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Talisman Granite

Accentuate your outdoor and indoor space designs with Talisman Granite. This eco-friendly material adds biophilic touch, cozier vibes to home residences and a welcoming atmosphere in commercial spaces.

It is suitable for out-of-door setups and exterior facades. Granite flooring and surfaces infuse high-end decoration and outstanding function. It can stand any calamity, accident, chemical, humidity, and other forces of nature.

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Extra elaborated linear veins


Highly fortified


High-performance resistance


Little servicing needed

-Product Advantages-

  • Talisman Granite is hardy against weather conditions better than other materials. It counters ultraviolet radiation. This material holds high UV resistance. Its stable composition stands firm against long UltraViolet rays exposure without degradation. Thus, it is the best stone for external settings. It is molecular coherent and the short light waves will not be able to disfigure its composite make up.


  • Granite has extraordinary strength against harmful substances. Its dependability can be exposure and direct contact with bleach, cleaning products, and other acid. This product material lasts longer without eroding in areas with direct contact with chemical substances. It has the most tenacious surface among building materials. It carries acid immunity.


  • This long-lived solution can put up with damp areas and humid weather. It blocks any possible water entry. Its hydrophobic surface aids in limiting virus and germs spread. Thus, it is appropriate on surfaces intensively used and traveled on. During water exposure, its shape retention mechanism maintains its physical form. Water droplets and remnants on the outdoor walkways, shower, kitchen, and bathroom spaces evaporate faster.


  • It is a natural product with zero percentage of synthetic inclusion. This granite material is abundant and imperishable. Its permanent composition makes it extra durable and enduring. It has earthy beauty and appeal that last through decades without diminishing. Therefore, it is in high demand in every luxurious home and high-end business establishment.


  • Talisman Granite fits with highly dense places and active spaces. This unbreakable material has superb impact resistance. Its perdurable surface withstands varying pressure and usage. It remains solid and undamaged under extreme collisions. This granite stone can handle external forces and constant stress. It does not falter, shatter, or erode even with daily strenuous activity on surfaces. This product solution can withstand dropped objects and accidental falls. It has a complete recoil capacity.


-Material Application-

  • Floor foundation
  • Poolside flooring
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Kitchen decks
  • Coasters
  • Pool coping
  • Fountains
  • Bathtub walls
  • Fireplace shields
  • BBQ worktops


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone grants access to stone specialists and state-of-the-art methods. Our solutions are unique. In comparison to others, our advanced approaches are superior. We achieve faster creation and completion. Our team specializes both with traditional and modern techniques. We also mitigate potential risks. We foster continuous coordination and communication. It is to ensure our exceptional service and assistance to your interior and architectural construction needs. Our product delivery service is very efficient. We guarantee excellent product resources with consistent quality, even in large quantities. We can also support time-bound projects and constructions.

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