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Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine is a striking construction stone. It showcases subtle layering veins of gray, white, and hints of brown on a silver surface. Its notable features add depth, dimension, texture, and sophistication to the overall design.

Be unstoppable and keep improving your interior design. This material is visually aesthetic, adaptable to any style, and enduring. It brings forth authentic and awe-inspiring design statements.

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Natural Travertine




subtle to dramatic veins and color shading


Sturdy and hardwearing


stain, damage, and weather-resistant


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • The Silver Travertine slab is famous among project managers, homeowners, and interior designers. It is one of their favorite stone materials due to its charm, enduring surface, and unique markings.
  • It has a neutral-colored hue that looks fantastic under natural light. It blends in with other decorative materials and furnishings.
  • The Silver Travertine texture is velvety, has many pores, and a curvy wave surface. These organic details add dimension and tactile aesthetics to any interior design.
  • They also act as a non-slip surface even when wet. It is a sturdy stone material. It can withstand stains, damage, and abrasion.
  • Moreover, this is a versatile material. It gives off serious and sophisticated vibes. It also creates a comfy and relaxing atmosphere.
  • A Silver Travertine laminate is a natural tile that works like a charm and presents the same beauty of the natural stone.


-Material Application-

  • You can install Silver Travertine in commercial spaces, offices, and government establishments. Its neutral hues create visually pleasing floors, walls, and entryways.
  • Whether you placed Silver Gray Travertine tile indoors or outdoors, this delightful material looks stunning. Your guests will love how they harmonize with the design elements.
  • You can also install this in your home. In residential spaces, this awe-inspiring material looks best in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and garden. Its velvety texture adds a tactile aesthetic and beauty to the overall design.
  • This material is suited for flooring applications. Whether indoors or outdoors, It can handle everyday wear and tear.
  • You can place a light or dark Silver Travertine in your bathroom, shower walls, and vanity tops. The intensity of the silver shade creates a different feel and mood in the atmosphere. You can adjust it depending on the style that suits your preference.
  • You can level up your kitchen area’s overall design. This stone is suited for backsplash and countertops. It can withstand stains and daily abrasions. You can maximize its longevity by waterproofing and sealing it.
  • You can also make stunning decorative walls in the garden and exterior facades. We offer stone design, customization, and tailoring. We cut them according to your preferred sizes, shapes, and dimensions.
  • A Silver tumbled Travertine is suited for driveways and pool decks. Its rustic look will add a classic touch to the setting.
  • You can install a Silver split face Travertine for wall cladding. Its organic design features make refined interior and exterior wall accents.
  • Even so, they resemble the natural Roman silver-grey travertine. It looks good on kitchen worktops and commercial walls and floors.
  • Install Silver Travertine coping for pools. You can opt for different edge styles to match your design preference. Its slipping resistance is advantageous in these outdoor spaces.
  • A Nordic Silver Travertine has lighter shades of silver and cream and hints of gray. Its muted tone creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  • You can still opt for Roman Travertine laminate varieties. They are a good substitution; however, a natural stone has the durability you need.


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