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George Stone: Your Trustworthy Semi-Precious Stone Bathtub Supplier in China

Our Collection: Check Out The Available Semi-Precious Stone Bathtubs for Sale

George Stone has a huge collection of semi-precious stone baths under the same roof. We deal in crystal, gemstone, geode, rose quartz, amethyst, labradorite, and many other semi-precious stone baths. Additionally, you can choose tubs of distinct shapes, sizes, shades, and patterns. All our stone bathtubs are great examples of craftsmanship. Their unique characteristics, color shades, and natural beauty make them an excellent investment.

All our stone bathtubs are great examples of craftsmanship. Their unique characteristics, color shades, and natural beauty make them an excellent investment.

Pros & Cons of Semi-Precious Stone Bathtub

George Stone’s semi-precious stone bathtubs are the epitome of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.



The Constitution Of A Semi-Precious Stone Bathtub Price

Semi-precious stone baths are crafted from rare valuable stones. It sets them apart from standard bathtubs. These natural stones form as a result of geological processes. Since these natural gemstones originate over millions of years, bathtubs made out of them are expensive.

Other reasons for their higher price include: 

  • Semi-precious stone baths are luxury products made of premium onyx, quartz, and gemstones. 
  • It requires experienced craftsmanship to make semi-precious stone bathtubs. 
  • These gemstone bathtubs feature different colors and patterns, adding to their overall value.

Why Choose George Stone for Semi-Precious Stone Baths?

George Stone is a certified, experienced, and committed semi-precious stone bathtub supplier in China. We supply our goods to renowned businesses and brands across Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States

Below are the reasons we shop for bathtubs.


Quality Material

George Stone handles quality control strictly. All our bathtubs go through strict quality tests and meet the required parameters. We are a certified golden supplier of bathtubs.


Competitive Price

Though these bathtubs are more expensive than ordinary baths, we sell them at competitive prices. We offer the best price without compromising on the quality.



We also make custom bathtubs to meet our customer’s preferences. You can choose color, size, and shape as per your needs.


24/7 Support

George Stone is available 24 hours, all seven days a week at your assistance. We have an expert team to resolve your issues regarding the bathtub.


Secure Packaging

We pack your bathtubs securely in a unique wooden box with proper cushioning.


Or Call us: +86 13798118046

Semi Precious Stone Bathtub: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to buy a colorful and lustrous-surfaced bath? Go for a semi-precious stone bathtub. As the name suggests, this bathtub is made of semi-precious stones featuring aesthetically pleasing textures. Semi-precious stone baths offer a sense of lavishness, thanks to their finishing and translucent properties. Are you planning to invest in a semi-precious stone bath for the first time? Do you need complete information about it before proceeding? Read this comprehensive FAQ guide until the end. This post covers everything a new buyer must know about a semi-precious stone bathtub. So without any further ado, let us start this.

A semi-precious stone bathtub is made of precious gemstones. It can be a crystal, geode, malachite, amethyst, rose quartz, and more. Each stone has its characteristics that give the bathtub unique qualities.


You can choose the stone type depending on your requirements and choice. Regardless of the stone you pick, your semi-precious stone bath would give a spa-like bathing treatment. All of these stones are durable, functional, and graceful.


Semi-precious stones are rare minerals or rocks that form through diverse geological processes. For instance, some gemstones form from magma crystallization while others through sedimentary processes.


Some stones also originate due to metamorphic or hydrothermal processes.


These gemstones are rare and precious but less than rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.


Let us get to know how companies make a semi-precious stone bath


Production Process of a Semi-Precious Stone Bath


The production process of a gemstone bath involves numerous steps.


Selection of Material


First, manufacturers make a careful selection of semi-precious stones. Whether it is crystal, geode, or any other gemstone, George Stone sources these stones from top mines.


At George Stone, we buy semi-precious stones of different colors and patterns. It helps us make a variety of soaking tubs.


Shaping & Cutting


We have experienced craftsmen and artisans who cut and shape semi-precious stones into the required bathtub design.


We use cutting-edge diamond saws and water jets to achieve complex shapes. We also use hand tools to shape complex areas of the tub.

The production process further have two versions:


Solid Block Construction


A semi-precious stone bathtub carved from a large block of stone falls in this category. Sculptors hollow out the stone’s interior to give it a shape. The outer layer is shaped with specialized tools. These bathtubs have better structural integrity.


Piece-by-Piece Construction


These bathtubs consist of separate pieces of semi-precious stones. Later on, they are assembled to form the bathtub.


All the polished stones are assembled into a bathtub frame. Each piece is placed flawlessly to get the ultimate results.  


This option is excellent for people who want to use different types of gemstones in one bathtub. Additionally, this method helps you get customized patterns.




Once the semi-precious stone is cut and shaped into a bathtub, it undergoes polishing. This process improves the natural shine and luster of the tub. Furthermore, polishing helps in achieving smoothness.





Assembling is followed by grouting. All the tiny gaps between stones are filled with grout. It ensures a smooth bathtub surface.




Sealing a semi-precious bathtub is necessary to protect it against moisture damage. It is a protective coating that enhances the durability and beauty of the tub

Individuals who want to bathe in a luxurious and opulent bathtub can go for a semi-precious bathtub. Made out of agate, rose quartz, geode, crystal, and other gemstones these bathtubs feature exquisite natural beauty.

Semi-precious baths come with translucent properties that provide them with unique visual appeal when light passes through them.


These bathtubs are different from conventional bathtubs in various aspects.

Check out the following comparison.



Semi-Precious Stone Bathtub

Conventional Bathtub


Semi-precious stone baths comprise rare stones. These semi-precious stones form naturally in the crust of the earth for millions of years.

On the contrary, traditional bathtubs are made of fiberglass, porcelain-enamel, cast iron, and other similar materials.


 Visual Appeal


Semi-precious bathtubs are exceptionally pleasing to eyes. Depending on the stone type, it may have different patterns and color hues. The tub can become the center of attraction in your bathroom.

Conventional bathtubs also feature a graceful appearance. However, they are not as visually appealing as semi-precious bathtubs. These baths lack the transparency that we see in semi-precious stones.


Semi-precious stone soaking tubs require low care compared to acrylic baths. You can clean them with a mild solution. Nevertheless, you will need to seal them periodically.

On the other hand, conventional baths might need more care and cleaning.

Insulation Properties

Some gemstone bathtubs are capable of retaining the warmth of warm water. Bathtubs made of Quartz, Jade, and Amber have thermal properties.

Baths made of acrylic and porcelain can’t keep water warm for an extended period. The thermal efficiency of these bathtubs is not so strong.


Most semi-precious stone soaking tubs are strong and durable. They can last for several decades with proper care.

Though acrylic or fiberglass baths also last for years, they are more likely to chip or scratch.


Semi-precious stone bathtubs are luxurious products. Consequently, their price is often higher. You might have to spend between USD 80000 and 10000 depending on the rarity and quality of the stone.

Fiberglass bathtubs are available in various price ranges. Generally, the cost remains between USD 120 and 1000.

A semi-precious bathtub is a perfect example of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. Its aesthetics and functionality make it an ideal investment. These bathtubs feature a variety of characteristics, depending on their type.

Semi-precious stone bathtubs are available in various types as they are made of distinct stone types. Let’s learn about some primary ones.


Crystal Bathtub

Crystal bathtub is one of the types of semi-precious baths. This high-end bathtub is primarily made of refined quartz or citrine (a variety of quartz).

Individuals get attracted to its translucent properties. When light passes through the transparent crystals of this bath, it creates an enthralling effect.

In addition to this, crystal bathtubs have some healing benefits. Crystal therapy is gaining popularity worldwide for treating mental and physical disorders.


Geode Bathtub

Geode bathtub is another popular semi-precious stone bath type preferred by individuals worldwide. Geode is a round and spherical hollow rock featuring a crystal-like formation.

This stone features various colors, such as red, green, pink, blue, and more. It means you can buy a geode bathtub of any color you want.


Since these bathtubs have shiny interiors, they become the center of attraction in your home. Furthermore, crystal bathtubs are known to improve physical and mental well-being.


Rose Quartz Stone Bathtub

Rose quartz features a delightful rose-like pink hue. It is one of the most eye-appealing semi-precious stone bathtubs. This quartz originates as the result of magma crystallization at temperatures between 400 and 700°C.

Rose quartz stone bathtubs have an appearance similar to marble. Nevertheless, it has a shiny surface. These baths are not only aesthetically appealing but also have several health benefits.

Taking a bath in rose quartz hydrates your skin. Moreover, it helps in stress relief and emotional healing.



Agate is also a semi-precious stone that comprises quartz crystals and other minerals. Primarily, it forms in metamorphic or igneous rocks.

This stone is also available in various color shades and intricate patterns. Therefore, you can choose a bathtub color that suits the overall design of your interiors.  


Labradorite Bathtubs

Labradorite bathtubs consist of iridescent gemstones featuring a variety of alluring colors. Primarily, these baths feature colors like gold, blue and green. So if you want to buy a color-rich bathtub, consider this semi-precious bathtub.

Labradorite baths are non-porous and wear-resistant that last for several years. Naturally, these baths are capable enough to resist moisture.

These are some of the most-selling precious stone bathtubs. Each comes with its specialties and strengths. So you have several options to choose from.

Caring for a semi-precious stone bathtub is crucial to maintaining its functionality, shine, and structural strength.

Follow the below steps to preserve your semi-precious stone bathtub.


Clean your semi-precious stone bath regularly. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the surface after every use.

For deep cleaning, use a mild cleaning agent. Apply the recommended cleaning solution on the surface of your bathtub. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. To remove stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive brush.

Rinse with lukewarm water.



Check for signs of wear and tear. Fix even the minor cracks before they become worse. Seal your bathtub when required.  

Be careful about what substances come into contact with your bathtub. Do not expose your bathtub to harsh perfumes, hair dyes, and colored chemicals.

Maintain adequate ventilation in your bathtub. Excessive moisture in the bathroom can lead to mold formation.

Like every bathtub, semi-precious stone baths also need care to maintain their functionality and sheen. Additionally, it sustains bathtub integrity to a great extent.

While semi-precious stone bathtubs are tough, some might absorb liquid due to porosity. Consequently, they must get sealing treatment periodically.

Agate, dolomite, onyx, and turquoise are some of the semi-precious stone bathtubs that are comparatively more porous.

Both semi-precious stone bathtubs and onyx stone bathtubs are natural bath basins. Nevertheless, they have distinct characteristics, appearance, and durability.

Let us take a look at their differences in the following table.



Semi-Precious Stone Bath

Onyx Bath


Semi-precious stone bathtubs consist of a wide range of gemstones, including agate, quartz, amethyst, geode, baldi, etc.


Onyx bathtubs are formed of Onyx gemstone that comprises calcite minerals.



Semi-precious stone baths feature a diverse range of color shades and veining patterns.

Onyx bathtubs exhibit a translucent appearance with veins on the surface. Some Onyx baths might have to finish similar to the marble.



Every semi-precious stone has a different endurance capability against chipping and scratching. However, all stone bathtubs can last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

 Onyx bathtubs have a hardness score between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Though they are softer than marble and granite, they last for decades.


Individuals must clean semi-precious bathtubs using only mild soap or P-H neutral cleaner. Also, they should check for their sealing requirements periodically.

Onyx bathtubs are easy to maintain. Nevertheless, you must seal them to maintain their longevity.





Semi-precious stone bathtubs are premium products. Their rarity and eye-appealing appearance increase their value to a great extent. Their overall price ranges between USD 8,000 and 10,000.

Onyx bathtubs are relatively cheaper. Their price starts from USD 2,000. The cost of some customized baths may go up to $10,000.

  • George Stone manages the shipping and transportation of semi-precious stone bathtubs at nominal charges. We have tie-up logistic experts to provide a safe and on-time product delivery.

    The team at George Stone ensures that the bathtub reaches your place safely from our factory. Our shipping service also includes customs clearance and cargo tracking.

    You do not need to worry about the safety of your bathtub during the transit. We pack semi-precious stone bathtubs in a special wooden box with iron pieces installed for extra support. We pack the tub with pearl wool to provide cushioning throughout the transportation.

    Additionally, we use special protectors to prevent the corners of the bathtub.

Companies make semi-precious stone bathtubs from a diverse range of stones. Crystal, geode, malachite, amethyst, and rose quartz are some primary stones.

Therefore, it is not easy to mention one fixed price. Generally, the price of a semi-precious stone bathtub starts from USD 8,000 and can go up to USD 10,000.

Factors that affect the price of these baths

  • Semi-precious bathtubs that are rare and exotic are always expensive. Additionally, baths with more demand often have higher costs.
  • The size and weight of the bathtub also influence its cost.
  • The origin and quality of these precious stones also determine the price.
  • Semi-precious stone bathtubs with custom finishings and hand-carved details are always expensive.
  • If you buy a semi-precious stone bathtub from a well-known luxury brand, they might charge you high due to their reputation.

At George Stone, we sell a wide range of semi-precious bathtubs at a competitive price. Get our price quote and compare it with other suppliers.

Yes, semi-precious stone baths can be personalized to meet your specific requirements. You can choose the bathtub color, shape, and design as per your choice.

At George Stone, we provide the following customization options.



We give different finishing options for our semi-precious stone bathtubs. You can buy a bathtub with a textured, honed, or polished surface.



If you want designer faucets, handles, or other accessories for your bathtub, we can provide that.


Color Shade & Patterns

George Stone has different types of semi-precious stones as raw materials. Consequently, we make bathtubs featuring distinct patterns and shades.



From 60 inches to 72 inches, we have semi-precious stone bathtubs of different sizes. Whether you want an oval, round, or rectangular bath, we can provide.

Yes, you can customize almost all semi-precious stone bathtub types. At George Stone, we can integrate LED lights, jets, and other accessories to enhance your bathing experience. Specifically, quartz and onyx bathtubs are easy to customize.

We have experts who can install jets as per the bathtub design. They know how to integrate bathtub accessories to provide optimal functionality and comfort.

If you want to take the beauty of your tub to the next level, we can embed LED lights on them. You can choose LED lights of different colors, brightness levels, and moods. Our skilled professionals place lights on the points that create stunning visual effects.

Other special features you can install on your bathtubs include a heating system, overflow drain, and hydrotherapy jets.

The dimensions of a semi-precious stone bathtub vary depending on its shape and style.

Generally, the average size of a semi-precious stone bathtub remains between 60 to 80 inches in length. The width ranges from 30 to 40 inches.

Speaking of the weight, these bathtubs are heavier than acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Majorly, the weight ranges between 362 Kg (800 pounds) and 907 kgs (2000 pounds).

The weight of the bathtub is subject to its design, stone type, dimension, and features.

While individuals can source a semi-precious bath from any country, importing it from China has some significant advantages.

Access to Quality Semi-Precious Stone Bathtubs

China is the top producer of semi-precious stones. The country has large deposits of onyx, geode, agate, and other gemstones. Therefore, Chinese bath manufacturers have access to premium quality semi-precious stones. As a result, they produce world-class bathtubs.

Lower Production Cost 

China is known for its affordable labor cost. Furthermore, the country has an abundance of semi-precious stones. Therefore, manufacturers make baths at comparatively low prices. Besides this, their shipping service is competitive, reducing the overall bathtub price.


Best Connectivity to the World

China has well-connected routes to the rest of the world. Consequently, Chinese companies can ship baths to your location relatively faster.


Variety of Bathtub Options

As a diverse range of semi-precious stones are found in China, manufacturers make semi-precious stone bathtubs of different types. It means you can check out multiple options in one place only.


Global Reputation

Chinese bathtub manufacturing companies are globally recognized for their quality products and competitive pricing. They adhere to strict quality control standards. Always work with a certified company having years of experience in the industry.

At George Stone, we are dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Yes, we do guide for semi-precious stone bathtub installation.

We have an expert staff to help you with installation. They make you familiar with how to position the tub and install plumbing fixtures carefully. We can also provide videos for assistance.


We also provide local bathtub installation service. Contact our team to know if a local bathtub installation service is available in your area.

George Stone has a dedicated team to take care of customers’ queries and questions. You can reach us anytime for your concerns.

Our team addresses concerns within 24 hours. Our customer support team has years of experience in serving customers. Consequently, they listen to consumers carefully.

They are trained to provide relevant, clear, and detailed information.

We also offer practical solutions to issues related to bathtub maintenance, installation, and usage.

George Stone takes feedback from customers to improve its services and products. We sell a wide range of semi-precious stone bathtubs meeting international standards. All our baths are certified and come with a 2-year warranty.

To learn more about our semi-precious bathtubs, you can reach us via email at You can also contact us via call at +86 13077409280.

A semi-precious stone bathtub can take the beauty of your bathroom to the next level. Their aesthetics, functionality, and health benefits make them ideal investments.

We hope this FAQ guide helps you buy a quality semi-precious bath. After reading this post, you can make the best decision about your shopping for this bathtub.


A semi-precious stone bathtub can take the beauty of your bathroom to the next level. Their aesthetics, functionality, and health benefits make them ideal investments.

 We hope this FAQ guide helps you buy a quality semi-precious bath. After reading this post, you can make the best decision about your shopping for this bathtub.

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