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White Travertine

White Travertine is a refreshing construction stone. It exhibits a white, pristine surface. Its natural features add character and organic touch to any residential or commercial space.

Lighten up your interior design. This material is durable, has remarkable organic features, and is versatile. It is a cost-effective and nature-friendly stone.

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Natural Travertine




Beige, Ivory, and cream with hints of brown and light gray, irregular tone intensity, shades, patterns, and marks


durable and strong


can withstand heat and outside factors


easy to maintain

-Product Advantages-

  • Travertine white is one of the most popular materials. White Travertine stone is highly appreciated and loved by architectural and interior designers. It exceeds other stone materials because it can adapt to any style, is durable, and is visually aesthetic.
  • It shows a white to soft white background. Some stone pieces of this material may display grayish or brownish tones. Its neutral base is an incredible canvas for other interior design pieces and architectural details. It adds value and contrast to dark and vibrant colored design elements.
  • Depending on its base hue, it can have warm or cold undertones. It creates an airy space and an inviting atmosphere. Its soothing hue provides a smooth direction to the focal design feature. It highlights any decoration and furniture. It also creates a unifying base for the surrounding pieces.
  • This trendy material fits minimalist, modern, eclectic, traditional, and classic styles. It also accentuates nature-inspired aesthetics. It also blends with glass, wood, and metallic materials.
  • It usually has a porous, textured surface and shows multiple holes. It adds a tactile experience and organic touch to any design. This feature also acts as a slip resistant.
  • It is a type of limestone. White Travertine brightens the space in natural light.
  • It can withstand weathering and high temperatures. This stone has a cold touch and can insulate heat.
  • It is less durable than marble and granite. It is a good material for carving and crafting sculptures, figurines, and monuments.


-Material Application-

  • White Travertine pavers make the most convenient walkway and driveway. They can brighten your patio and garden pathway.
  • You may also install a White Travertine pool deck. It creates a stylish swimming area.
  • You can choose this material as bathroom floors and walls as tumbled mosaic tiles. White Travertine pool pavers can endure heavy usage and daily wearing.
  • We also offer stone tailoring and customization for your material. You can design your material with our in-house designers and request your preferred sizes and patterns.
  • You can design mosaic tiles in waterjet patterns and place them as decorative stones on your window sills, kitchen backsplashes, and bathroom splashbacks. Its sophisticated beauty adds a classy touch to a sleek kitchen design.
  • You can place this Travertine as residential or commercial interior floors in your fireplace hearth, lobby, and entryways. Your guests will feel comfortable and welcome to the place.
  • In hot climates, this material is dependable. It can handle heat and is a good application for fireplace walls and kitchen countertops.
  • A White vein cut Travertine is a durable building material. It suits exterior wall covering and cladding. You may place it on your garden wall, verandas, and facades. It softens the shift from the outside setting to the inner area.
  • This material perfectly suits grand-stature buildings, prestigious villas, and high-end hotels. It adds an unyielding sophistication and luxurious touch to the setting. Your guests will love the light ambiance and elegant feel.
  • It also fits in offices, government buildings, and establishments. It creates a calm ambiance and a business-as-usual vibe.


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

George Stone offers the most convenient and cost-effective project solution for your architectural residential and commercial construction. Its 25,800-metre square storage holds a vast selection and collection of excellent quality stone products for building and remodeling residential and commercial spaces.

We utilize modern techniques and automated production systems. The newest addition is our advanced stone processing machines and laser templating tools. Our 215 skilled workers provide eco-friendly, quality-controlled, and advanced techniques to process stone materials to fit your overall design and exceed your expectations.

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