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Travertino Ocean Black

Travertino Ocean Black displays thin, swirling dark brown, beige, and cream veins on a dark gray background. Its rich palette adds depth, drama, and contrast to any space.

Add an extra definition to the interior style. This material has striking features, organic veins, and an enduring surface. It adds a modern accent and sophisticated style to the overall design.

Additional information




Natural Travertine




lighter shades and color intensity


Sturdy and hardwearing


Strong against water damage, weather, and abrasions


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Travertino Ocean Black is rising to fame due to its exquisite hues, unique marks, and durability. Architectural and interior designers like this material for decoration, building, and construction.
  • This stone displays breathtaking intricate dark brown, beige, and cream markings on a dark gray surface. Some varieties have lighter shades of gray veins with hints of cream. It elevates elegant and high-end interior design.
  • Its bold color adds drama and definition to any space. It creates an impressive contrasting color with light-colored materials, design pieces, and decorations. This material matches with brass, metallic, and copper fixtures. It suits contemporary, minimalist, eclectic, and traditional styles.
  • Its monochromatic color scheme adds value and balance. It creates a stunning backdrop. It harmonizes other design pieces and allows them to stand out.
  • It has natural pores and voids. It adds dimension and tactile aesthetics to the overall design.
  • This textured surface also acts as an anti-skidding. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and handles high temperatures while keeping a cold surface.


-Material Application-

  • I suppose you are looking for a sustainable material for your building project or a stylish stone in your modern interior design. Travertino Ocean Black perfectly fits your preference.
  • This material works well as a building stone in residential or commercial spaces.
  • You can choose this stone for your interior walls and floorings. A large format as your feature wall makes the surrounding design elements.
  • We offer stone customization and tailoring services. You can ask for preferred sizes and dimensions. Our professional designers assist in styling the stone material according to your style and design.
  • This material accentuates your sleek kitchen design. You can place this stone as sink surrounds, kitchen countertops, and wall accents. Seal the material regularly to help it resist moisture and handle wet surfaces.
  • We provide sealant applications and other finishing applications. Our sales team offers assistance with our stone products and available finishes.
  • You can decorate your garden walls, pathways, and patios with this ornamental stone. This material suits well as pool copings and pool decks. It is durable, non-slip, and retains a cold surface.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone is the most reliable stone project solution provider. It’s efficient and available 24/7 to provide online assistance for inquiries, stone product knowledge, services,  material selection, project management, design assistance, schedule delivery, and aftercare management.

We strictly follow international packaging standards to secure stone delivery. Our in-house stone experts provide on-site installation guidance.

Please feel free to call us for inquiries and orders.

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