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Quartzite Countertop and Slabs

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Why Prefer Quartzite from George Stone?

Large Variety You can buy quartzite of different patterns and colors under one roof. Quartzite of Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black colors are readily available.

Direct Factory Sales

There is no middleman between George Stone and customers. Therefore, you get reduced rates on imported raw materials and processing.

Free 2D Design

George Stone lets you turn your design ideas into reality with its free 2D design service and virtual room. You can also avail of 3D design services at extra cost.

Stringent Quality Control

At George Stone, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We keep updating customers about the status of their orders.

Free Samples

George Stone lets you turn your design ideas into reality with its free 2D design service and virtual room. You can also avail of 3D design services at extra cost.

Years of Experience

We have been serving the industry for the last three decades. With years of experience and expertise, we have customers worldwide.

Advantages of Quartzite


Quartzite is a durable natural stone with a grade 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It means you won’t need to replace itfor years.

Heat Resistant

George Stone lets you turn your design ideas into reality with its free 2D design service and virtual room. You can also avail of 3D design services at extra cost.


Quartzite is a highly versatile natural stone. Therefore, it is used for making countertops, flooring, staircases, and more.

Corrosion Resistance

As quartzite resists corrosion, you do not need to worry about vinegar, lemon juice, or a sharp knife falling on the surface of your quartzite countertop.

Aesthetic Appeal

Quartzite stone features eye- appealing natural colors and patterns that can enhance the beauty and stylishness of any space.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other stones, quartzite does not require high maintenance to retain its beauty. With minimal care, you can keep it shining for years.

Certifications and Product Parameters

At George Stone, you do not need to worry about the quality and genuineness of our quartzite products. We have earned various quality certifications, including the Quality Management Systems Certificate. Our products meet international standards.

We also ensure correct product parameters. They meet norms for hardness, thickness, dimensions, and chemical resistance.




Chemical resistance

Quartzite: The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Beginners

Over the past few years, quartzite has gained immense popularity. This natural stone is renowned for its durability, vibrant appearance, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Let's get started.

Quartzite is different from traditional marble in various means. Below is the in-depth comparison of quartzite vs. marble based on distinct aspects.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock. It builds when sandstone high in quartz undergoes intense heat and pressure.

While this natural stone is mined in numerous countries, Canada, Brazil, and the United States are the primary producers.

Similar to quartzite, marble rock is also the result of metamorphic processes. However, its composition does not change with high heat and pressure. Marble is a mineral that forms from limestone or dolomite.

Some prominent countries mining marble include the USA, China, Spain, India, Germany, etc.


Due to its color variations, quartzite looks like marble. White quartzite resembles marble especially.

If you examine it closely, you will find more glossiness and granularity.

Marble, on the other hand, has a softer look. Marble comes in various colors and patterns. It is known for its veining that creates eye-appealing patterns. These veins are thin lines that form in marble because of mineral impurities.


Both stone types have a myriad of uses. Since quartzite is a durable and versatile stone, it has the following applications:

  • Countertops
  • Roofing tiles
  • Wall cladding
  • Flooring

Like Quartzite, marble is also a multipurpose building material with numerous applications. Some common uses of marble include:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Sculptures
  • Bathroom Interiors


Quartzite is a tough natural stone. It is resistant to scratches, chips, and heat. Therefore, quartzite countertops, stair steps, and flooring are in demand nowadays. It retains its natural luster for years with periodic sealing.

Marble is also a durable natural stone. It is capable of resisting heat and scratch. Nevertheless, it is not as tough as Quartzite. It may require frequent sealing treatment and maintenance to preserve its beauty.


There is also a significant difference in the price of quartzite and marble. Although the cost of these stones depends on various factors.

If you search quartzite price for kitchen tops on the internet, you will find that it ranges between $65 and $150 per sqft., installed. For marble countertops, you may have to spend between 40 and 120 USD.

As mentioned above, quartzite is a sturdy natural stone with a granular texture. As a result, individuals use it in different industries for distinct purposes. Some of its renowned applications include:

Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite kitchen countertops are well-accepted worldwide. What makes them the best choice is that they don’t stain quickly. Moreover, they are durable in comparison to marble.

Countertops for Bathroom

Quartzite is an excellent material for bathroom countertops as well. The colors and patterns of this natural stone make it the perfect material for bathroom counters. Since quartzite is resistant to scratch and heat, its countertops will require less maintenance.

Quartzite Flooring

Building material companies also use quartzite stones to make flooring of different colors and styles. Quartzite flooring is durable, heat resistant, and environmentally friendly too. After all, it is a natural stone.

Wall Covering

A lot of people don’t know, but quartzite makes eye-appealing wall covering. People can use it to take the interior and exterior of their space to the next level. As quartzite is available in different colors, such as silver, orange, pink, etc., they can try different DIYs for their walls.

Quartzite Sinks & Washbasins

Quartzite stone is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for making sinks and washbasins. You can see a wide range of quartzite sinks in the market.

The sealing makes quartzite stone less penetrable. As the surface is not porous, it won’t discolor quickly with any kind of contamination. Always get quartzite countertops sealed before using them for the kitchen and bathroom.

Choose a company that provides pre-sealed quartzite kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Minimal Wear and Tear

When you seal your quartzite countertops, they are less likely to get damaged by regular use. They can retain their texture and aesthetic appeal for years.

Stain Resistant

A well-sealed quartzite becomes stain-resistant. You do not need to worry about spills of sauces, oils, and chemicals.

Low Maintenance

Sealed quartzite countertops for bathrooms and kitchens are easy to clean. Their surface is less porous; therefore, dirt does not accumulate.


Sealing increases the lifespan of quartzite stone several times. It prevents the stone from etching and scratches.

Heat Resistance

Sealed quartzite is heat resistant. Therefore, quartzite kitchen countertops do not damage with hot pans and pots.

No Bacteria Growth

Sealed quartzite countertops promote a hygienic kitchen environment. You won’t complain about bacteria and molds.

Ideal for Outdoor

Sealing helps quartzite withstand harsh temperatures. Some builders use quartzite for outdoor kitchens. They can bear the rain, sun, and even snow.

Quartzite stone is in trend for kitchen counters. Today, most suppliers sell quartzite countertops. The material is giving even tougher competition to granite and marble kitchen counters. However, some first-time buyers doubt whether quartzite is a good material.

In reality, quartzite is an excellent choice for kitchen counters. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that quartzite gives you a feel and looks for marble with less maintenance.

Let’s find out what makes quartzite stone the best material for kitchen counters.

Cleaning Friendly

The kitchen counter is one area that gets contaminated with foods and liquids. Quartzite counters are easy to clean.

You don’t require a professional cleaning to get a clean countertop. With lukewarm water and dishwashing soap, you can get a flawless countertop.

Easy on Pocket

If you compare quartzite vs. marble cost, you will find that 1st one is comparatively cost-effective. For marble countertops, you may have to spend a few extra dollars.

UV Resistant

Quartzite material is UV resistant. Therefore, quartzite outdoor countertops do not fade or darken even if exposed to sunlight for hours.

Classic Appearance

Quartzite natural stone makes the most beautiful quartzite countertops. Their eye-appealing visual appeal and natural colors make the kitchen luxurious.

Regular cleaning of quartzite countertops is crucial to maintain their luster.

Stains of foods, beverages, and chemicals can discolor the surface if you don’t clean it on time.

Although sealed quartzite countertops are stain-resistant, food items left on them for an extended duration can stick.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to clean quartzite countertops. You don’t need any professional equipment for cleaning. However, keep a few things in mind.

Once you have finished your work, clean your countertop. One of the best ways to keep your countertop stain-free is to clean it as soon as something drips. Always use a smooth cloth to clean it. For example, you can use silk or micro fabric.

If you want to deep clean your countertop, use lukewarm water. Add a little bit of dish soap to the water to make foam. Apply it on the surface with a smooth cloth. Let it stay on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

You can follow your manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. After all, they can tell you the best way to clean quartzite countertops.

It can be overwhelming to buy quartzite countertops, especially for your first house. However, this excitement should not cause you to make a poor decision. We have accumulated a few points for you. Following them, you can get high-quality quartzite for your next project.

Choose a Reliable and Reputable Supplier

Numerous quartzite material suppliers are there in the market. However, not all are reputable and experienced. Consequently,  find a trustworthy building material supplier.

At least, they must have ten years of experience in the industry. In addition to this, check for their reviews, testimonials, and customer experience.


If you are working with a reliable supplier, you do not need to worry about the genuineness of the product. Nevertheless, you must check the quality of quartzite for your peace of mind.

Since some marble and quartzite countertops look similar, newbies can get confused. To ensure authenticity, you can take the scratch test.

Slightly scratch the quartzite stone with a sharp blade. An authentic quartzite does not get scratched easily. If there are only light scratches, the stone is fine.

Colors and Patterns

Natural quartzite stones come in a variety of colors and patterns. Generally, they have neutral white, cream, and brown colors.

Nevertheless, some quartzite stones may have shades of purple, pink, yellow, and blue.

Select the stone color and pattern that match the design of your kitchen and bathroom.

Sealing and Maintenance

Although quartzite is less porous than marble, it requires sealing. Ask your supplier whether the countertop you are buying is sealed or not.

In addition to this, get information about maintenance requirements. Some variety of quartzite stones might need more care.


Quartzite countertop’s cost depends on factors like rarity, color, finish, thickness, and supply & demand.

Request quotes from all your potential suppliers. Compare the price and choose the one offering the desired quartzite at the best price.

China is one of the biggest suppliers of quartzite in the world. Choosing a China-based supplier for quartzite has the following advantages.


China is a hub for quartzite material. There are numerous companies in China that deal in quartzite countertops. Therefore, they sell this natural stone at a competitive price. Furthermore, low production and labor costs make Chinese quartzite comparatively affordable.


Quartzite is mined in different geographic locations in China. Therefore, Chinese suppliers can provide you with different colors and patterns of quartzite.

Easy & Quick Shipping

China has excellent connectivity with the rest of the world via air, sea, and roads. The country supports a robust logistic network.

If you want to ship quartzite to the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or Africa, they can ensure on-time delivery.

Production in Large Quantity

If you work with a renowned supplier, you won’t run out of the material anytime.

Most China-based quartzite countertop manufacturers invest in advanced machinery. They can produce quartzite in bulk without compromising on quality.

Yes, most suppliers offer different quartzite colors and patterns.

The difference in its color and pattern is majorly due to minerals and impurities present in it. For instance, quartzite high in oxide can have yellow, red, or pink hues.

Heat and pressure during the formation of quartzite also influence the color.

Generally, people prefer neutral color quartzite stone for kitchen countertops. Some renowned quartzite stones include Corteccia, Taj Mahal, Cristallo, Boheme, etc.

Some interior decorators also go with blue, pink, and yellow color quartzite to create a vibrant theme.

If you want to get all the quartzite options under one roof, go for George.

If you can find a trustworthy quartzite supplier, they won’t hesitate to provide samples. We recommend requesting samples from multiple suppliers. It will help you analyze the quality, color, and pattern of quartzite material.Visit the website of a supplier to learn how you can get a sample. Some suppliers might charge for samples.

At George, you can request for free samples. Before you place a bulk order, you can check the quality of quartzite stones.

Yes, you can. Most quartzite suppliers will allow you to visit their warehouses. It enables you to check the quartzite products physically. Based on analysis, you can make informed decisions. Contact your supplier and book a reservation for a visit. Some primary benefits of visiting the showroom before making the final deal include:

  • You can do an in-depth valuation of quartzite’s texture, color, and pattern.
  • Visiting the warehouse lets you explore the different varieties of quartzite available.
  • If you are buying quartzite slabs, you can check for any possible imperfections.
  • A salesperson can advise you on the quartzite type best for your project.

Yes, quartzite comes in various grades and qualities. Most suppliers sell all popular types of quartzite stones. You can ask the supplier for the desired quartzite.The grade of quartzite depends on its density, pattern, purity, finishing, and color. In terms of hardness, we can categorize quartzite in the following grades.


All the light-colored quartzite stones come into this type. Their hues can range from white to cream to gray to pink. If you measure their hardness on the Mohs scale, it will range from 22 to 37.

Generally, this grade of quartzite stone is pocket-friendly.

You can use soft quartzite for an outdoor kitchen and walls. Besides, this natural stone makes durable backsplashes and countertops.


As the name suggests, this grade of quartzite is suitable for hard-wearing surfaces. Coming to their colors, usually they are charcoal gray or brown.

This quartzite stone has uses in commercial places. The hardness of this stone grade ranges from 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale.

Premium Quartzite

Premium quartzite is the toughest among all grades. Its hardness remains between 6 to 7 on the scale. Their color can range from purple to black to gray.

People looking for a quality quartzite kitchen counter can prefer this quartzite grade.

Premium quartzite stone is also suitable for stairs and backsplashes.

Several first-time buyers get confused between quartzite and granite. Though both are natural stones, they are different in various aspects.

Below is a quick comparison of quartzite vs. granite. Explore their dissimilarities and make informed decisions.


Quartzite is a result of sandstone that endured intense heat and pressure from the earth. It contains quartz crystals with traces of iron hydroxides, silicon, etc.

On the contrary, granite is an igneous rock formed from the high heat of volcanic gasses or lava. It contains silica, potassium oxide, alumina, etc.

In quartzite, you see veining, while granite may have crystals all around it. In comparison to quartzite, granite has more variations in terms of look.


Quartzite is renowned for its classy neutral tints. Its gray and white hues are perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Some quartzite stones come in blue, pink, yellow, and orange tones. Generally, the color depends on the minerals present inside.

The appearance of granite also depends on its mineral composition. The color of granite can range from red, pink, and gray to white.

Moisture Resistant

Quartzite is not water-resistant by nature. It is a natural stone with a porous surface. Nevertheless, with sealing, you can make it water-repellent.

Granite is a little better when it comes to moisture resistance capacity. However, it is not entirely waterproof by default. It can absorb water on the surface if not sealed.


Although both stones are durable, quartzite has the upper hand. The Taj Mahal quartzite is stronger than granite specifically.

The extreme pressure and heat during the formation make this stone tremendously hard.

Since it is resistant to scratches and heat, it is suitable for countertops.

Like quartzite, granite is immensely durable. Therefore, granite floors last for years. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Heat Resistant

Tolerance to heat is another factor to consider when comparing quartzite vs. granite.

Both natural stones do not disappoint users. You can place a hot pan on them without any worry.


Quartzite is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with soap and water can preserve its beauty for years. Ensure quartzite countertops have proper sealing before use.

Taking care of granite is also straightforward. Sealed granite with regular care can preserve its aesthetic appeal over the years.

Do not use any harsh chemicals and equipment to clean these stones.

It varies from supplier to supplier. Not every supplier takes responsibility for the transportation and delivery of goods.

With small-scale suppliers, you may have to arrange carriage yourself.


If you work with a prominent quartzite supplier, delivery service will be part of their package.


Check the purchase agreement and contract carefully to avoid inconvenience.


At George, we eagerly anticipate managing the transportation.

On your request, we can arrange delivery of quartzite from our facility to the loading port, and then throughout the transit until it reaches the destination port.

The price of a quartzite kitchen top depends on various factors. Aspects like thickness, size, quality, grade, color, and rarity can significantly influence the price.

The location of the supplier also affects the price. For example, Chinese suppliers are affordable compared to European ones due to low manufacturing and labor costs.

On average, a quartzite countertop may cost you between $65 and $85 per square foot installed.

For exotic quartzite countertops, the price can go up to $200 per square foot.

You can reach George to learn the exact price for a quartzite kitchen top.

You can tell our salesperson the kind of stone you are looking for. Based on your requirements, they can send price quotes.


Quartzite is one of the best choices for bathroom and kitchen countertops. There is no doubt about it.

However, finding the right supplier for this natural stone is a daunting task. Identifying the authenticity of quartzite is another major challenge.

In this comprehensive FAQ guide, we have answered all your queries and concerns regarding this stone.

We are sure it will help you buy quality quartzite without overpaying.

If you still have doubts, seek expert advice from George.

We have a variety of quartzite stones to meet your specific requirements.   


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