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Red Travertine

Red Travertine is a splendid stone. It has red, gray, and beige intricate layering patterns on a red background. Its outlandish features pump up any style design.

Turn up the color intensity in your interior. This material has unique details and a stimulating color scheme. It pops vibrance and creates a sensual and chic statement to the overall project design.

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Natural Travertine




intricate layering veins of yellow, beige, pink, red


intricate layering veins of yellow, beige, pink, red
brown, green, orange, tan, rust, and gray on a red-to-maroon surface


can withstand abrasions and heat


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Red Travertine is a popular travertine due to its mesmerizing intricate bands. It presents contrasting soft yellow, beige, pink, red, brown, green, orange, tan, rust, or gray on a red background.
  • One piece differs from the other. Each is noticeable by the intensity of waves on the surface. It makes them unique. Some come in dramatic patterns, while some are in delicate details on the surface.
  • The Red Travertine texture is bumpy. It serves as its valuable asset and anti-slip feature.
  • It can handle high temperatures and ever-changing weather. It serves as good value for money.
  • This material is porous and requires waterproofing to make it last longer.


-Material Application-

Perhaps you are searching for a durable and astonishing material to create impressive central features in your interior. Then, Red Travertine stone checks your preference. You can explore polished, honed, textured, and brushed finishes for your material. We provide coating services and aftercare guidelines.

  • Surprise your guest with Red Travertine pavers as landscaping. Its organic texture and bright red surface add a sophisticated touch to your garden and patio.
  • You can also have a stylish facade. Install vibrant Red Travertine marble as facade cladding.
  • We have available products in various sizes and also in large tile formats. A Red Travertine slab brings forth a magnificent wall covering.
  • This material is suited for external use and wet area applications. You can place Red Travertine tile on your kitchen splashbacks and countertops. It creates a stimulating pop of color in your cooking space.
  • You can custom-design it with us. You can opt for vein cut or cross cut style and install it as a benchtop. Our skilled workers offer precision cutting for stone products and tailor them according to preferred style design.
  • Our incredible team will assist you with designing the material according to your preferred theme and concept. With advanced technology, We will show you how it fits your overall theme.
  • Persian Red Travertine has a deep, darker red surface with hints of black, brown, and yellow marks. It is originally from Persia. The Travertino Rojo is another type from Columbia and other parts of the world. It presents a red backdrop with a few beige, brown, and pink marks.
  • It looks stunning as bathroom flooring and shower cladding. Its marvelous color and natural wavy surface add an elegant touch to the space.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Have your projects done with less sweat. George Stone caters to seamless transaction and project management solutions. It provides high-end services and modern techniques on your building stone materials.

We ensure high-quality customer service from product selection, customization, delivery, and installation. Our in-house stone experts provide comprehensive aftercare manuals and guidance.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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