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Typhoon Gold Granite

Establish well-executed settings and financial presence with Typhoon Gold Granite. It is a perpetual stake.

This natural product is versatile and fits any surface. It is an excellent, durable material for interior and outer areas. It boosts glamor and stylishness in any space. Its aesthetic makes an incredible centerpiece. This green building material elevates luxurious homes and high-end commercial spaces.

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Yellowish to Gild color


Super long-lasting


Superior defiance


Minimal work required

-Product Advantages-

  • Typhoon Gold Granite showcases a unique design. It bears more relaxed marks. It has a soothing visual. It can uplift your space decoration and project building. It goes well with any theme design. This material looks flawless in transitional interiors. It has unique patterns for blending traditional and modern design. Metal, wood, and stone scheme combinations jibe with avant-garde furnishings.


  • Typhoon Gold stone is durable and lasts longer. It can handle log water exposure with a liquid retention rate of 0.8% to 0.01%. It suits high-humidity surfaces and places. Typhoon Gold Graniteworktops are one of the top-grade. It creates hygienic and posh kitchen surfaces. You can also elevate your bathroom floor panels and match them with splashbacks. Install captivating gold granite vanities in your bathroom or restroom area. Plus, it won’t harbor germs and bacteria.


  • It also has a notable load-bearing strength of 1780 kg/cm². It can withstand high-volume footing, weight, and harsh abrasions. It performs well in the busiest areas. This Gold Granite creates a versatile installation, firm foundation, flooring, and counters. It flatters everyone from the entryway. Place interior granite flooring to add an extra texture to your design.


  • Granite material is known to be pricey. Yet this stone has surprising benefits. These advantages allow increased savings. It never requires complicated cleaning requirements. Installation, repair, and maintenance need an experienced stone professional.


  • This stone naturally fits indoors and outdoors. Although, it can last long and endure outdoor environmental factors. Typhoon Gold stone pavements and walkways can stand against all external factors. Front yard centerpiece, ornaments, sculpture, and planters will not topple. Whether for decorative purposes such as landscaping design or for utility such as bench chairs and stone tables. It won’t lose its natural color after exposure under the sign.


-Material Application-

  • Home flooring
  • Outdoor pavers
  • Veranda decking
  • Cooking counters
  • Vanity ledges
  • Wall clock faces
  • Veranda benches
  • Pool lounge premises
  • Accent pieces
  • Driveway


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone aims to join in safeguarding the environment. We adhere to high-quality stone products and abide by the rules. We only use methods and equipment that have less impact on the environment. Our deliverables are meticulously assessed according to the highest criteria. We aspire to foster reliance on us to achieve your goals.

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