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Verona Beige Marble

Verona Beige Marble has thin streaks of cream, light brown and at times, the tone of gold which makes the stone unique and artistic.

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Medium (4 Mohs scale)


Moisture-resistant, Acid-resistant


regular cleaning and sealing

-Product Advantages-

  • Verona Beige Marble interferes perfectly with various design concepts and colors when applied to floors, countertops, walls or as interior ornaments. It is thick enough in its style, making it neutral which acts as canvas allowing integration with various materials and textures. Providing designers and homeowners an opportunity to exercise creativity.


  • This Marble is a perfect addition to any space because of its ability to reflect light. The stone reflects light from its shiny surface and helps to brighten up the room and makes it even more comfortable. Especially when there is only a little daylight penetrating through windows. Despite its many other uses, this specific feature has led people to choose it over other options on sites that have much sunlight coming into such as: kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways– thus distinguishing it from materials that swallow up luminosity.


  • A noteworthy enhancement in property value can be made through investing Verona beige. This product is linked with affluence and style. Increases palatialness in various settings therefore increasing the prospects of attracting customers looking forward to buying or renting homes and offices This material will not lose its worth as opposed to other materials which lose their values as time goes. Using this is like creating a long-term valuable and desirable asset.


  • In regions with warmer climates, it is a wise decision to use Verona Beige Marble for flooring purposes because it has natural cooling effects. Its resistance to heating up underfoot provides comfortability in hot seasons relieving other cooling systems from being operated for a cooler interior. Materials such as ceramic tiles or hardwood get hot when stepped upon but Verona Beige Marble does not have this problem due to its natural property of staying cold throughout.


  • This product is ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings where there is a lot of human traffic. Verona possesses impressive strength. It can tolerate scratches, stains, and heat. It will last long while retaining its original look through years of sealing and proper maintenance practices.


-Material Application-

  •    Decor
  •    Floor coverings
  •    Patio flooring
  •    Kitchen Backsplash
  •    Bathroom Vanity Tops
  •    Shower Walls
  •    Interior flooring
  •    Fireplace Surrounds
  •    Accent Walls
  •    Fountains
  •    Walkways
  •    Hotel Lobbies
  •    Outdoor Patios


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

At George Stone, diversity is our cornerstone. We boast of the diverse stones that we offer for any particular project or construction. With a spectrum of colors at your disposal, your project’s success is assured. Our knowledgeable staff stand ready to assist in selecting the ideal stone, drawing on their expertise in the field. We take the safety of our products in moving them very seriously. We shall keep you informed all the way through with timely emails alongside photographs of the progress made. George Stone can be trusted for quality stones and service that is unmatched.

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