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Wausau Red Granite

Upon close inspection, you’ll observe this granite which has a mix of bright and light hues. Its density of 2611 kilograms makes it resilient where you can trust for design projects.

It has a deep auburn color with pumice dots and jet tones that run through its surface. Wausau Red Granite has a composition that is both complicated and interesting.

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It has a dot of pumice and jet tone spreading in its body


Unable to be damaged by cigarette


Can fight Corrosion


Kindly remove stubborn stains in this granite surface and disinfect it while evaporating quickly.

-Product Advantages-

  • It comes from Wisconsin in the United States, so you can expect very premium and durable granite.
  • Wausau Red Granite thick structure and natural minerals can keep roaches and critters away, giving your area an extra layer of defence against unwanted intruders.
  • The measurement of it makes sure that the memorial stands tall and proud, and it gives  plenty of space for writing.
  • You feel more grounded and calm when you have natural elements in your home, like Wausau Red Granite.
  • In addition to improving your health, Wausau Red Granite gives you a place where you can be yourself at ease.
  • Did you know that when warmed by sunlight or room temperature, some types of granite especially with natural minerals layers can release natural smell?
  • If you bought Wausau Red Granite with a coated finish, you’ll notice its shiny surface glows up your room making it livelier as well as providing a feeling of openness.
  • Whatever style you want, this granite is a perfect solution.
  • It is immune to spots and fluid, but adding a sealer can give it an extra degree of protection against degradation.
  • Sealants can go below in this granite surface and create a layer that keeps liquids out and can stop stains.
  • Wausau Red Granite is powerful enough, it can handle downpours, ultraviolet as well as fluctuation in temp.
  • This granite is a fine option for environmentally friendly building or radiant heating systems that make your home more resource efficient and livable.
  • By regulating temperature changes in your home, Wausau Red Granite thermal ability makes it more enjoyable to live all year.
  • Everyday life is easier and more comfortable on Wausau Red Granite surfaces. Whatever you’re doing and whatever you put on this granite surface, it will be convenient.


-Material Application-

  • If you want to change the floor in your wine room, this choice will definitely amazed you with its amazing crafting and usefulness.
  • Polished pieces of this granite can also be used to make lamp bases in your area which can help you when it is out of electricity.
  • To make your mailbox outside of your home look better, surround it with Wausau Red Granite, this will make it last longer and look nicer too.
  • Wausau Red Granite can be cut into big, flat pieces that can be used to make serving platters. These give appetizers, cheese and dessert a classy look.
  • Large pieces and blocks of Wausau Red Granite can be used to make pretty borders around flower beds or paths, which will surely give your outdoor area an amazing look.
  • Make custom nameplates or address signs for your home by engraving your family name or house numbers into Wausau Red Granite.
  • To make a bench for your outdoor shower area, use Wausau Red Granite slab as a seat.
  • This granite can be shaped into a shallow basin to make a durable and beautiful bird bath. This will give your feather friends a place to cool off and drink.
  • Wausau Red Granite is a nice pick for your outdoor benches to make a convenient and comfortable seating for your outside patio or even in yard.
  • If you put in a sink made from Wausau Red Granite in your outdoor kitchen, you’ll have a sturdy and nice looking place to wash your hands  while cooking and cleaning.
  • If you want to make your business premises look stronger, you can use this natural material for your teleconference booths and tables.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

Are you seeking for a top tier granite for commercial or residential projects?  Our selection guarantees success, providing exceptional products that will surely improve the total value of your project.

Our sales team is ready to help you through the whole planning process. We will give you expert advice and personalized suggestions to help you choose the right stone for your project.

Feel the difference when you partner with us that puts your happiness and satisfaction first and makes your design dreams come true with precision and care.

Believe us to give you the best stone options for your project, one that offers the best reliability, looks and value.

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