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Explore Top-Tier Purple Granite with George Stone

George Stone is a prime producer of beautiful, long-lasting purple granite. We make sure that every piece meets very strict beauty and toughness criteria. Our granite, fresh from the quarries, is systematically crafted. It is the perfect fit for any construction project. For the best purple granite, consider George Stone. We assure superior quality and service.

Royal Elegance: Our Top Purple Granite Picks

Find our purple granite collection, each slab a sign of luxury and style. These exclusive colors guarantee to lift your design, making spaces to be masterpieces with their unmatched beauty.

Why Choose George Purple Granite?

Vast Selection and Value

The collection is composed of stones of many origins. We quarry direct, offering competitive prices.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Having 20,000 sqm factory and experienced staff prove our ability to cope with projects of any size.

Decades of Trust

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, have successfully finished international projects, and gained trust outside the country.

Innovative Design Services

Take advantage of our free virtual room design services, guaranteeing that the room you visualize is what you get.

24/7 Support

Our staff provides you with all day long professional services for your project as well as an on-site management and installation assistance.

Production and Quality Control

Our well-developed production line and stringent quality control procedures guarantee high-quality of products.

Certifications and Product Parameters

The SGS and ISO certifications of our company indicate our quality and faith. Each slab we produce represents our dedication. We guarantee to provide excellence in every project. Trust in our quality.

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Purple Granite: A Top Pick for Luxury Projects

We are glad to present to you our Purple Granite FAQ! This place is for you. Is your home being updated? Or ameliorating your business? The second section examines the attractiveness of purple granite. Its special attraction will be revealed to you. Observe how it changes any space. Learn why it is adored for both appearance and durability. We have made it entertaining and easy. So, you get it straight, without fancy words. Begin to appreciate the charm and purpose of purple granite. It makes you decide easily and laugh Let’s start now!

Several varieties of purple granite exist. Every type has its own distinct appearance and certain characteristics. Ametista, Symphony Purple, Purple Dunes, Purple Rose, and Lilac Pearl, Purple Rain, Purple Pearl, and Indochina Mahogany Granite are some of the famous types. These granites are derived from locations such as Brazil, China, Finland, and Vietnam. They offer many options for counter tops, kitchen decor, and monuments. Each type comes with its own color and style. This attribute makes purple granite cost effective and attractive for both homes and businesses.

  1. The method of taking care of your purple granite countertopsis by using mild pH-neutral cleaners. These soft methods offer a very efficient cleaning without causing any damage to the granite. In regular maintenance, mild soapy water usually suffices. Remove any soap with clean water and us a soft cloth for drying in order to prevent water marks.
  2. A paste of baking soda and wateris the best option for those stubborn stains. Just put it on, leave it for a while, and rinse off gently. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry off after.
  3. The avoidance of strong chemicals and abrasive cleaning toolsis paramount. Products that have ammonia, vinegar, bleach, or citrus can damage the sealant on your granite, which can cause possible staining or discoloration. Also, abrasive scrubs or pads may create scratches which may eliminate its natural shine hence making it attract stain.
  4. For maintaining the shine of your purple granite, always select for granite care cleaners and try to avoid any harsh or abrasive solutions. Periodic cleaning using appropriate products will make your granite look beautiful for many years, making sure that your kitchen or any area with purple granite stays as bright as the day it was set.

Sure, purple granite will make your bathroom a spa-like retreat. The color is individual and adds a sense of style and can serve as key-point of your design. When designing your purple granite bathroom, consider your space and how you use it. If you don’t like baths, choose a walk-in shower or a double vanity. The flexibility of this stone gives it the ability to be used in both big and small areas with it being ideal for countertops, or as an accent wall.

One of the most important concepts of any bathroom’s design is storage. If you choose purple granite, you may consider bigger vanities or built-in cabinets so as to keep your space tidy and without clutter. In fact, the benefit of purple granite is also in its ability to work well with different materials, making your bathroom practical and stylish.

In terms of ornament, the natural beauty of purple granite can be various. Select hardware and fittings that work well with its distinct colors for a unified look. You should also add personal touches using decor items that bring out the purple hues.

Recall, the perfect planning and design decisions can turn your bathroom from ordinary to fantastic with the help of purple granite. It is more than the color but to create a space that represents your style while satisfying your practical requirements.

The purple veins granite and purple solid granite can give unique features that may greatly affect the look and feel of your space.

Most of the times, the granite with purple veins is more dynamic and intricate in its visual aspect.

These veins can provide you lots of complimentary or contrasting colors, thus, making your countertops, or any other surface to be more interesting and vibrant. Furthermore, such diversity can also help to mask spills or stains, thus, it is a functional option for high-traffic areas.

However, solid purple granite gives rather a strong and uniform appearance making it a bold statement in any room.

The uniform color it has gives off a smooth and contemporary vibe perfect for simple designs or as a contrast to neutral cabinets and walls.

Both types are extremely durable and can be used in a variety of applications from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities and they can significantly improve the luxurious and elegant look of the area. The choice in question is between granite with purple veins and solid purple which depends on someone’s style preference, the overall theme of the design in your space, and the impact you want to achieve with your granite selection.

Thickness of purple granite slabs is crucial to their utilization and visual effects. Typically, granite countertops come in two thicknesses: 2 cm (around ¾ inch) of weight and 3 cm (about 1 ¼ inch).

The decision between those two can have a major influence on the process of installation, the general longevity, appearance and even cost of the granite countertops.

The three-centimeter-thick granite slabs are favored for their force and resilience, which make them perfect for the spaces that are overly used with the absence of extra supporting structures.

This thickness also makes it possible to create more complex edge profiles of the counter top, making it visually attractive. Strong and rigid in nature, the 3 cm granite can support longer overhangs, and, therefore, is compatible with kitchen islands or eating areas where additional sitting space is needed.

Alternatively, 2 cm granite slabs are lighter and cheaper in the beginning. But, they usually need some more support like plywood decking or l-shaped brackets to keep them stable and break-proof.

This introduces intricacy and raises the possibility for installation costs to be escalated. On the other hand, 2 cm granite is still capable of giving a number of edge profiles, however, the range of options is somewhat limited compared to 3 cm slabs. More so, the thinner edge might require some lamination to imitate the look of a thicker slab, which may have an impact on how the countertops are going to look and feel.

In conclusion, although 2 cm granite slabs may work in projects that are performance and cost driven, whereas 3 cm slabs provide better durability, reduced need for support, and more design flexibility. The decision between them will be based on your particular requirements, your budget and the desired aesthetic look of your area.

In summary, while 2 cm granite slabs might be suitable for projects where weight or cost are critical factors, 3 cm slabs offer better durability, less need for support, and more design flexibility. Your choice between the two will be based on your particular requirements, preferences, budget, as well as the aesthetic appearance you want for your area.

The great option for outdoor kitchens or BBQ areas is purple granite. It boasts many benefits.

Firstly, it has the capacity to adapt to severe heat and cold.

Whether is a hot summer day or a chilly evening, it never changes. The strength of this material lies in the fact that it does not crack as other materials would. It fights the changes which lead to expansion and contraction.

In addition, Purple granite is appreciated for the fact that it is scratch-resistant.

It is used in patios and outdoor kitchens. These sites usually wear off. But this product continues to look fresh after your slicing and prep. It is low maintenance. Occasionally, just a mere wipe will do. This maintains the fresh look of your countertops.

Purple granite is 100% natural.

It is an eco-friendly option for outdoor areas and will be much loved by eco-conscious individuals.

As for design, purple granite is a very versatile material.

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it simple to match to your outdoor decor. Whether you need to match already installed fixtures or cabinet colors, purple granite is an attractive and long lasting solution that enhances the appearance and use of your outdoor kitchen or BBQ area.

Absolutely, purple granite is among the most versatile for many uses such as countertops. It also appears beautiful in special locations such as fireplace surrounds or bar tops.

Granite is famous for its durability. It is not prone to scratching and hardly breaks or chips. It is heat resistant. This makes it great for gas and wood fireplaces. Granite is also low maintenance. It just requires continuous sealing. This makes it attractive for prominent areas in a home.

Bar tops made of purple granite are much loved. It is scratch resistant and very easy to maintain. This also makes it perfect for the areas where you entertain. Purple granite consists of several exotic colors and patterns. You can pick up the right one for any style. It suits contemporary designs and traditional elegance. Make an affordable but an elegant luxury addition to your living room with a purple granite fireplace. Or create a comfortable entertaining area with a chic bar. Purple granite is not only practical but also it is a beautiful material. The decision is the best for a lot of projects.

Keep good care of your purple granite. Do not commit these errors:

First, avoid harsh chemicals.

No bleach and glass cleaner should be used. Vinegar and acids are not better. They damage the granite’s barrier. This makes staining easier. Rather, use warm water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth.

Be careful what you place on your countertops.

Liquids in bottles such as cooking oil or lotion can creep through the sealant over time and stain the granite. Cupboards or a tray are safer places to keep these items.

Do not stand or sit on your countertops as it may cause cracking.

One should also keep in mind that granite, although very hard, is brittle under a point load. 

And in terms of food preparation, take care of the surfaces.

Always use the hot pad with hot pots and pans as the sealant can be damaged by direct heat. Always cut your food with a cutting board to avoid cutting directly on the granite, and do not keep unwrapped meat on the countertop to prevent stains and bacteria in the granite.

Adhering to these recommendations will ensure the strength and attractiveness of your purple granite surfaces.

Choosing the proper design of backsplash material is very important for purple granite countertops to create the integrity and beauty of your place.

Glass tiles are highly advisable, mainly because they produce glossy finish that matches with the natural sheen of granite.

They can be acquired in a large number of shades, enabling you to select the ones that match the main color field of your granite for a seamless style.

Calacatta in gold and gray veining can also be an amazing match for purple granite.

They offer classic but improved appearance. If you prefer a contemporary and stylish look, then subway tiles, particularly in white, will do the trick as they look very neat and will fit any granite pattern or veining.

Furthermore, opting for the marble type of kitchen backsplash that is subtle does not overpower the granite is also a great way of doing this.

Choosing a backsplash which isn’t patterned with active shapes in conjunction with granite countertops allows attention to be drawn to the stone surfaces, making the design become elegant and sophisticated.

All of these options offer a separate set of aesthetic and usability, making the perfect backsplash material for every purple granite countertop available. Your selection of mosaic tiles, subway tiles, or plain marble will have a strong influence on how your kitchen or bathroom will look and feel.

Purple granite in its hues can be finished in three different methods to illuminate its inherent beauty.

Polished purple granite is shiny and sleek.

It is a good display of the stone’s bright colors and patterns. It is the most suitable choice for a luxury, mirror-like surface. This material really makes your countertops pop.

Honed purple granite is very smooth.

It lacks high shine. This makes it beautiful and straight. It goes very well with the dark granite. This provides a gentle matte effect. It is a combination of classy and modern.

Leathered purple granite, however, brings in a texture that is completely unique and very appealing in both an optical and tactile way.

This type of finish provides the stone with a slightly dappled rough surface resembling the texture of the natural leather. It is an ideal choice for those who want to give their space depth and personality, which is why it is one of the most sought after materials for a countertop to have a unique matte appearance.

Each finish is attractive and useful in its own right. The appearance of your purple granite can be customized to suit your taste and requirements. Opt for polished granite to accomplish modern chic. Choose honed finishes for a subtle sheen. Perhaps you favor the rustic charm of leathered finishes. Purple granite is versatile. It is compatible with all interior designs.

Determining a supplier for top quality purple granites is a challenge, as many claim to have the best stone. George Stone is an effective supplier in this highly competitive industry. George Stone offers a wide array of purple granite types, serving the residential and commercial projects. They guarantee that the stone you choose is in tune with the pattern and texture that you have preferred.

Purple granite comes from quarries all over the world and George Stone accesses this global resource. This global sourcing provides a wide variety of patterns and textures to suit any project. By choosing George Stone you can trust in the uniformity of the product that will be sent to your project site, thereby making your project turn out exactly as planned.

Purple granite is considered the best material for the headstones, as it has unrivaled durability and ease of care.

The durability of this natural stone allows it to pass the test of time, retaining the beauty and readability of inscriptions through generations. While other materials are susceptible to staining and decay, purple granite does not lose its look through all types of weather and environmental changes, which makes it perfect for memorials.

Granite’s resistance to discoloration and structural damage makes it far superior to alternatives like bronze that could dull and discolor. Families that prefer to have a monument attaining shine always in every year, purple granite provides a suitable alternative.

The upkeep of a purple granite headstone is simple, as a slight effort makes it to shine again. Proper maintenance of the headstone, which includes gentle cleaning with water, soft fabric, and mild soap, can get rid of any dirt or deposits to keeps it to honor the dead with dignity and respect. Purple granite is an absolutely wonderful choice for every person who is looking for a permanent memorial, this is because it is very pleasing to the eye, is an extremely strong material and very easy to take care of, and in addition, as it demands very little time and resources to keep it looking its best for many ages to come.

Purple granite is an igneous rock formed from molten lava that is distinguished by its resistance, consistent color history and differing pattern. It is very resistant and hard, so it’s perfect for surfaces that have to fight against scratches and chips. Marble, however, is a metamorphic rock, which is formed under pressure rather than heat, resulting in its characteristic streaks and colors from the other natural materials that were included during its formation. This process also renders marble less durable and more porous than granite, thus needing more maintenance. Marble is quite expensive and is sought due to its unique aesthetic properties whereas granite offers a combination of beauty and durability at a generally lower cost.

The cost of purple granite countertops is variable, usually depending on its pattern, texture, and thickness. The average prices are in the range of $15 and $50 per square meter ($1.5 and $4.7 per square feet). Remember, that unique features of each slab may change final price, some slabs are more demanded. This variety gives you a rough idea, but for an exact quote, best get in touch with suppliers themselves.

Of course, George Stone presents a large range of purple granite as well as beige, brown, and black stones. You have thousands of textures and patterns to choose from and so, you will find the appropriate match for your project. Sourcing purple granite in all parts of the world, the store lies in Foshan, Guangzhou, and is spread over 12,000 square meters. With us, you get the whole package – starting with on-site measurement right through to installation and a set of free2D or 3D mockups to see exactly how the stone will look in your place. To find out what choices you have, get in touch with the George Stone, if you’re interested in high-quality purple granite.


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