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Sandal Gold Granite

Remove every weak floor in your household from the inside out and turn to Sandal Gold Granite. Surfaces made of this natural product have outstanding permanence and ageless glamor. It has innate toughness and exquisiteness.

Exceptionally durable and long-wearing, this natural stone needs lesser repair and maintenance, outperforming your usual floorings. It creates lasting, lavish enclosed areas and open-air designs.

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Few difference in saturation in gold tint


Amazingly long-lasting


High-resistance capacity


Quick maintenance

-Product Advantages-

  • Sandal Gold Granite is almost impossible to shatter or rift apart under pressure and stress. It does not need restoration service, or not even retouching. Its strong-built composition does not take any damage. Several years after installation, this solution remains in perfect condition. It retains its original luster and form. With this sturdy product in every area, you can save tons from repair expenses.


  • It has a time-tested, water-resistant surface. Not a single amount of liquid breaks through its well-secured surface. Its leak-proof formation can handle lengthy water contact without degrading and decaying. With a low water vapor transmission rate, It has a lesser chance of moisture and liquid ingress. It suits less ventilated spaces inside and humid weather outside.


  • Sandal Gold Granite is naturally dense and steadfast. It withstands continuous friction and heavy foot locomotion. It bears an ultimate wear resistance. Its abrasion-resistant exterior can endure extreme scraping and high friction movements. Whether frequently or in varying motions, this stone can handle it without faltering and changing even in the slightest. This solution works best in favorable areas.


  • It is bend-tolerant and able to handle pressure with its axial strength. It is a sturdy building stone for foundations like columns and pillars. It has maximum pressure endurance. This green product carries on weighty objects for a long time. It beats artificial products. It can sustain hefty loads with no problem. Without a doubt, it is the most fitting for supporting structures.


  • It stands against dusty climates and handles harsh environmental weathering. It is an ideal material for outdoor settings. Granite has high performance in desert climates. Its weatherproof exterior can put up against varying sizes of dust particles, sandstorms, and drastic shifts from extremely hot to cold temperatures. This material can handle all types of surroundings.


-Material Application-

  • Counter area
  • Baking surfaces
  • Chef stations
  • Window trim
  • Mudroom floors
  • Grill stations
  • Greenhouse benches
  • Toilet room counters
  • Grounding
  • Splash guards


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is the home of the best and finest stone craftsmanship. We have abundant resources catering to your color palette preferences. Our diverse collection and vast material options are available to support your creative expression and innovative design. Every surface design form, cut, pattern, color, and finish up to the tiniest detail is subject to alteration. There will be nothing we would single out. We deliver high-level personalization. Throughout the project timeline, we keep our customer service line accessible for updates and inquiries. It will help us cater better after-sales care and product management. We aim to earn your trust.

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