accuracy and quality in mind.


-Material Application-

  • Are you tired of frequently replacing your wooden door knob? Then consider crafting a doorknob from this granite instead. It will give you a reliable option or your doors that you won’t have to replace as often.
  • The best monuments in the cemetery are sometimes made from Missouri Red Granite Headstones. So if you have loved ones that already passed away, why not try using this granite.
  • You can make an amazing  area for entertaining with Missouri Red Granite bar countertops.
  • It has an attractive surface for mixing drinks and talking with friends at your home bar.
  • You can use Missouri Red Granite as shelves for your bookshelves, you can use it to show off your favorite novel  book and photos.
  • For the top of your dining table, Missouri Red Granite is also the best pick. Given that it has a nice veining, it is also very easy to maintain and take care of.
  • If you have a fireplace inside your home, you might want to add Missouri Red Granite. It will surely enhance your living room, providing you a  sturdy and attractive surface.
  • By being able to withstand the elements and being easy to clean, backsplashes in your kitchen crafted from this granite will add usefulness to your cooking area.
  • If you have a home library and love to read, make use of Missouri Red Granite hanging shelves.
  • You can store things in this and you don’t have to worry about how this granite looks since it lasts and works well.
  • Putting this granite surrounds around your window can give your interior a style and sturdiness while giving your window a smooth finish.
  • For a durable and roomy surface for working or learning, choose Missouri Red Granite for your home office flooring and wall.
  • Improve your laundry room with Missouri Red Granite countertops, which provide a strong and easy to clean surface for arranging your laundry clothes.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Our manufacturing centers make high quality  granite goods using a new way of making stones. With our factory tour, you can see for yourself how we use modern automatic intelligent manufacturing methods.

From digging the granite to finishing, our production process makes sure that every slab we make is precise and of the highest quality.

Rest assured that we will provide you  with a multitude of granite choices, each carefully made to meet your needs.

We promise long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and easy integration into your projects whether you need tiles or building decoratives.

At our company, we guarantee that your granite needs will  be met to your complete satisfaction with our unsurpassed skills  and customer service.

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