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Paloma Limestone

A great gift of nature – that’s Paloma Limestone hailed from the canvas of Spain.

Its abundance in the quarries of Spain whispers aeons of transformation into the stone it is today. Paloma Limestone is unlike other mass-produced construction materials. It brings about a taste of history in all the spaces it graces.

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Pale cream to beige




Perfect against regular wear and tear



-Product Advantages-

  • Homeowners, designers, and architects just love Paloma Limestone, and here’s why:
  • The durability of Paloma Limestone is one that’s over the top. It simply stares at the face of daily wear and tear and shrugs it off, keeping your space looking pristine and sharp through the years.
  • But we’re talking not just its resilience or durability, Paloma Limestone brings subtle and serious style to any space it adorn. With its natural colour, it effortlessly elevates your design so subtly that it is often described simply as beautiful.
  • And it’s not even just the looks too. Paloma Limestone boasts a double duty capability. It inherently makes any of your spaces cosy that you and your friends can spend a lazy afternoon in the living room thanks to its excellent thermal properties.
  • Plus – it keeps the noises out (or in) to grace the room with a peaceful ambiance.
  • Let’s put its eco-friendliness as a cherry on top. It is a sustainable addition to your space as its maintenance is minimal. You don’t have to spend too much time or money just to keep it pristine and new.
  • And did we mention that moulds don’t have a chance to grow on it? Nothing beats a hygienic but beautiful piece added to any living spaces you have. That’s Paloma Limestone for you.


-Material Application-

  • The inherent characteristics of Paloma Limestone makes it a wise choice for various project applications. It appeals to the tastes of builders, architects, designers, and homeowners as well.
  • The reason it is top-notched is because of its solid application in flooring. It lays down the foundation of the design with its stylish set keeping the ambiance calm and relaxing.
  • What’s more? You can use it as a highlight to wall cladding. It’s like giving your living spaces an elegant and textured backdrop to achieve the serene ambiance you’ve been looking for at the end of a tiring day.
  • And designers? They surely can’t get over the fact that Paloma Limestone looks perfectly stunning on bathroom vanities and countertops. The reason for this is because of its slip-resisting feature as well as durability that withstand chips and scratches.
  • But let’s not forget that Paloma Limestone is also excellent in outside spaces. You can accentuate your garden paths, patios, or terraces with it effortlessly putting elegance into your landscape thanks to its ability to withstand the harsh conditions.
  • Corporate offices particularly in lobbies and reception areas will also benefit from Paloma Limestone. Create an impressive facade that sends a message of luxury and sophistication that lasts with this limestone.
  • Not only in living spaces – it is also great for historical restorations. Paloma Limestone is unmatched when you want to preserve that historical look. It brings its heritage with old masonry to claim that classic renaissance look.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

When you let us – George Stone – become your partner, we are not only going to provide you the limestone you need for your project.

You are going to get the entire package of a team that’s ready for design visualisation and making that into a reality.

You are going to get to taste our 30 years experience and unrivalled expertise in limestone selection backed by our partner quarries all over the world.

With us, you are going to get the quality you need as we will guide you through selecting only the best and most compatible limestone for your project. And the best thing? We don’t stop there.

We also offer personalised consultations with our 24/7 customer service and even on-site support.

You and we are going to explore all angles of your design project so we can create an unmatched reality.

You don’t want to be late in your project timeline? We’re experts on that too! You just hit that consult button and consult us and our undivided attention becomes yours.

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