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Proficient Manufacturers of Limestone Sink & Basin

The Recommended Collection - Stunning Limestone Sink & Basin

We present you with the finest picks from our limestone sink and basin collection.

Limestone Vessel Sink


years experience

one-in-all facility

virtual room design


years experience

one-in-all facility

virtual room design

George Stone - Adding Purity and Litting up Spaces

  • Enrich your experience and witness your dreams becoming reality with George stone limestone sink and basin. With over 30 years of experience in the stone industry, we have promised to provide you with the most premium quality products at your terms.

  • We are your one-in-all facility for all the stone needs for your project. From briefing about the best options available till the installation and even after installation, you can always rely upon George Stone.

  • We provide our esteemed customers with a platform to enjoy a virtual room design service so that you can see the view of your place beforehand.

Why George Stone Limestone Sink & Basin?

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Limestone Basin

Reliable Products

You can trust George Stone for the most reliable and superlative products in the market. We have the most skilled labor and professionals to retain the trust of our customers scattered all over the world.

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Limestone Kitchen Sink

Worldwide Recognition

We have been serving our esteemed customers across the globe for the last 30 years. In these years, we have attained worldwide recognition for breathing life into the dreams of more than 200 international clients.

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Limestone Kitchen Sink

Extensive Range

Whether you are an antique lover or have a modernistic taste, we have an extensive range for both kinds of limestone sink and basin. You name it, we have it. We assure you of the best pick according to your preference.

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Limestone Sink

Free Samples

At George Stone, we understand that your time and money are valuable.we have facilitated our customers with the benefit of free samples prior to their complete order so they may be satisfied with the quality.

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Limestone sink

On-Time Shipments

You can always count on George Stone for on-time shipment and delivery.We ensure that you receive your products when you need them so that your construction projects can run smoothly without any delay.

Why to Choose Limestone Sink & Basin

Natural Elegance

Limestone sinks give a pure and sophisticated appearance to your kitchen and bathroom. It would be an excellent addition to your place with an antique finish.

Unique Colors

Limestone sink and basin is available in a variety of colors that are not only appealing to the eyes but being a natural stone; every shade is unique from the others.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike stainless steel and ceramic sinks, limestone bathroom sinks and basins do not need complex cleaning or maintenance techniques. Its maintenance is super easy and feasible.


With due cleaning, the limestone sink and basin is a hygienic addition to your place. This natural stone sink is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb water and thus is less vulnerable to bacteria.

Scratch- and Crack-Resistant

Limestone is resistant to wear and tear, which makes it an excellent choice for your home. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, temperatures, and pressure.

Aesthetically Appealing

The natural beauty and gentle patterns of limestone are aesthetically appealing to one’s senses. It creates an aura of coolness and serenity in your place.

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Limestone Sink & Basin FAQ Guide - A Lead for Beginners

Limestone is a luxurious stone with a beauty beyond time. It was extensively used in Egypt for building pyramids and temples, and to date, it is a natural stone used extensively for construction and decorative purposes. Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed chiefly by biological and sometimes chemical processes. It is made of minerals, shells, coral, skeletons of marine creatures, and other aquatic debris. Limestone is the new trend in the construction industry. Its use ranges from headstones, monuments, and walls to floor tiles, countertops, shelves, and sinks. It blends perfectly with your interior but stands out at the same time. Let’s explore the limestone sinks and basins.

After a huge fan following of granite and marble stone sinks, limestone is an excellent alternative in the market. Due to its natural resistance to wear and tear, limestone has more extended durability and is a new pick for builders and interior designers today.

It can bring a natural aura of elegance and gracefulness to your place. Unique to each piece, limestone’s natural origins ensure no two sinks are identical. Each limestone sink and basin  is unique in its grains and shades and different from the other pieces.

Limestone is made up of either calcium carbonate or sometimes a mix of calcium and magnesium carbonate. So, the sinks made with this stone are neutral in color and give an earthy look to the space.

A variety of designs and dimensions are available for limestone sinks, catering to diverse preferences. From countertop vessels to undermount basins, sinks with pedestals, farmhouse sinks, and trough sinks, name it and you can get every style in limestone sinks.

Here are several reasons limestone makes an excellent material for sinks:

  • Limestone blends perfectly with every material of your interior and yet maintains its uniqueness. Thanks to the blendable quality of limestone, it is an excellent option for enhancing the aesthetic of your place, making it distinguishable.
  • One benefit of choosing limestone is the simplicity of its upkeep and cleanliness.
  • It is a perfect choice for those who want a piece of art and vibrancy at their place with the lowest time consumption.
  • It comes in many styles and sizes, facilitating you with the ease of prompt selection.
  • It is highly heat-resistant and thus can go very well with your kitchen countertop.
  • The durability of limestone bathroom sink and basin for years is another value-added benefit.
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear to a reasonable extent.
  • It lets you free from the frequent replacement of your kitchen sink. With occasional sealing and resealing, its natural beauty can be preserved over the years.

Limestone sinks are softer stones. In comparison to marble and other stones, limestone has a medium durability. They can chip or crack if you drop weighty objects onto them. However as long as you take certain precautions and the sink is properly sealed and treated, it may serve you for years.

Its durability can be confirmed by the ancient limestone monuments and sculptures standing tall even after hundreds of years. With proper care, stone sinks, including those made of limestone, are remarkably durable. Unlike stainless steel and other materials, limestone sinks are rust-free and less prone to dents and scratches.

We can classify limestone sink and basin into different types accordingly. In terms of usage, the sink can be a limestone bathroom sink, kitchen sink, garden sink, patio sink, or rooftop sink. According to the structure, the limestone sink and basin can be single-basin or double-basin.

Limestone sinks come in various styles, including these common types:

Limestone Vessel Sink

For a contemporary bathroom, vessel sinks are a fashionable option. This design features a basin that sits atop the counter, embodying an above-counter installation.

Primarily found in neutral or paste color, a smooth bowl makes it go well with whatever the theme of your kitchen or bathroom is. They will be the epitome of elegance and smoothness in your place.

Limestone Farmhouse Sink

A limestone farmhouse sink adds charm to your place. They are deeper and more extensive than vessel sinks. You have the option to choose from a single or double basin according to the spaciousness of your bathroom or kitchen.

It’s suitable for your kitchen if you have larger pots and dishes. If you want a sink that is visually appealing as well as facilitates your daily chores, the limestone farmhouse sink is the best bet for you.

Limestone Trough Sinks

This design resembles a long basin and is aptly named for its trough-like appearance. They are rectangular elongated sinks that allow multiple users to use them simultaneously. These kinds of sinks are great for commercial spaces.

So, if you want to install a limestone bathroom sink and basin at your business premises, they are your top pick. The elegance and earthly touch of limestone is yet another added perk to enhance the look of your office.

Antique Limestone Sink

Let your experience take you to the next level. Experience the beautiful blend of history and luxury. The antique limestone sink and basin is carved from solid blocks of limestone with artisan patterns that tell the story of timeless beauty. Let your space echo this mesmerizing piece of antique art by installing an antique limestone sink in your space.

Limestone Pedestal Sink

This kind of limestone sink is installed with supports or pedestal columns instead of fixed on the countertop. Due to their sleek and exquisite designs, this kind of limestone wash basin is a recommended choice for your bathroom.

It gives you the feasibility of installing it even on a vast space or corner. Limestone pedestal sinks are also available in different styles, like half or full pedestal, floor-standing or wall-hung, and cloakroom basins.

Limestone Undermount Sink

This kind of limestone sink is beneath a countertop. Unlike the top mount sink, these sinks don’t have a lip or edges visible. They are also different from the farmhouse sink as they don’t have an outward front panel. They are primarily used in kitchens. They give your kitchen a seamless and clean outlook.

Limestone is a porous stone, as all natural stones are! This means it has natural pores on the surface and quickly absorbs water. That is the reason that the limestone basin gets stained quickly.

Any water or liquid left on its surface for too long can cause stains or etch. But that’s not a big deal as it can be removed through proper cleaning techniques. You can also minimize the risk of staining by periodically sealing your sink with recommended sealers.

As with all natural stones, using the sealer every 3 to 4 years is advised to maintain the first-day look of your limestone sink and basin.

There’s nothing to worry about if there is a stain or etching on your limestone wash basin or sink. It can easily be cleaned through a pH-neutral cleaner. Like all other stone sinks and basins, the limestone cleaning has no hard and fast rules.

Let’s learn the daily cleaning of limestone sink and basin step-by-step:

  • Take a pH-neutral cleaner and mix it into warm water.
  • Dip a soft sponge in it and rub the surface with it.
  • If you feel the sink to be more greasy, let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the sink with water and pat dry properly to avoid any spots or stains.

Please note that using abrasive scrubbers is not recommended for limestone sinks. It may scratch the surface and ruin the natural polish of the stone.

Moreover, bleach, ammonia, vinegar, lime, or other acidic cleaners are also not recommended, as they are acidic and may leave dull patches on the surface.

If choosing the right limestone sink seems daunting, we’re here to guide you through a detailed selection process. Before opting for any of the sinks, certain factors must be taken into consideration:

Overall Appearance

The foremost factor that catches your eye is the appearance of the limestone sink. But before falling for merely the appearance, you must analyze the overall aesthetic of your interior and the color theme of your bathroom and kitchen. It is to ensure that your limestone sink and basin go hand in hand with the entire interior.


Always go for premium quality limestone sink and basin, as your one-time investment will benefit you for decades to come. Any compromise in quality for just a few bucks may cost you to replace the entire sink in a few years, costing you double.

Size and Type

You must consider your kitchen or bathroom size and the counter size (if installed) before buying the sink. Then, the type of limestone sink and basin must be decided accordingly. A limestone vessel sink might be the best option for a small bathroom, whereas a limestone farm sink is better for a kitchen. Likewise, if you have a larger working unit for your business, you must go for a limestone trough basin.


There must be an estimated calculation of your allocations for the sink so you may hit the best bargain out of your budget. It makes it easier for you to look for the best option under a certain amount. It facilitates the supplier to show you the best options in that budget.


Last but not least, the supplier from which you are cracking a deal plays a crucial role in the selection of the right limestone sink and basin. The decision must be made wisely, considering the supplier’s customer reviews and market reputation.

You must be aware of the market cost of your desired type of basin, as prices vary from type to type. Also, you must not rely on any one supplier. Search the market, compare the prices, and then go for the most reliable one.

You must also conduct a primary investigation of that supplier, including the number of working units, quarries, and showrooms, to ensure your project is in the hands of a professional team.

Being one of the leading stone suppliers in China and a team of professional artisans, George Stone assures that we will give you nothing less than perfection.

Feel free to contact the George Stone customer service team to ask your queries, from manufacturing to delivering to your doorstep; you can discuss it all.

Limestone Sink

Marble Sink

Mostly white, gray, and black color

More diverse colors

More porous

Less porous

Heat and pressure are not necessary to form limestone

Marble is formed by heat and pressure

More affordable

Expensive than limestone

Visible fossils

Invisible fossils

Less resistance to stain

High resistance to stains

Smooth natural grains

Unique veining patterns and grains

$200 – $1000 per piece

$100 – $2000 per piece

Travertine Sink

Limestone Sink



Less durable


Requires more maintenance

Requires less maintenance

More porous

Less porous


Bit expensive

Harder to shape

Easy to shape

Natural holes and pits

Leveled naturally

$180 – $1000 per piece

$200 – $1000 per piece

Limestone Trough Sink

Limestone Farmhouse Sink

Modern day sink

Traditional sink

Long trough like appearance

Deep basin with an extended front apron

For multiple users

For individual user

Ideal for commercial spaces

Best for household


Wide enough

Multiple faucets

One faucet

Space savers

Need large spaces

$200 – $800 per piece

$200 – $750 per piece

The price of a limestone basin depends on the stone’s size, pattern, and quality. Your supplier is also an essential factor in determining the price. Also, the type of basin is an important factor in price variations.

A limestone vessel sink of different qualities may cost you $200 to $500, whereas you will have to pay around $100 to $800 for the same quality limestone in a trough basin. The limestone farmhouse or apron sink and basin tops the list for $200 to $1000.

Limestone basins are cheaper than marble and granite sinks. However, these sinks are a bit costly when compared to travertine sinks.

Limestone sinks don’t like acids or acidic products. Therefore always choose mild and acid-free cleaning agents to clean your limestone sink.

A simple soap mixed with water is the best solution to clean your limestone basin daily. However, you can also go for ammonia and water mixture to clean mild stains from your limestone sink.

Cleaning Routine for More Challenging Stains

For persistent stains, consider using specialized limestone cleaners from stores or a DIY cleaning solution. Let us help you find the best homemade cleaners with the same effect as the store-bought ones.

Baking Soda

With its vigorous cleaning property, baking soda can be the best cleaner for all stone sinks, including limestone. Add a little water to baking soda to make a thick mixture. Apply it directly to the surface and let it dry for half an hour. Rub it with an old toothbrush, and your limestone wash basin is as shiny as new.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another magic ingredient for limestone sink and basin cleaning is hydrogen peroxide. Take 3 ⁄ 4 cups of flour and add hydrogen peroxide. Create a cleaning mixture, apply it to the affected areas, and allow it to set. It is to be noted that it may take a day or more to dry. Once it is dried, remove it using a soft-edged scraper.


  • Always be careful not to use abrasive scrubbers or brushes; they will scratch the surface of your limestone sink and basin.
  • Never use bleach, ammonia, vinegar, lime, or any other cleaner that contains acid. The natural calcium present in the limestone may react with the acid, resulting in scratches and damage.

Limestone is durable and resistant to wear and tear. However, everyday use and exposure to sunlight, water, or cleaning agents can cause the breaking or cracking of limestone sink and basin. If your sink is installed outside, like a garden or patio, it is more at risk of breaking down due to direct sun exposure or even the slightest acidic rainwater.

If proper maintenance and care are not carried out, the limestone sink and basin can break down over time, just like any other stone sink. The key to the maximum ability to last is proper protection against direct sunlight, acidic products, and abrasive cleaners.

Yes, limestone is a good kitchen material due to its high heat-resistance and durability. If you prefer limestone as the prime material for your kitchen due to its all-time classic appearance, you must be ready to wipe it properly.

Clean it from time to time to let it be glossy from day one as it is more prone to scratches and stains than other stones. However, sinks are properly treated, sealed, and polished to make them non-porous. For this reason, they can withstand stains, scratches, and water absorption.

Also, a limestone sink is ideal for the kitchen because it is hygienic. No bacteria can find a place to hide and grow inside the limestone sink as it has no crevices.

Yes, why not?

The limestone sink and basin can be customized as per your taste. If you are not into the readymade sink options available in the market and want something aesthetic and unique with a personal touch, things can be made that way, too.

You have endless options to choose from. Whatever your choice of color or pattern, your sink can be carved how you want it to be. The limestone sink and basin can be molded into any size or style according to the location and spaciousness of your kitchen and bathrooms.

The Final Cut

Gone are the days of outdated sinks; now is the era of precisely made limestone sink and basin that exude luxury and style to your place. With its aesthetically appealing beauty and mesmerizing charm, limestone has continued to captivate the eyes of designers and architects for centuries and centuries to come. Raise your living standard to the peak of sophistication and luxury, in fusion with comfort, and that too at an affordable price with a George stone limestone sink and basin. Enhance the outlook of your homes for years to come.

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