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Sky Gold Quartzite

Sky Gold Quartzite captivates the beholder with a sense of heavenly beauty. Its beauty is comparable to a sunrise on the canvas with golden hues. The light gold and cream veins bring out a sense of warmth. It also brings feelings of peace in a discreet way.

The Sky Gold Quartzite with its natural beauty exudes a serene and stylish radiance. It is great for use in interior design projects. A gorgeous at the same time reliable kitchen countertop. A noteworthy bathroom vanity. Or a marvelous feature wall in the living room. The Sky Gold Quartzite lets you feel that grace of the sky in any room.

Additional information




Quartz sandstone




varying sizes and directions of veining


high (7Mohs scale)


wear-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant


Regular cleaning

-Product Advantages-

  • Sky Gold Quartzite kitchen offers a sense of luxury with enhanced ambience. Its surface looks so soft and inviting. It is like the sunlight or sunset with the golden landscape. This excessively luxurious look comes out with sophistication. It helps to create gorgeous interiors that evoke luxury and style.


  • It has superior durability that withstands many different settings. This natural stone is not only resistant to scratches and heat. It also acts the same with staining. It retains its glory and strength in high-traffic areas. Its resilience ensures unmatched performance for long periods. It is a good choice both for residential and commercial use.


  • The multi-functional nature of this material ensures different interior design applications. It effortlessly brings endless design options. It equally fits into multiple styles, like modern to tradition. It enables you to combine different designs for a unified look and feel to any space.


  • The Sky Gold Quartzite’s non-porous surface eliminates excessive upkeep. It is a low-maintenance option for homes and stores. Quartzite is easy to clean with the usual cleaning agents. It maintains its beauty with a minimum of effort. Such easy-to-maintain nature is great for busy homes and commercial zones. Anywhere there is no time for tedious maintenance.


  • Each Sky Gold Quartzite slabs are a work of art in nature. It demonstrates unique differences in color and  veining pattern. These distinct characteristics make the installations personalized on a whole different level. It adds to the beauty and uniqueness of interior spaces. Whether as a focal point or integrated into a broader design scheme. This stone will instill a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. The end result being an unforgettable visual effect.


-Material Application-

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Table tops
  • Furniture
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Spas
  • Flooring
  • Accent walls
  • Hallways
  • Landscaping
  • Window sills
  • Door panels
  • Staircases
  • Water features


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Customer service is a critical part of our business. We have a team of dedicated quality inspectors and customer service personnels. They provide weekly progress reports on orders along with photos of the product. Trust only us for outstanding craftsmanship and customer care.

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