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Royal White Marble

‌The Royal White Marble is an elegant marble, having a beautiful white color with striking, wavy patterned veins in its slab.

It has a pure white color with slight colors like gray or beige in the stone’s surface. This pure white background is serves as an excellent canvas for showing beautiful veining patterns that will elevate the appearance in your space.

Additional information




natural marble




striking, wavy patterned veins


very durable




easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Timeless elegance plus beauty – Royal White Marble are pure white in color with delicately flowing patterns which give it elegance and at the same time ensure you get timeless taste to your home.
  • Versatility in Design – works great with a modern, classic, as well a traditional interior.
  • Light Reflection – The white color can be used to give out brightness from reflecting both natural and artificial lights resulting in an open and large look in your room.
  • Great Durability – Royal White Marble is also durable making it compatible for use in different areas. This will guarantee it prolonged life through regular maintenance.
  • Cooling Properties – Marble has cooling properties as it feels cold upon touching, which is advantageous in an area that requires a lot of coolness.
  • Versatility in Applications – it can be used in different indoor and outdoor applications.


-Material Application-

  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
  • Flooring
  • Wall cladding
  • Mosaic
  • Monuments
  • Shower walls
  • Accent walls
  • Backsplashes
  • Outdoor paving


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone has a 20,000 square meter factory and two major processing bases. In more than 30 years of experience in stone projects, we have accomplished thousands of international projects in more than 128 countries. This proves that we can accommodate large stone projects for your residential and commercial properties.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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