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Silver Galaxy Granite

Silver Galaxy Granite is highly appreciated by its beautiful appearance and is suitable for kitchen countertops. This granite variety is distinguished through its extremely dark background that ranges close to black. It also has sparkling with minute silver and white minerals. The speckled pattern helps to set up a mesmerizing starry pattern that looks like the sky full of stars.

In general, the appearance of this granite is striking. It has a touch of elegance and can be appropriate for any modern or traditional kitchen design. The contrast of light and dark shades of the stone is both dynamic and visually rich. Thus, no two slabs appear to be the same.

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white, black, gray


high (6-7 Mohs scale)


wear-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant


Regular cleaning and sealing

-Silver Galaxy Granite Advantages-

  • The benefit of choosing Silver Galaxy Granite for the kitchen countertop is that it is highly resistant. This granite is not an exception to being one of the hardest natural stones available in the market. The density of the material is high and its hardness means that it does not get scratched, chipped, or cracked easily. These characteristics guarantee that the countertop will stay clean for many years. Also, it will not fade even when used frequently.


  • Silver Galaxy Granite also possesses high heat resistance. This makes it suitable for use in kitchen countertops where pots of boiling water as well as hot pans are frequently set. No staining or scorching results once the material comes into contact with hot items or surfaces. Its heat resistance proves to be functional for the regular processes of cooking and baking.


  • Granite has a very smooth surface and has poor water absorbency. This is why it does not stain as easily from items found in the kitchen. This includes wine, oil or even foods that have an acidic content. If sealed properly, Silver Galaxy Granite is even harder to stain. In the event that food or drink is spilled on the granite a simple wipe is enough to remove it.


  • Silver Galaxy Granite gives a neutral appearance. It will easily blend with most kitchen designs and colors. Its dark, sophisticated look also makes it complement kitchens with lighter cabinets and walls. It offers a strong and contemporary pop. On the other hand, it can easily match with darker kitchen shades. It will complement the overall splendor and continuity of the space.


  • This granite also has a positive effect on lighting in a kitchen. Lighting can be natural and artificial to add some sparkle on the countertop surface. It will give the kitchen a brighter look. This quality proves particularly useful in kitchens with little direct sunlight.


-Silver Galaxy Granite Application-

  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Table tops
  • Island tops
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Pool coping
  • Outdoor paving
  • Patios and facade


-Why Choose Granite From George Stone-

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