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Silver River Marble

Silver River Marble has hypnotic bristles designs that look like nature’s brush strokes stitching together bright patterns. It brings life to otherwise dull floors. This marble is a beautiful example of both nature’s beauty and excellent workmanship. Its cool silver color makes you think of a peaceful lunar-lit river under a starry sky.

A complex pattern of veins runs across the surface of the marble making it look like a river. It appears as if nature is dancing when the different shades of brown, gray and white weave together so elegantly.

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natural marble




The base is silver gray, and the surface is adorned with detailed dark maroon lines that gives it depth and beauty


Resilient over time


It can resist environmental factors that make it suitable for use in both interior and exterior settings.


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • For better indoor air quality and a healthy living environment, this marble doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds unlike manmade materials.
  • Even when it’s in direct sunlight and UV light, Silver River Marble doesn’t fade. This makes it perfect for places that get  alot of sun exposure, where other materials might fade over time.
  • Silver River Marble is safe for people with allergies or breathing problems since it does not contain many allergens and toxins.
  • Along with keeping dust, pollen and other allergens from building up on its smooth surface, it also makes the space inside healthy for everyone.
  • When it comes to sound absorption, Silver River Marble naturally helps to make rooms quieter and less echoing. As a result, it is perfect for places that need great sound quality like music halls, recording studios and home movies.
  • Even in places with a lot of foot activity, this marble has a remarkable ability to resist damage. Being durable and long lasting, this makes it a great choice for business settings.


-Material Application-

  • It is common to use Silver River Marble to fix up and restore old buildings and sites. Its timeless beauty and classic grace make it a good choice for adding modern  conveniences and functions to buildings that are hundreds of years old while still keeping its architectural heritage.
  • In urban landscaping projects,  using Silver River Marble on artistic paving sculptures and water features will definitely make it stand out.
  • Given that this marble is durable and doesn’t easily get damaged by the  weather, it can be used outside in parks, plazas, and other public areas.
  • In business boardrooms and senior meeting rooms,  Silver River Marble is often used to create an air of professionalism, elegance and success. Assembled wall panels and floors to meeting tables, this marble raises the status and elegance of the business setting.
  • In order to make VIP airport areas feel special, and luxurious for important visitors, Silver River Marble can add a style for everything, from the front desks and sitting areas to the airport bathroom.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

To get all the stones you need for your project, come to George Stone. For your idea we have a team of skilled interior designers and high quality stone products. We can work with any ideas you bring  or ones we have available.

Using our design software, we can even make something brand new for you. We can bring your ideas to life with beautifully rendered CAD drawings and 2D/3D models.

For your project to reflect the newest style, we keep up with global design trends. Additionally our skilled experts will assist you at all times. Put your faith in us to make your dreams come true.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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