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Rojo Alicante Marble

Rojo Alicante Marble exhibits intricate cream soft marks on a vivid red background. It holds magnetizing charm, luxurious veining patterns, and rustic vibes.

Incorporate ethereal beau into your design. You can never take your eyes off of this red marble. It presents stunning features and creates a valuable focal piece and an outstanding, bold statement.

Additional information




natural marble




Red-orange, dark red, gold veins




Scratching and etching prone, extreme heat resistant


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Rojo Alicante Marble is one of the most notable red marble for home design, interior decorations, and building construction. It has head-turning, stimulating color, and sophisticated features.
  • It has soft white to creamy cracking veins or web-like patterns on an intense red surface.These surface patterns can be subtle to dramatic.
  • Its variegated veins may sometimes be in gold hue. A red and gold combination exudes sophistication and elegance.
  • Some stone pieces may show pinkish-red with delicate striations of veins. These veins look like threads.
  • This stone is advantageous in high temperatures, hot surfaces, and scorching hot places. It won’t break easily under high pressure. It has a waterproof surface and can handle humid areas.


-Material Application-

  • This material looks magnificent in any setting. Whether indoors or outdoors in any establishment, commercial space, and even your home area.
  • Surprise your guests and keep them coming into your space. You may install this red marble on the interior flooring and match it on your wall and panels. Your entryway and lobby will have a lavish layout design.
  • Add extravagance and surround gorgeous Rojo Alicante Marble tile 12×12 on your fireplace hearth.
  • Create an extra sensual and glamorous privy. Place Rojo Alicante Marble bathroom and shower floorings and floor panels.
  • Try a honed finish to present a muted piece and a polished style for lustrous table tops and island bars. We can deliver those stone processing and treatments. Our skilled staff uses modern techniques and technology for a high-quality output.
  • You can install enchanting Rojo Alicante Marble tile 18×18 as backsplashes, countertops, and vanities.
  • Bespoke your space with creative Rojo Alicante Marble tile sizes and patterns. We recommend our finest stone processing services and product design team. You can easily collaborate with them and create the style you approve of.
  • We have plenty in stock and house 100,000 cubic metres of various stone materials you can choose from.
  • You may need to secure rojo alicante tile with sealant application to strengthen its splash and spill-resistant quality. Please do it regularly.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Stop falling for services that are good for nothing. George Stone will never let you and your project design down. We can support all your project materials and stone supply needs. Whether in large quantities, cut-to-size formats, and time-sensitive delivery. We have a massive stone collection of marble, granite, limestone, and others. You can freely choose your preferred material with assistance from our stone experts.

They are committed to offering high-quality products. Some materials are straight from the origin countries and quarries of Iran, Turkey, and China.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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