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Royal Gray Marble

Dark to medium gray, with some taupe preserved sand, makes up Royal Gray Marble. These style are all available at honed, sawn cut, sanded, rockfaced, sandblasted and many more.

It works great for window sills, floors, pools and wall finishing, stairs and more inside and out.

Additional information




natural marble




white and gray veining


Sturdy and tough


Can resist pressure


easy to maintain

–Product Advantages-

  • Royal Gray Marble is not only for coverings, rather it’s an investment that can resist the test of time and continue to be attractive for many years to come.
  • Given that Royal Gray Marble is your defense againts scratches and stains, you can finally say goodbye to the wear and tear that comes with living a normal life.
  • This marble has a wide selection to meet the needs and taste of all customers. You can make the this marble fit your style and wants by choosing from variety of finishes, such as super smooth or more rough one.
  • You can use this marble in a lot of different ways because it goes with any style of decor. Whether you like modern simplicity or classic, the Royal Gray Marble can fit your style and make your space a stylish haven.
  • You can feel the cool touch of luxury on your fingers as you enjoy the way that this marble naturally keeps your body temperature stable.
  • Many consumers pay more attention to Royal Gray Marble than for other types of marble because it is a wise choice above all. For high end projects, it’s high price represent the high quality, luxury and uniqueness it adds.
  • Since each slab, vein and design is different, this is why builders and architects love it so much. It’s wide range of uses in any spaces make more appealing. Providing flexibility and aesthetic depth for a wide range of design projects.


-Material Application-

  • Make one of a kind furniture that shows off your good taste. You can use Royal Gray Marble to make coffee tables, side tables or even a fancy desktop to your home and office.
  • If you want to feel like you’re living in a luxury, make your bathroom flooring a refined one with the use of Royal Gray Marble. The smooth surface of it makes bathing more comfortable and looks beautiful at the same time.
  • Putting down Royal Gray Marble on the counters in your bars and club will make it look more fancy. Heavy traffic areas can’t damaged it and it gives off a classy vibe for customers.
  • Elevate your eating experience by designing your tabletop with Royal Gray Marble. The shiny surface of it give every meal a bit of luxury and makes the dining area both elegant and welcoming.
  • You’re store goods will look more valuable when you placed Royal Gray Marble in your shelves. In addition to make the shopping atmosphere better, the shiny surface attracts customer and makes the buying process more stylish and appealing to the eye.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

If you’re looking for the best global stone provider, we’re proud to offer stones of the highest quality, trustworthiness, and variety.

Consumers choose us because we are dedicated to finding the best natural stones from all over the world and making sure that every marble meets the greatest standards.

Our experienced members of our time make sure that everything goes smoothly. They can help you choose materials and give you expert advice. We know how important is to get things to you on time, and our streamlined supply chain makes sure that your marble gets you on time.

Are you ready to enhance your project? For stone knowledge that can’t be beaten, personalized project, and a world of design options, consult us right now!

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