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Pink Travertine

Pink Travertine showcases intricate cream marks on a striking pink background. Its pop of color and mesmerizing visuals add a luxurious touch to the overall design.

Infuse a fascinating twist into your interior design. This material has an impressive, bold color, unusual patterns, and a hard-wearing surface. Its splendid features add opulent vibes and sophisticated touches to your space.

Additional information




Natural Travertine




varying color intensity, shades of pink to peach color


durable and strong


Tough against heavy abrasions, weather conditions, and moisture


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • This material is desirable. Its remarkable color schemes, enduring surface, and visible marks. It creates a whimsical twist in the contemporary interior style.
  • It displays an intense pink color. It is enough to attract attention and create a focal point.
  • It might be too bold, yet it can still complement neutral colors.
  • This stone is also versatile. Its vibrant hue creates a lively and charismatic touch to any space, while its soft tone brings a calming atmosphere. It can add feminine vibes to the design.
  • Moreover, it has visible natural pores and holes. It may feel velvety and rough. This textured surface adds tactile appeal and dimension to any design. It also serves as an anti-slip.
  • This material is durable. It can withstand weather conditions, moisture, and heavy abrasions. It requires a regular sealing application to add protection.


-Material Application-

  • Maybe you are searching for a gorgeous material with unique visually pleasing colors and solid surface to incorporate into your design or to add some twist to your modern interior style.
  • You can install the interior walls and floors of your residential or commercial space. It adds a bold character to the design. It can withstand heavy footing.
  • Add a chic and lavish touch to your kitchen style. You can place pink travertine tile as your kitchen worktops, backsplashes, and wall panels. It can resist moisture and can handle high-traffic surfaces. We provide sealing and coating services for this material.
  • This material is for bathroom interior styling. You can install it as vanity tops, shower walls, and wall cladding. It adds a rejuvenating vibe and sophisticated touch to the space.
  • We offer mosaic design, waterjet patterns, and stone modification. You can pick style, size, dimensions, and shape. Our professional team will assist you with 3D CAD Graphics to preview the stone design and how it fits your space.
  • You can decorate your window sills and outdoor paving with this stone. Whether honed or polished, its pop of color adds a playful and chic touch.
  • This material creates fascinating exterior wall cladding and garden wall coverings. You can make impressive exterior facades, patios, and pavements. You can also place this stone and bring a fresh look to your landscaping decoration and fountain surrounds.
  • A Travertino Rosa is a variety from Spain. It has lighter pink hues on its surface. It works best on the pool deck, wall, and pool coping.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is the most reliable project solution provider you can count on. From abundant supply, a wide selection of materials, processing stone services, stone design and modification, delivery, installation, and aftercare. It won’t let your building and architectural project experience delay.

It has 215 dedicated and skilled workers providing exceptional services and high-quality stone products. They follow compliance with international packaging standards and secure stone materials for on-time delivery.

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