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Pearl Gray Granite

Pearl Gray Granite is one of the most popular and sought-after natural stones. It has this sophisticated appearance and highest density composition. It combines sleek light and dark gray shade. It also has an elegant veining pattern that brings out elegance to any room. This stone has always been applauded for being hard-wearing. It is also heat, scratch and stain resistant that is why it is suitable for so many applications.

Among the applications you can find are bathroom vanities, commercial flooring, and more. This hygienic stone can easily be cleaned and maintained. It makes an excellent choice for hospitals and other hospitality buildings. Pearl Gray Granite is a great material for various designs, both in civil and industrial buildings.

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high (6-7 Mohs scale)


wear-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant


sealing and cleaning

-Pearl Gray Granite Advantages-

  • Pearl Gray Granite has a gorgeous background color of gray. It also has white, black and silver veins scattered throughout. This natural stone in particular gives a classy and more graceful look. It is an object with a relatively simple and rather muted design.That makes it highly suitable for contemporary and classic interiors.


  • Granite is one of the hardest natural stones. It is long-lasting and immune to chips and crack damage. It also resists stains and can easily handle pressure to accommodate a large number of users. It is good not just for countertops and floors. It also suits other areas that are exposed to outside environments.


  • Pearl Gray Granite is easy to care for and does not need extensive maintenance. It is not prone to staining. It can be washed with water and liquid soap gently. Daily cleaning and sealing once a year makes it easier to retain its color and shine. It also guards it from any spillage of food and other stains. This ideal for family and business premises.


  • This type of granite does not easily scratch. It does not need any special treatment to withstand high temperatures. It is suitable for kitchen spaces where pots and pans are placed and heated. It is a natural stone with a high concentration of minerals. It is less permeable to stains caused by regular household items. Wine, coffee and oil will not be absorbed as long as sealed appropriately.


  • Using this stone can also improve the physical aspect of a property. It is a beauty that will last for many years. It is timeless and will never be considered out of date. Granite surfaces are durable for they retain form with regular maintenance. It does not require constant replacement. It is economical in the long run.


-Pearl Gray Granite Application-

  • Driveway paving
  • Interior walls
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming pools
  • Shower walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Flooring
  • Staircases
  • Kitchen counters
  • Kitchen islands
  • Table tops
  • Bathroom vanities


-Why Choose Granite From George Stone-

Choose George Stone as your natural stones provider and supplier. Our stones are sourced from the most favorable quarries and undergo through best processing techniques. We indeed have a very wide variety and it can potentially cater all types of customers. Marble, granite, and limestone are some of the common stones that we have.

Our excellent service helps in identification and placement of stones. Our services are unique and we ensure that our clients get the best experience with us. Pricing is another factor that we consider when doing our business. We offer reasonable prices while offering the best to our customers. We strive to deliver quality stone products for all sectors.

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