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George Stone


George Stone -Your All-in-one Stone Project Solution Partner

George stone not just produces and supplies stone products. It is a complete solution for your construction proiect. We are redefining the industry norms by offering a holistic service in one place.

We offer a complete set of services including building material supply, project design, job site measurement, installation guidance, shipping, and more.

Building material supply

Project design

Job site measurement

Installation guidance

People have to strugle when searching for different stone project services, George stone faciitates its customers with all the related services
under one roof. Let’s learn about our range of services in detail!

Product Supply -Different Building Materials at One Place

George Stone provides various stone products in one place. Our product catalog includes marble stones, granite, quartzite, limestone, quartz, onyx, waterjet medallion tiles, and more.

In addition to this, we also have marble furniture and countertops. Explore our collection of premium stones and enhance the elegance of your space.

Product catalog

Sculpture /Fireplace/Basin/Mosaic/ Furniture

Jobsite Measurement -Get Precise Measurement of Your Site

Several people do not realize the importance of job site measurement. Nevertheless, until you have accurate measurements of your site, you
can’t get flawless designs and installations.
We know it is challenging to measure the complex parts of a building structure. Don’t worry. At George Stone, we have experts and cuting-edge measuring equipment to get accurate measurements of your site.

Our job site measurement service saves time and money in various ways. When you have precise measurements, you can install stones
seamlessly.It minimizes the risk of errors and material waste.

Get Our Job Site Measurement Service

So before you start a project, get our job site measurement service for better planning.

Design Service -Explore Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

No matter the type of stone you install, project designing is crucial to get the intended output.

George Stone provides a complete range of design services for your home, office, and other commercial setings. Our seasoned designers create designs that meet your specific requirements and complement the aesthetics of existing architecture.

Our design services are:


2D Design

George Stone offers free 2D design services.We will give you a two-dimensional visual representation of your floor plans and stone layouts.


Virtual Room Design

Check out how your space will look after the stone installation with our free virtual room design service.We have technologies and experts to create the exact visual representation of the layout you need.


3D Custom Design

lf you want 3D custom designs, we can provide them at nominal charges. Designers at GeorgeStone are experts in CAD drawings and 3D animation renderings. Our 3D designs will give an idea of the actual output.

Quality Control-Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

George Stone values its customers' peace of mind. Consequently, we incorporate quality control at each step of our operations.

Stone polishing services

Inspection of Material

Our team inspects building materials for possible defects and impurities. They even check for slight differences in texture, color, finishing, and stone dimensions.

Quality Testing

We have invested in cutting-edge equipment that helps us analyze the quality of the product inside out. The team at George Stone analyzes both physical and chemical properties.

Ultimate Packaging-Receive Your Material Safe & Sound

Unlike some companies, we do not overlook the importance of packaging. Stones like marble, quartz, granite, onyx, quartzite, etc, are heavy and bulky. lf you do not pack them correctly, they might get cracked and damaged during transportation.With George Stone, your goods will reach your place in the best condition with proper packaging.

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Delivery&Shipment-Get Damage-free & On-time Shipping

  • For most newbies, it is challenging to arrange shipping themselves. Even if you manage to do this, you may end up getting expensive services.
  • At George Stone, we can relieve you of your headache. Just place an order from the comfort of your house and leave everything to us.
  • We have shipping partners who will deliver products to your port safely and on time without breaking the bank.

Depending on your budget and requirements, you make the following contracts for shipping service.

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EXW (Ex Works)

If you can arrange the loading and transportation of goods yourself, choose EXW.

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FOB (Free On Board)

In this service, we will be responsible for delivering goods to your port. From that point, you will be accountable for their deliveries.

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CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

If you have deliveries in bulk, especially large-size stones, we suggest the CIF option. We will take care of shipping till the products reach your port. It is sea freight that also covers insurance.

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Door-to-door Shipping

If you want to receive goods directly to your space, get door-to-door service. We will manage loading, transportation, delivery, and customs clearance ourselves.

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Air Shipment

It is a fast and efficient service. If you can’t wait too long for product delivery, air shipment can be suitable for you.

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Rail Shipment

This land-based transportation is ideal for customers within the country.

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Loading Service

George Stone also offers a loading service. In most cases, stones get damaged during loading and unloading. We have experienced staff and required machinery to perform jobs safely. We use an advanced forklift for loading and unloading.

After Sales-Your Satisfaction is our Resolution

George Stone does not leave its customers in the lurch. We ofer a complete stone project solution so you do not dash around from one place to another.
Our accountability does not end with the selling of a product. At George Stone, you get the following after-sales service.

Installation Guidance

You can seek our expert’s guidance for seamless stone installation.

Door-to-Door Installation

The team at George Stone can also offer you door-to-door installation service, They provide hassle-free installation service and take care of every small detail to ensure eye-appealing results.

Production Maintenance

We also help you maintain the natural shine and strength of your products. We provide you with a comprehensive guide for product cleaning and care.

Spare Parts

lf any of your products, whether it is floor tile, wall panel, or countertop needs replacement, we can help you with that.

Customer Feedback

We have an enthusiastic team to listen to your grievances, feedback, and suggestions.

You can call us at +86 13077409280 or write an email at:

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