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Waterfall Granite

Waterfall Granite is elegant and can work in any home design style. Its veins and speckles are not pronounced and do not dominate the room. Its design easily compliments any furniture you have in your home. This is particularly useful to create a clean, bright, and sophisticated-looking site. This material is dramatic and luxurious. It is frequently speckled with particles of silver or gold, giving it a nice twinkle on its surface.

Granite has a natural look that gives a natural environment to any space. It offers the calmness of nature in your home. The light is reflected evenly across the surface. It has no obstructive elements that hinder it from giving a unique look or feel. This makes it ideal to apply as Waterfall Granite Island; where guests are most likely to stay.

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high (6 Mohs scale)


Scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance


Periodical sealing, regular cleaning

Waterfall Granite Advantages-

  • Waterfall Granite can remain attractive and shiny if properly sealed and preserved. You will continue to get a lifelong investment with this natural stone.Regardless of how old the granite may be, its appearance will remain unique and stunning.


  • You can use it on patio countertops and barbecue islands. You’re going to have an elegantly appealing exterior space with this stone. This stone is not affected by weathering or any other natural conditions outside. You will feel comfortable with this material when exposed to natural environmental conditions.


  • There are innumerable varieties of design patterns and Waterfall Granite colors. This unlimited flexibility of granite can easily be used in any design concept. This granite brings a captivating look to any area. This granite makes it possible to make a glossy Waterfall Granite countertopfor a classy home.


  • Waterfall Granite is a type of granite that is of high quality.  This material makes you want to buy it since it is long-lasting and designed to look luxurious. Any improvements to your home with granite add value to the property. It increases the value of your investment.


  • It has minimized the effects of environmental degradation in the granite production process. It is also a durable material that can help a building last longer. It reduces the amount of waste produced over some time. It is not a product that requires replacement or disposal often.


Waterfall Granite Application-

  • Bar tops
  • Kitchen counters
  • Table tops
  • Kitchen sink
  • Dining area
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Shower surrounds
  • Flooring
  • Accent walls
  • Living area
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Bedroom
  • Entryways


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