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Yellow Quartz Crystal Slab

Choose Yellow Quartz Crystal Slab if you want a light yellow quartz with a complex pattern. It is made up of over 93% natural quartz and only absorbs 0.03% fluid.

Yellow quartz stone are attached to thin glass slabs that come in sizes, from 1400 to 3000 up to 1600 to 3200 up, making it perfect for high end projects like kitchen countertops, backsplashes and decorative pieces, no matter how big or small.

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Its surface boosts an intricate pattern with a diverse array of shades.


Has solid and strong foundation


Freeze-thaw strength


Quartz with iridescent coatings should not be cleaned with abrasive substances.

-Product Advantages-

  • Yellow Quartz Crystal Slab is a great choice for your kitchen. It seamlessly compliments any white or oak decor you have, creating a perfect combination, giving it a classy look.


  • Take advantage of how versatile yellow clear quartz is, it is cut into pieces, blocks or even countertops. It makes outdoor areas look better when used in yard stones and mosaics. You can also save money and get more when you buy in bulk.


  • Yellow quartz crystal meaning promotes wisdom, aiding in learning from experience and boosting self confidence. Its warm tones symbolizes joy adding positivity to your life and overall well being.


  • Yellow quartz is covered with chabazite-ca, the coating gives it  a unique look that is halfway between clear and opaque. The dull shine and specific gravity of 2.65 and mohs hardness of 7.0 make it more appealing, perfect for beautiful decorations.


  • If you are curious if the metaphysical qualities of yellow quartz still present in quartzite slab, the answer is yes. Even though it is in the form of tiles it has the same quality as crystal and will easily cleanse your home.


  • Aside from Brazil, Yellow quartz crystal can be found in many places such as the Alps, Madagascar, USA, Mexico, Namibia, Morocco and France. This widespread availability ensures easy access, catering to the global demand effortlessly.


-Material Application-

  • Mosaics
  • Decoration
  • Wall coverings
  • Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Figurines
  • Countertops
  • Bathtub surrounds
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Window sills
  • Kitchen islands
  • End tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Floor medallion
  • Stair Treads
  • Pool coping
  • Sink surrounds
  • Wine cellar countertops
  • Bathroom  Vanity tops
  • Benches
  • Coasters
  • Deck flooring


-What Can George Stone Do For You-

We can also help you choose the best product for your project. For special size and design needs, we also offer customisation services such as machining, polishing and finishing to your specifications.

Our team of skilled workers guarantees flawless accuracy and high quality work at all stages. We offer reasonable pricing options, open communication throughout the project and exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re homeowner, a contractor or  designer we try to exceed your standard and provide exceptional solutions for your project.


Contact us now. Let us fulfill all your dream residential or commercial designs.

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