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Revealing The Rich Hues Of
Red Granite With George Stone

Embrace Nature’s true beauty featured by the delicate warm hues of red granite with your trusted stone solution provider, George Stone. Having happy clients in over 128 countries, George Stone boasts high-end stone services and takes pride in being among the best providers in the world. Get uncompromised quality at its best price!

Top Picks: George Stone’s Top Red Granite Picks

Although we have various shades and patterns of red granite, here are our top picks out of all collections.

Explore Our Variety

We’re pleased to present our distinct red Granite varieties featuring different finishes and shades. Explore the diverse catalog and make your dreams come true. Find the ideal fit considering your aesthetic and practical requirements. Our collection is assorted into various diverse varieties, enabling you to choose among the best options.

Diverse Red Granite Global Trends

Following the top global trends isn’t impossible anymore! Here’s how you can style your red color granite within your spaces:

Granite’s Bold Palettes

If you’re more into bold textures, the red granite offers a wide range featuring darker red hues. The global trends are gaining high popularity recently. The deeper colors ideally fit into your bolder decors, creating a stunning and vibrant look within your spaces. Bid farewell to neutral tones and embrace the bolder colors instead.

Mixing Different Aesthetics

Many homeowners are ideally considering an elegant style featuring mixed aesthetics, involving both neutral and bold tones. Combining Red granite and other materials like metals, glass, and other delicate ones. This way, the red hues stand out and make your spaces more luxurious.

Organic Beauty

Greenery and Red color granite combine well together. The vibrant combination is all you need if you’re planning on creating a more nature-inspired theme within your spaces. Invest in good plants and enjoy the organic Beauty. The distinct aesthetics featured by the red color granite ideally complement the green color pop.

Uncompromised Quality With Timeless Elegance

The rich aesthetics and timeless beauty in red granite selection offer a rich and vibrant overall look, having elevated texture varieties and impressive warm hues.


Beginning with sustainable sourcing, the process continues to offer high-quality products and durable granite solutions.


Thinking beyond the visual aesthetics, the granite solution offers a durable fit making your projects sustainable and durable.


Color consistency is another perk when getting your hands on red granite. Each slab delivers unique patterns within the same color palette


Embrace the warm hues featured by mother nature’s geological wonders. They provide a strong yet beautiful solution making your spaces stunning.


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At George Stone, we provide certified stone solution service, offering international standard compliance through due certifications on the global platform. We focus on adopting a sustainable and eco-conscious approach. You’re now equipped with high-end Virtual reality assistance and advanced production centers at George Stone.

Certifications and Product Parameters

We have ISO, SGS, and Quality Control Management System certificates under our belt.

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Red Granite: The Complete FAQ Guide

Red granite is an igneous rock having a texture featuring medium grains and different minerals bestowing distinct color ranges. Quartz, Mica, and feldspar are the most important minerals. The pink feldspars is the main mineral giving offer a huge range of red hues in the granite stone. It’s a durable solution offering an aesthetically pleasing material.

Red Granite Features:

  • Vibrant Sophistication and warm hues featured by the red granite tiles are the most unique quality. This beautifully adjusts within different décor styles and themes.
  • The durability aspects are also impressive. You can rely on granite tiles since they can provide you a cost-effective solution. A granite surface stays brand-new for ages if you maintain it proactively.
  • Some other perks are the resistance, less porosity , and sustainability.

There are red granite stone quarries in several regions. However, it’s critical that you find a supplier having technological innovation, smart extraction methods, and other important services in addition to natural geological reserves. China is a huge supplier having impressively large varieties.

It suitably makes an ideal fit, making your kitchen countertops look luxurious and stunning. It complements the overall kitchen’s aesthetics adding a color pop featuring warm hues. Offering a stunning and striking look, the red granite is your ideal kitchen building partner. Here’s how it offers an appropriate building material:

Aesthetic Aspects

The beautiful warm hues can help you build your dream kitchen countertops, going well and complementing the other parts like the walls, floors, and cabinets. The vibrant color scheme is ideally balanced and creates a focal point within your Kitchen’s space. The timeless charm is beautiful since the natural veined patterns look stunning.

Durable Solution

This durable material is all you need, if you’re hunting for a long-lasting solution. These countertops will last you around a lifetime if properly maintained. It’s a practical choice if your kitchen is a busy station. It doesn’t show any wear and tear for decades.


It’s a versatile solution so that even if you plan on changing your kitchen’s overall décor any time, the countertop doesn’t require any change since the versatile red hues complement all kinds of décor within your spaces.

Hence, red granite seems like an ideal building material for kitchen countertops.

Outdoor construction and finishing require material that can easily withstand external factors posing deterioration or damage threats. Having red granite incorporated into your outdoor spaces provides you a greater opportunity to create aesthetically appealing yet durable spaces. This ensures lower maintenance costs and no replacement requirements, suggesting that it’s a wise choice.

Weather Resistance

The weather resistance properties exhibited by red granite make it an ideal fit. Since outdoor spaces undergo deterioration caused by weather conditions, having a weather-resistant material is critical. Fortunately, granite provides sufficient weather resistance, withstanding storms, rains, snow, and other pressures.

Sun Protection

The color doesn’t get faded even when sunlight keeps hitting your granite surfaces. They maintain their color and composition which is ideal.


Outdoor spaces like driveways and pavers are generally high-traffic area requiring a strong and resilient material having the capability to withstand high pressure. Red granite is hard and strong. It doesn’t break or crack easily.

Stain Resistance

Since you cannot really care a lot when it’s about outdoor spaces, the materials should be highly stain-resistant. If sealed well, red granite is highly resistant towards stains. It’s quite less porous than other materials like marble.

Maintain the granite’s stunning appeal through a basic maintenance and care routine in your bathrooms. Granite bathrooms aren’t only stunning but exclusively offer high durability and resilience, making your investment cost-effective. A basic Sealing process is all you need to maintain the surface.

Bathroom Applications

Here are some granite applications in bathrooms making your bathing spaces highly luxurious and well-designed.

  • Bathroom Floors: The granite bathroom floors feature a luxurious look. Having so many finishing styles, you have a wide collection. Pick the slip-resistant variants making your bathroom floor highly slip-resistant. You can easily clean the floor using a mild pH-neutral cleaning product ideally suggested for cleaning granite surfaces.
  • Walls: Create stunning walls using granite’s red variants. The walls look stunning and complement with the natural sunlight hitting the walls.
  • Sink: A bathroom’s sink should be quite durable and stain-proof. The granite sink features a stain-resistant surface, making the right bathroom fit.
  • Vanity Tops: contrasting greenery elements further the grace featured by beautiful red-colored vanity tops. Place your essentials on the vanity tops and make the space ideally functional, durable, and stunning.

Building a driveway requires due diligence, ensuring proper installation, and picking the right slabs. This helps you build a durable and aesthetically appealing outdoor space featuring a luxurious look yet being capable of withstanding all the physical pressure exerted by High traffic.

Choose The right Driveway tiles

The red granite is now available in various finishing styles, textures, shades, and quality grades. Pick the right one considering your aesthetic preference and do not compromise on the quality in any case.

Prepare The Site Beforehand

Ensure acquiring professional assistance since it’s highly crucial for proper installation. Clean up any dirt or debris lying around on the surface, ensuring proper installation after this. You must excavate around 12 inches, this helps remove potential residues.

Installation Procedure

The red granite should be installed precisely, ensuring a compact base. This makes it appear better. Final touched and edge profiling helps make it look. Watering the driveway can ensure settles down the surface and makes it durable.

Here are the pros and cons if you’re planning on having red granite Flooring in your spaces:


Aesthetically pleasing floor tiles

Red granite floor tiles can offer an aesthetically pleasing solution. It offers a huge variety combining natural patterns and warm hues. Complementing the traditional and modern, the red granite practically fits into all aesthetic styles having a timeless appeal.

Strong And Resilient

Being a natural stone, granite is so durable, it’s a smart option incorporated within high-traffic areas like floors. Granite is more durable than marble and the color doesn’t fade when exposed in sunlight and harsh weather conditions.


Granite can be a good option for all regions since it’s massively exposed in moisture. It is sealed properly, it withstands all the spills and ingredients on the surface. It can be quite impressively resistant. Granite resists moisture in part because it isn’t as porous as other materials and won’t absorb water, but effective sealing is still necessary. When installing granite flooring in a bathroom, it is important to select an appropriate non-slip finish.


The Red granite variety is all about warmer shades. If you’re seeking cool tones you might find your fit.

Staining is a common issue among most building materials and seeking a stain-resistant material is crucial, increasing the overall functional efficacy and convenience. Red granites emerge as a potentially better building solution if you’re planning on making countertops, floors, walls, or any other surfaces exposed in high staining risk.

  • Granite tiles are significantly less porous than other popular building materials like marble. The lower porosity levels make it more stain-resistant and you can conveniently handle ingredients over it.
  • Basic maintenance measures like regular sealing and cleaning-upsessions can effectively keep the staining risks at bay. A high-quality sealer can easily mitigate staining risks, if any. It creates a barrier and protects the surface against staining ingredients, especially in the kitchen.
  • If you’re looking forward to keeping your granite countertops, floors, and walls shiny, stain-free, and new always, ensure avoiding prolonged contact with acidic substances and harsh cleaners.

Some additional tips include having coasters on the surfaces so, everyone can place their coffee and tea mugs over them and avoid staining. A proactive cleaning approach helps you avoid staining risks completely. Overall granite is easily maintained and kept stain-free through some easy measures.

Being a low-maintenance building material, red granite countertops and floors do not involve any massive maintenance hassles. However, there are still some aspects that you must not overlook in this case.

Proactive Cleaning Sessions

Adopt a proactive cleaning approach and clean up everything swiftly. Do not let the dust or something else settle on the surface for a long time. This substantially increases the durability and longevity. You can ensure this by planning regular Clean-up sessions without any delays.


Seasonal sealing cuts down the risks posed by the negligible porosity level the granite possesses. Ensure sealing the surface using a good-quality sealer. This prevents water absorption and increases the durability.

Avoid Abrasive Material

Abrasive materials like acidic cleaning products, harsh soaps, acids, vinegar, etc. can cause etching on the granite tiles. This suggests that you should always avoid contact with these substances and ensure cleaning it right away if you spill it accidentally.

Periodic Professional Maintenance

Hire a professional expert, and get the surfaces regularly maintained in case they get damaged. The damage can be fixed in time. 

Generally, granite tiles do not require regular maintenance since they’re highly durable and resilient.

You must critically focus on cleaning your granite surfaces if you’re looking forward to maintaining the luster and color shade. The red granite, if maintained properly, lasts a lifetime and looks like it’s all brand-new even after years.

  • Ensure using a mild cleaning solution made using a pH-neutral soap liquid mixed in the water. A lightly soapy mixture is ideally suggested. This mixture shouldn’t be acidic or basic since the acidic substances can adversely affectthe granite tiles.
  • Regularly wipe off the dirt and debris over the surface because the dirt particles can add friction which isn’t ideal. Use a soft cloth and clean up the surface while it’sstill dry.
  • Proceed the cleaning process using the sponge’s softer side and avoid touching the scrubbing side in all cases.
  • Rinse off any residues with water and ensure drying the surface using a clean and soft microfiber towel, completely eliminating friction or harsh surfaces.

All the above-mentioned tips can help you maintain your granite countertops and floor Tiles well. Granite maintenance isn’t a hassle if you’re well-acquainted with all the ins and outs. Understand the granite’s nature and ensure following all the tips.

The average price of Red granite for sale in China is 10-40 USD per square meter or 1-4 USD per square foot. The granite stone price might seem more than the other options at first, however, a more profound analysis helps you understand the true financial viability.

  • Considering the luxurious appeal, the red granite features a cost-effective solution. It adds value and makes your spaces look more luxurious and put together.
  • Ensure getting granite supplies from sustainable providers like China having a large number of granite quarries. This helps you enjoy the best prices. Competitive pricing breaks monopoly and helps you compare quality and prices.
  • The durability level is another aspect that makesyour granite investments more cost-effective. Since you need not replace the granite slabs often, and there are no maintenance hassles, you can easily enjoy an affordable solution.
  • The price range may vary depending on the Varieties. Some varieties are pricier than others. You can pick them according to your personal preferences and budget.

The above-mentioned aspects suggest that granite can be an ideal fit, providing a significantly better solution. It’s durable and cost-effective as you consider the long-term aspects.

Buying the right granite slabs isn’t all you need, you must ensure its proper installation. This helps bring out the real beauty and grace. Carefully plan everything and hire experts who can effectively execute the whole process.

  • The surface where you’re installing should be clean and plain. There shouldn’t be any bumps or ridges. This is because an unstable surface results in your granite slab’s instability.
  • Measure accurately. The right planning helps you ensure accuracy while cutting the slabs. This, in turn, facilitates precise installation and cuts down future hassles. If the slab isn’t cut accurately you might have to cut it again which can damage it or reduce the neatness.
  • Hire a team having professional members. This can help you get the task done in lesstime and with greater proficiency. Since the process requires a better skillset, a layman cannot do it because he lacks the equipment and skillset.
  • After the slabs are duly fixed, they must be finished and sealed. Remember sealing is compulsory and it makes your granite tile durable and resilient. It ideally cuts down the risks posed by some porosity. All these steps make your installation process smoother and more effective.

Red granite is widely finished using several styles, offering a larger variety. Here are all the options you can possibly choose.

Polished Finish

Polished Finished Granite is polished giving it beautiful luster using a complete polishing procedure. It gives the stone a smooth, glossy shine that makes it appear elegant and sparkling. The stone’s natural grace is beautifully revealed by this polishing. The stone is grinded and buffed bringing forth beautifully finished stone.

The natural red hues, intricate patterns, and overall depth are brought to life by this finishing style, making the finished product visually appealing and luxurious. It prevents scratches and makes cleaning sessions easier and faster.

Honed Finish

Honed Granite is finished offering a matte look which means that it’s not quite slippery, providing an ideal solution if you’re planning on building floors. Having an impressive non-slip quality, it complements all the trendy décor styles. The texture and appearance are naturally less glossy and more subtle.

Leather Finish

It has a unique texture, resembling the leather’s surface. This popular granite finishing style is matte in appearance possessing intriguing textures.

Flamed Finish

This finishing style involves exposure to high-temperature flame. Having an elegant rugged look and slip-resistance, it’s perfectly ideal in case you need a material to build pavers, floors, or other surfaces requiring slip-resistance.

Brushed Finish

Brushed Finished Granite is given a rough appearance using a brush. This finishing style is popular and is used in non-slip areas like the dining hall.

Red granite is a popular building choice, building countertops, floors, walls, and backsplashes. It’s a durable, resilient, stain-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing material making it a versatile choice.

  • Granite is harder than most building materials like marble. It doesn’t get cracked or broken easily. You can easily handle it without breaking it. This makes it ideal in the case of high-traffic areas like driveways, pavers, flooring,and kitchen spaces. With a greater compressive strength and hardness level, it makes an ideal choice.
  • Other materials like marble feature a greater porosity level. The porosity level makes the materials more vulnerable and less resilient against external factors like weathering. Granite, on the contrary, features a lower porosity level. This helps make it resilient against the environmental factors. Also, this quality makes it more stain-resistant. The substances fail to seep in and thus, the granite isn’t
  • When considering an aesthetic appeal, although marble provides anequally stunning variety, however, in that case, you’ll be compromising on the durability and resilience factor.

Some other building materials like basalt feature an impressive durability level and resilience against all the deterioration threats however, it’s not aesthetically diverse like red granite. It features a monochromatic look without any color palette.

Having a wide variety and diverse Collection, the red granite market features several popular options having different color shades and diverse textures. Each type provides a distinct aesthetic appeal.

  • Maple Red has a fine or medium-grained texture. It has a relatively smoother surface, acting like a canvas that has several intricate patterns. The color is rich and looks delicate. It containsthe black and grey minerals in a greater quantity thus bringing forth a beautiful color scheme.
  • The Imperial Red is another type featuring a coarser texture than the Maple Red one. The deep red colors complement its stunning textures. You’ll observe some stunning dark speckles around the surface. It’s ideally utilized in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Having a medium grain texture, the TianShan Red Is another popular red granite variant featuring stunning hues. It’s relatively bolder and features a quite dynamic look within your spaces, making them appear stunning effortlessly. Ideally suggested for countertops and decorative purposes. Pick the variants wisely since each one varies in all regards. The diversely captivating colors and textures ideally introduce beauty within your spaces.

The following aspects can help you find the right red granite tile. Consider all the aspects since they’re all equally important.

Tile size

Finding the right size highly depends on your desired outcomes. Whether you’re planning on creating a beautiful decorative backsplash, flooring, countertops, or anything else. Choose the tile size accordingly. You can consult an expert, ensuring making the right decision.

Quality inspection

Find the right supplier since this can help you get assured regarding the granite’s quality. Even if it means you’re paying slightly higher, go for reputable buyers since quality should never be compromised.

Right hues

The red shades varieties are immensely diverse, so pick the right hues considering your aesthetic goals regarding the spaces. From the lighter hues to the darker ones, you’ve got a whole color palette.

Tiles thickness

A granite tile around 2-3 cm thick is an ideal choice. If you’re seeking a cheaper choice pick 1.8 cm thickness. You may consider it as a trivial aspect but it substantially affects your experience. Ensure getting your hands on the right thickness level.

Finishing style

Consider all the practical and aesthetic aspects while choosing the finishing styles. There are several finishing styles Including the honed, Polished, flamed, brushed, and leather granite tiles.



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