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Embracing Beauty And Resilience With Natural Quartz Crystal: George Stone

As your premier source if you’re seeking stone solutions, at George Stone, we present the most stunning quartz crystal collection at an affordable price range. George Stone has the largest quartz crystal selection available. Now’s the time to contact us and enjoy extremely low pricing and matchless quality creating a truly remarkable quartz crystal wonder within your spaces. Our top-notch machinery and globally recognized practices ensure high convenience level and stunning quality.

Our Quartz Crystal Collection

Find the best varieties in our Quartz crystal collection at George Stone. If you’re a varying diverse color collection and complex patterns, our catalog is the right place to hunt. As you begin perusing the extensive inventory at George Stone, we provide premium quality at the lowest possible cost. Join us as we uncover the true beauty by nature.

Embrace the best quality and infuse life into your dream ideast through our virtual reality technology facilitating truly practical visions.

Quartz Crystal Slab Production

Quartz crystals are highly trendy as the surging popularity takes over the global building trends. The market is flooded with stunning choices.

The end product Is a slab of quartz with incredible bonding strength.

  • A quartz slab is created by combining color, resin, and quartz crystals.
  • The compound is combined and mixed into a specific mold following a thorough inspection regarding all the raw components: 92% raw quartz and 8% resins and pigments.
  • The quartz mixture is then placed in a specific vacuum, where pressure and vibrational factors work together and level out the quartz slab on both the top and bottom.
  • The operation produces quartz slabs using a high concentration under vacuum.
  • Quartz crystals are mixed with silica and resin in mixers during the manufacturing process.
  • The product feels and looks like wet sand.
  • Before going into a vibro-press, it is poured into a form and formed into the shape like a thick slab.
  • Now the mixture becomes a compact slab.

Quartz Crystal Applications: Navigating The Global Trends

Quartz crystals are highly trendy as the surging popularity takes over the global building trends. The market is flooded with stunning choices.


Interesting Bathing Spaces

Make your bathing spaces stunning and luxurious by adding quartz vanity tops or bathtubs. They’re non-porous and highly resilient against moisture, scratches, and other factors affecting the durability. The bathroom spaces are globally set up using trendy quartz crystal designs.

White Quartz Crystal countertop

Stunning Kitchen Counters

If your kitchen spaces lack the dramatic luxury, it’s your sign to add some sophistication and style. The quartz crystal kitchen counter looks incredibly stunning and offer a durable solution at the same time.

Quartz countertop

Fancy Dining

Introduce fancy dining tables having stunning quartz crystal tops looking stunning and welcoming. These table tops are highly durable and impressively luxurious. Adding sophisticated hues and delicate patterns, these tables make your dining spaces look put together.


Holding international standard certifications, we proudly serve as your ideal stone solution provider. Our products are offered along with a guaranteed quality check through state-of-the-art production centers and quality inspections. Contact us and join our mission, providing sustainable building solutions through an eco-conscious approach. We make your dreams come true.

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Quartz Crystal: Your Ideal FAQ Guide

Falling among the most crucial components in the igneous rocks creation, such as pegmatites or molten rocks rich in silica, is macrocrystalline quartz.

These quartzes are either already there when the rocks form, or they form with other minerals at the same time as the rocks do. After this, a hydrothermal process takes place and this results in  quartz crystals formation because the temperature or pressure is high or there’s silica in abundance.

Molten rocks and other igneous rocks are composed when positively charged metal cations like Potassium, Calcium, and water combine with Negative ions that are charged, like: Ion silicate [SiO4]4 and phosphate ion.  However, the silicon dioxide molecules serving as the essential constituent in the quartz crystals are not present in igneous rocks.

Since the viscosity is lower, this makes the crystal formation process faster as the bonds divide and split up quickly. After this, they make up new bonds making ordered, structured crystals.

This is the potential reason that lavas having greater silica content have a higher probability to form quartz crystals. In cases where the lava bursts somehow and makes its way outside the Earth’s crust, it will cool down quickly. On the other hand, in case the magma stays within the inner Earth’s crust, it ultimately cools down slowly, and this results in quartz crystals formation

Interestingly, the onion-shaped quartz crystals that had been created inside igneouls rocks show layers and layered molecules solidified into crystals.

A quartz crystal found inside a rock has distinct interior and outside layers that differ significantly in color. These outer layers require time to create.

If you’re planning on using the quartz crystal slabs within your spaces, you can enjoy several perks and benefits. Having a hardness level making about 7 on the scale, this material provides impressive resilience against all the external and internal factors. It can offer an easier maintenance process, cutting down all the hassles even during high-duty usage. It has a non-porous nature that makes it easier to handle liquids over the surface. It doesn’t get affected by moist atmosphere. Therefore it’s your ideal choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

That’s not the end, the visual appeal and variety are impressively diverse as you start exploring the options around you. You can easily find something considering the theme and interior décor style in your spaces. A mere cleanup session can revive the beauty and visual appeal, making it look just like new.

As a short answer, quartz is a crystal. The silicon and oxygen is arranged in crystal lattice structure by the natural phenomenon that takes place. It can be best explained as a trigonal crystal system having a unique prism shape as a hexagon. One silicon atom is surrounded by four oxygen atoms, making a unique structure. Quartz crystals are found in the Earth’s crust. The additional minerals and impurities cause deviations and differences in the color palette.

The atomic structure is quite impressively well-defined  as repeated and symmetrical structural makeup.

Semi precious quartz stone makes the right fit in all decorative, ornamental, and practical building purposes. Natural quartz crystal price is less than precious gems. It’s widely known because it possesses high value, durability, visual appeal, and historical significance. Just because it’s abundantly found, it falls among semi-precious category and not the precious.

  • It’s semi-precious, which makes its practical application easier and affordable. It’s not rare and since its abundant in nature, it can be easily sourced.
  • The Quartz crystal price range is reasonable and affordable, so it’s easily accessible in case of most project owners. It can be easily incorporated within the spaces without any high costs.
  • Other factors like durability and longevity make it an incredible fit. If you’re seeking a precious material, but are on a budget and need a reliable addition, quartz crystal can be an effective solution. It highly improves your project’s quality and ensures its longevity.

Been known to have impressive hardness, quartz crystals are your ideal fit possessing higher hardness levels that many other materials. Its molecular structure makes it fairly hard and durable. When described through the Mohs scale, the level is around 7 which suggests that it’s highly resilient and durable. It’s impressively scratch resistant and stain-resistant, surpassing many other building materials available on the market.

  • The quartz composition makes it hard and resilient. The three-dimensional network formed by silicon and oxygen molecules make an impressive tetrahedral structure.
  • They’re all bound tightly, making the covalent bonding stronger, resulting in an even harder and stronger material.
  • It has aluminum, lithium and iron in trace amounts sometimes, which further enhances the hardness and makes it stronger. When the crystal lattice structure is restored, the final product has varied colors and patterns.
  • The crystal lattice units are all interlocked naturally and this improves the strength.

The impressive strength makes quartz crystal an ideal fit in different building applications in your spaces. It can be ideally introduced within your high-traffic regions. It falls among the hardest materials available today, so choose it if you’re seeking impressive durability.

Quartz crystal cost per pound is 60 USD. This is the average price on the market. However, this price may deviate depending on the various factors. Doing complete research can help you get your hand on the right varieties. Some buyers might perceive this price range as expensive, however, considering the long-term practicality aspects can help you understand its value in a better manner.

  • Since it’s a low maintenance stone, you do not need any Maintenance investment on quartz crystal structures. It can be easily maintained through inexpensive cleaning and maintaining practices.
  • Its durability and longevity ensure zero replacement costs so it’s more or less a lifetime investment.
  • It’s a semi-precious material offering high-end elegance and luxury just like some other very expensive materials . It acts like a. Cheaper alternative having equally graceful appearance.
  • The stain-resistance, water-resistance, low porosity, and other similar features expand its practical applications, making it highly versatile.

Natural quartz crystal price per square foot slab varies between 50 USD and 200 USD depending on the quality, supplier and other factors. Here are some factors affecting the price

  • The supplier you pick makes a great difference. If the supplier is offering production processes empowered by high-end technology, they might charge more.
  • The thicker and larger slabs are obviously costlier than the thinner and smaller ones. The size matters a lot in this regard. But you can’t really control this aspect since the measurements must be precise and accurate.
  • Better skillset and craftsmanship makes the final product pricier at times. However, if you’re getting the promised quality, it’s worth the price.
  • Some quartz crystal varieties are more expensive than the rest. The color and type can make a huge difference. The rarer variants are generally more expensive and valuable than the others.

Considering the practicality aspects before picking a material while building your Kitchen’s countertops is equally important. Since your kitchen countertop is a high-traffic area, the materials you incorporate should be practically feasible in functionality and maintenance parameters

Enduring high traffic activities

Crystal stone quartz countertops are highly scratch-resistant since they’re  hard enough and can stand all the pressure in the kitchen. Where diamond rates as 10 on this scale, quartz is 7, apparently quite impressive in this regard. Kitchen countertops encounter high volume  activities since they’re generally busy spots. These slabs ideally offer the right fit in this case where you need high scratch resistance.

Freely handle liquids

The non-porous nature makes these slabs ideally suggested in applications like kitchen countertops. Since you’re constantly handling kitchen ingredients on the countertops, you need a non-porous surface. Quartz crystals don’t let any ingredients absorb into the surface and settle down within the slab.

Long-term investment in your kitchen

This long-lasting material serves as a durable kitchen solution. You won’t need constant maintenance or replacement costs if you’re investing in the quartz countertops.

Kitchen’s hygiene levels are maintained

Quartz doesn’t allow microbial invasion within the spaces. Kitchen spaces should be built considering the fact that bacteria and other microbes shouldn’t find a room for growth within. Luckily quartz is the ideal fit offering high resistance in this regard.

All the above mentioned aspects suggest that Crystal quartz kitchen countertops make the best kitchen fit. They can be feasibility incorporated within the kitchen spaces without having any negative impacts. It’s not only visually stunning, but practically feasible and affordable too. Enjoy the incredible perks of quartz crystal within your kitchen spaces as countertops.

While choosing these slabs, you’re practically playing around with colors. The vast color range lets you pick your favorite color considering the visual appeal and aesthetics you’re planning introducing.

Purple Crystals

The quartz crystal gets its purple color because it has iron content. The stunning cool hues are widely used in decorative applications. The iron content and the crystalline habitus makeup determines how strong the color will be; the more colorful the quartz crystal, the more valuable it is. A temperature ranging beyond 450°C causes the amethyst quartz change color.

Pink Crystals

This one features beautiful pink color palette because it contains a rich mineral content making it appear pink. The sweet pink hues offer a magical vibe and a soft sophistication making your spaces look stunning.

Yellow Crystals

Calcium carbonate and iron make the quartz crystal appear yellow. These warms hues are surely your ideal if your spaces need some yellowish warm hues. It’s an exquisite yet quite rare variety, not easily found naturally.

Green Crystals

Green quartz crystals lighten when exposed in the sun or kept in extremely hot environments, but it quickly returns to its original form when buried or kept in humid environments.


The pure quartz crystal form are transparent and feature a highly delicate and sophisticated look.

If you’re concerned about Quartz sun-resistance, it can be a problematic concern in outdoor applications. Quartz crystals shouldn’t be exposed in sunlight for a long time. Longer exposures can cause damage and make the crystals brittle as per the expert opinion. A certain sunlight exposure level isn’t harmful and can easily be withstood by quartz crystals. However, it’s a matter of concern for many experts studying the structure and UV resistance exhibited by quartz.

The sunlight UV rays can affect the crystalline structure, resulting in deviations in the colors and appearance too. It might make the structure a bit brittle if placed in the Sun for long hours.

A certain level of direct or indirect sunlight exposure can be beneficial considering the metaphysical properties. However, you may consider taking certain precautions and prevent any sun damage caused.

  • Use a shade over the quartz structures if you’re using it outdoors. A shade can prevent direct exposure in the Sun for longer hours.
  • Quartz crystals are generally safe in indoorsettings and you don’t require any specific care against the Sun.

Being careful while maintaining quartz crystals helps you keep them durable in a longer tenure without ever needing a replacement.

Incorporating quartz crystal slabs within your spaces requires an in-depth analysis of all the pros and cons beforehand. This helps you maintain them well and enjoy incredible longevity.


  • The Sophisticated aesthetic appeal falls among the top pros of having quartz crystal slabs incorporated within your spaces. They feature a stunning natural beauty that enhances the overall look and visual appeal in your spaces. The design element is another charm associated with quartz crystals.
  • Having 7 degree hardness, it features stunning durability and resilience. It’s quite scratch-resistant which makes it ideal if you’re planning on having some durability and strong furniture in your spaces. It’s a high-duty material featuring superb performance even in high-pressure areas.
  • The non-porous surfaces make it impressively stain resistant in all ways. If you’re seeking a hygienic, antimicrobial, and stain-resistant material to incorporate in your spaces, this one is all you need. This doesn’t only make it more hygienic but also improves the appearance.
  • It’s quite low maintenance and can be preserved for ages. Using a simple maintenance routine can keep it stunning as new, even after ages. This convenience makes it reasonably feasible in the practicality parameters.
  • Quartz crystals are quite versatile in nature. They can be incorporated in several applications in your spaces. The possibilities never seem like ending.


  • Quartz crystalsmay get brittle if exposed in the Sun. Therefore, you should consider avoiding direct exposure.

Here are the different quartz crystal names naturally occurring in the Earth’s crusts. These different varieties come into being as different additional minerals and impurities make their way into the quartz crystal. 

Amethyst quartz

Amethyst quartz is a lovely gem that is primarily used for ornamental purposes. It is a purple quartz variation getting its color from iron mineral within the crystal lattice.

Even though there are many different kinds of purple stones in nature, like tanzanite and sapphire, this quartz crystal color is the stone that is most frequently used. Bright and dazzling, amethyst quartz crystals come in a variety differing in shapes and sizes. In fact, they may be found both as individual crystals and as clusters, which are collections of crystals embedded on a single rock.

Rose Quartz

What does the rose quartz crystal do? It’s basically pink in color and regarding the chemical composition, it falls into the category: macrocrystalline quartz. This one comprises silicon dioxide crystals visible by the naked eye. It is formed in lava and shows the similar piezoelectricity that other variants possess. Rose quartz is named so because it has a beautiful pink shade, which has varied intensity depending on the other minerals. A highly charged yet opaque pink quartz indicates that the rose quartz crystal lattice has inclusions,

Citrine quartz

Citrine quartz contains calcium dioxide impurities generally appearing either orange, yellow, or red in hue. The trivalent iron, varying in intensity, within the citrine quartz gives it this color. Finding pure yellow quartz in nature is pretty hard.

Hyaline quartz  

Hyaline quartz, is also known with some other names like rock crystal or mountain crystal. It is an impressively pure quartz crystal variant so it exhibits a clean and transparent appearance. It doesn’t have any impurities.


Green quartz, or chrysoprase exhibits a stunning apple green color that is induced by nickel impurities in its crystal structure. However, the color may appear between light brown and mint green depending on the contaminants.

The quartz crystals are formed through nature’s intricate phenomena and the size varies depending on various factors. All the quartz crystal sizes vary widely. The largest crystal ever found was around 6.1 m × 1.5 m × 1.5 m large and the mass was found around 39,916 kg. Generally the average size is calculated to be around 2-3 inches large. In some cases, it could be around 1 inch large.

Quartz crystal sizes vary in different regions in the world.

Regular cleaning sessions are important if you want your quartz crystal bathtubs looking new and lustrous. Having an effective cleaning approach requires proactive cleaning sessions. This can prevent any substantial wear and tear. Remember, you must be gentle.

  • Use a mild soap mixture diluted using water. This provides a mild cleaning agent that you can use to clean up all the debris without damaging the surface.
  • The experts do not recommend using any cleaning product either acidic or basic in nature. A pH-neutral cleaning product is always your top priority while picking a detergent while cleaning up your quartz crystal bathtubs.
  • Although quartz is quite scratch resistant, you should consider replacing your coarse scrubs with softer sponges. They can enhance the cleaning process without introducing harshness.
  • Use specialized products only and try staying away if you see random remedies online. Do not try out any remedy without doing research about the ingredients and their interactive effects on the quartz crystals.
  • It’s highly recommended that you should end eachcleaning session by wiping off all the water and excess moisture on the surface. This leaves the bathtub seamlessly clean.

The good part is that quartz crystal bathtubs are resilient and stain-free. Since they’re non-porous, maintaining them wouldn’t be a hard job. A few measures can simplify the process.

Selecting the ideal supplier has a significant impact on both: the project’s quality and your experience. Selecting the appropriate provider and working with them should always come first. Your quartz crystal provider, should at all times fall within the supplier’s category offering the following:

● Accreditations— trust comes first.

If your suppliers are offering you certified products and services, meeting all the significant international standards and eco-conscious approach, they are ideal. These approved vendors give you a reliable, fraud-free product every time. They may be a little more expensive than other vendors, but they offer superior and safer products which is all that matters in the end.

● Cost-effectiveness — valued prices

You should always receive what you pay for. Large stone market places like China are monopoly-free and thus you can enjoy a competitive atmosphere between vendors where you’re the decision maker dealing on their own terms. You can obtain reasonable costs and occasionally take special discounts. Finding your optimal pricing and comparing them is simple.

● Quality Assessment

Examine the reputation and evaluate the experiences that the previous clients report having. Reputation and public opinion are very important. Select a vendor with a solid reputation.

● Strong support

When you’re undertaking a project, expert support and customer care are crucial. It guarantees the comfort level and helps ensure the convenience throughout the entire process.

● Diverse quartz crystal varieties 

Suppliers offering a wider quartz selection can readily provide you multiple options so you may compare and select the one that best suits your needs. This aids in finding the perfect fit while taking your aesthetic and functional requirements into account.

Considering all the aspects, China seems like it fits into all the parameters pretty well. If you see quartz crystal slabs, bathtubs, or other products, China is the right place.


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