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Red Hollywood Granite

A remarkable rust orange color with some shades of hoary and light orange can be seen in Red Hollywood Granite. It looks beautiful since its surface looks like a volcanic lava running through its surface.

It only absorbs 0.11% of its weight in water and has almost 0% porosity, meaning it can’t easily break by heavy water.

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This granite has a medium variation of hoary and light orange


Offers consistent quality across different batches


Claw resistant for pet owners


For stubborn stains, make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it and let it sit for a few hours before rinsing.

-Product Advantages-

  • So if you are imagining what this granite looks like, the Red Hollywood Granite surface looks like volcanic lava flowing in its surface.
  • Red Hollywood Granite has 18.85 lbs per square feet, falls within a range of manageable for most typical applications and installations.
  • If you notice that there may be open or dusty lines in these materials, it happens naturally. These may look dull in shiny lightning.
  • It is important not to mistake the open lines for a flaw, it’s actually a natural feature of Red Hollywood Granite that shows how real and unique it is.
  • Red Hollywood Granite is a popular choice for building and design projects around the world thanks to its rust orange hues and medium variation.
  • Claw resistance for pet owners isn’t just a trait of Red Hollywood Granite, it’s a guarantee. Its built in strength means that your surfaces can last giving you stability.
  • Whether you’re making a beautiful outdoor patio, a bedroom tabletop, this granite works perfectly in any setting.
  • This granite’s various uses will surely give you the freedom to be imaginative without any boundaries.
  • If you’re on the search for a granite that stands out as a great choice for artistic uses like wall panels and furniture design, select Red Hollywood Granite.
  • It’s adaptability makes it easy to add nice looks to any room which creates a captivating look that takes the atmosphere to a whole new level.
  • Red Hollywood Granite is an example of endurance; it can handle daily use so your surfaces will stay looking great even in a busy area of your home.
  • The natural variations and veining of Red Hollywood Granite can turn every installation into a work of art.
  • Accept new ideas with Red Hollywood Granite, a material that keeps pushing the limits of what can be designed.


-Material Application-

  • Elevator walls can be decorated with Red Hollywood Granite, it’s lovely look brings out the best in interior design, and it’s surface is strong and won’t wear down easily.
  • To make an outstanding opening, consider installing Red Hollywood Granite for your food frames.
  • In department store hallways, Red Hollywood Granite flooring not only looks nicer but can also stand up to heavy use.
  • Putting this granite in the floors of educational spaces such as schools and universities  makes it a better place to learn, and its strength makes it perfect for daily activity of students and staff.
  • If you have a mini grocery shop, consider using Red Hollywood Granite for your countertops where customers mostly put heavy items.
  • If you want to make a strong architectural statement, use this granite to cover the buildings, not just from cover but it can also be used in walls.
  • Buildings with office spaces should have Red Hollywood Granite stairs in the hallway or entryway.
  • It’s a great choice for high traffic areas that need safe, beautiful staircases for workers and visitors.
  • This material is also perfect for making long lasting, beautiful water features that make public spaces more beautiful.
  • Make the reception desks in your business offices out of Red Hollywood Granite, it will help your business greeting area look polished and welcoming.
  • Using Red Hollywood Granite to make art installations will give public places, galleries or private collections something new and interesting.
  • Whether you use it as trim around your windows and doors or as decorative pieces, Red Hollywood Granite can make the outside of your home look stronger.
  • When you are looking for a granite that goes well with dark or light cabinets, Red Hollywood Granite is the best choice for your countertops.
  • You have no trouble matching its hues to any closet and drawer style you have, giving your area a match and perfect combination.


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