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Savannah Gold Granite

Fabricate sturdy areas and interior projects either for recreation, profit, or residential.  Savannah Gold Granite is a sustainable, cost-effective, and trendy material. It matches everywhere, even the busiest part of your spaces.

This South African material builds remarkable architectural structures and luxury homes. Its hardwearing composition can last several decades. It also retains the same luster, visuals, and inherent endurance.

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Namibia, South Africa






Light grayish brown, yellow, and intersecting layered gold threads


Outstandingly long-lived


High-intensity resistance


Hassle-free maintenance

-Product Advantages-

  • Savannah Gold Granite is recyclable and renewable as well. This rock’s life cycle does not end up in garbage. It does not contain artificial elements and can be used again in other forms. It reflects natural aesthetics and does not change or alter the ecological system in any way. It is a productive way of combating climate change and helping Mother Nature. It also contributes to efficient use and conservation of the natural resources.


  • It is cost-effective. This premium material is expensive. It is also an all-time hype stone. It is worth more than other building solutions. The amount and monetary value correlate and match its extraordinary features. Its durability will cut you the costs of future relentless repairs and maintenance. The level of convenience it provides validates its merit.


  • Savannah Gold Granite has supreme durability. It acts as dependable support in any space and upscale dull corners. It also provides hard wearing surfaces for best support. Excessive weight objects and heavy furnishings will never be a problem. This material can carry loads without splitting, cracking, or breaking into pieces. It accomplishes each and every intended operation splendidly.


  • It can hold up against high and low temperatures, whether inside or outside settings. It does not alter even during transition. This material suits all year round. It can support any purposive design and any surface area. It withstands warm surfaces and environments. It can also endure cold areas and freezing surroundings. Both of which do not change their natural aesthetics and original form.


  • It has a guarded surface against moisture. You won’t worry about health-related expenses due to its bacteria-inhibiting features. It repels pathogens, microparasites, and health-damaging agents. It blocks them from growing and multiplying on its surface areas. It endures even in the most dewy and stuffy places.


-Material Application-

  • Inside floors
  • Driveway borders
  • Hot tub surrounds
  • Hotel lobby floors
  • Garden statues
  • Mailboxes
  • Outdoor decks
  • Kitchen ledges
  • Vanity boards
  • Shower shells


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone stands behind our work and our professional team. We guarantee an optimal level of support with warranty. Besides providing the highest quality of building products, we also develop our template designs and cutting patterns to the latest trends. Our production bases accept innovative projects and creative bespoke requests. We support artistic and modern concepts in interior design and architectural building. We also specialize mass stone production. We guarantee consistent quality across bulk orders and large quantities. It is one of our responsibilities to deliver accurate, consistent, and precise quality.

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