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Rosa Valencia Marble

Rosa Valencia Marble exhibits irregular, linear black, gray, or white crisscrossing veins on a pinkish-orange to pinkish-red background. Its gleaming soft hues add sophistication.

Invigorate your interior design. You will never regret having this red marble in your space. It has outstanding features and alluring charm.

Additional information




natural marble




subtle to dramatic veins, light and dark pink shades




heat tolerant, damp proof


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Rosa Valencia Marble is a famous Spanish stone. It has lovely, natural marks and lively hues. It adds feminine vibes and softness to the area.
  • This stone presents irregular black, gray, or white marks on a coral-to-pinkish-red backdrop. It also has black dots, white spots, and red veins.
  • There are few to several marks. Some show irregular white veins on a light and dark pink background.
  • Its pinkish tones are visually pleasing. It lightens the mood of the space.
  • This red marble is a sustainable building material. It holds off hot temperatures and still feels cold to the touch.
  • It is shattering-resistant and can endure daily wearing.


-Material Application-

  • This material is perfect for an evergreen style design. You can incorporate it in simple to luxury homes and quite luxurious to prestigious villas.
  • You can stylize your exterior facades and bloom your space with red marble. Place it as wall cladding and elevated or patio pavings.
  • It soothes the transition from outdoors to indoors.
  • You can also place this stone as decorative stones and architectural accents to your doorsills and window ledges.
  • Fill your interior walls and fix them up with matching floors with this red marble. It highlights the other designs and leads the attention to the focal aesthetic.
  • We offer cutting and stone enhancement processes. We provide mosaics in various shapes and patterns.
  • Our helpful sales representatives will guide you in selecting materials and the available stone services.
  • You can elevate your living room interior design. Place it as wall accents and wall panels.
  • Our high-caliber design team offers free spatial design using 3D Max and CAD graphic software. It enables them to manipulate your space and attach your material. You can visually preview how it may look. It will help you decide on your actual space. You can also ask for a consultation from our in-house stone experts.
  • We recommend you avoid acidic substances in cleaning this material as necessary. We provide a material care manual and an aftersale management.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone has been in the stone supply and manufacturing industry for 30 years. It has a splendid stone collection with diverse qualities and origins.

We offer them for a competitive price. We ensure their optimum quality by running rigorous quality inspections.

Our product quality, service excellence, and project solutions provision are loved and well-appreciated by 5300 clients.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

Free Design Services

We also offer visual simulation and a virtual preview of the product.