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Your Credible Partner in China for 100% Genuine Slate Stone

George Stone: Enhance Your Space with Our Range of Premium Slate Stone

Do you want to buy the finest quality slate stone from China? George Stone is here to meet your needs. Whether you need a slate for flooring, roofing, or wall cladding, we have got you covered. George Stone provides tested and certified products at reasonable prices. We have been serving the industry for more than 3 decades. Our customers are spread over more than 128 countries.

Characteristics of Slate Stone

Characteristics of a slate stone may vary based on its place of origin and composition. Some primary features of slate include:

Diverse Range of Colors

You can buy slate stones in colors like gray, copper, green, silver, purple, red, and more.

Fine-grain Texture

The stone features a grainy texture like all natural stones. Nevertheless, its surface is even and smooth.

Long Lifespan

Slate stone can easily endure day-to-day wear and tear. Therefore, it can last up to more than 200 years.


Slate stone does not catch fire. Consequently, it is a suitable choice for kitchen countertops and fireplaces.

Low Maintenance

In comparison to other stones, slate is simple to care for. Most of the time regular cleaning with soap and lukewarm water is adequate to keep them looking spotless


In comparison to other stones, slate is simple to care for. Most of the time regular cleaning with soap and lukewarm water is adequate to keep them looking spotless


This natural stone is versatile. You can use it as a paver, floor, kitchen surface, roof, and more.

Applications of Slate Stone

Slate stone has a myriad of uses in both exteriors and interiors.


Slate stone makes excellent flooring as it has a slip-resistant surface and can endure heavy foot traffic.


Slate stone's weather-resistant capability and durability make it a perfect choice for roofing.


The natural and rugged appearance of slate stones makes them perfect for countertops. These countertops are stain-proof and heat-resistant.


You can also use this natural stone to make eye-appealing pavings, patios, and garden landscaping.

The Types and Textures of Slate Stones

George Stone has a diverse range of slate stones. You can choose them based on your project’s requirements.

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Grayish Black Slate

It is one of the most common slate stone types known for its classic appearance. Quarried in Spain, it is suitable for roofing and flooring purposes.

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Tumbled Slate

Tumbled slate stone features round edges and corners, giving it a traditional appearance.

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Green Slate

This slate stone features a faded green color due to the chlorite mineral. Individuals use it for flooring, paving, and around fireplaces.

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Blue Slate

The slate is rich in calcium carbonate, which gives it a bluish shade. The slate works best for garden landscaping and paving.

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Honed Slate

Honed slate has a smooth surface, making it suitable for countertops and flooring.

Our Certification

George Stone is a certified golden supplier of slate stone. Our slate products are tested for quality and endurance before we supply them. We have globally recognized certifications, including SGS and ISO. Customers can also check our product test reports to see the testing process results. All the building materials at George Stone meet eco-friendly standards. We also offer a 2 to 5-year warranty, depending on the product type.

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Slate Stone: The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Beginners

Are you looking for stone for your next construction project? Along with marble, granite, and quartzite, slate is the option you may come across. Unfortunately, numerous people have limited knowledge about this stone. They have a lot of questions in their minds about this natural stone, its price, and its applications. If you are one of them? You are at the right place. Read this comprehensive FAQ guide to get all the information about this stone.

Slate is a natural stone that is mined at various locations across the world. Some prominent countries that quarry this stone are Spain, China, Wales, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Brazil.

Even in the United States, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New York are the regions where this stone is abundant.

Like marble, slate is also a metamorphic rock. It forms from shale-type sedimentary rock that consists of volcanic ash or clay. If you see its surface, you will notice fine-grained rock with a sleek texture.

In short, the formation of this stone is a result of low-grade regional metamorphism.

In layman’s terms, it forms when shale or clay comes in contact with intense pressure and heat under the earth. The process happens slowly for millions of years.


Slate stone has been used as a building material for centuries. Individuals use it for roofing, floor tiles, cladding, and more.

As this stone is fireproof, during the early 20th century, people also used it in switchboards.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, schools used to make blackboards and individual writing boards out of them.

According to some historical notes, the slates have been used since the Roman era. As people have been using them since ancient times, some individuals make assumptions that they are outdated.


Over the years, numerous other flooring options have emerged. Nevertheless, no stone could take the place of this stone.


Slate floors are timeless and are going to be in trend forever.


Floors made of this rock perfectly blend with conventional and modern architecture.


You can make these floors in both commercial and residential buildings.  


Slate stone flooring lasts for several decades. It is resistant to cracks and scratches. Another feature that makes this stone suitable for flooring is slip resistance.


The good thing is that the stone is available in various color hues. You can choose different colors to give your floor a fascinating appearance.


Unlike other flooring options, these floors require low maintenance.

The slate stone wall looks graceful. Apart from being classy, it is practical.


When you use this stone on a wall, it acts as a heat conductor. Consequently, it maintains the indoor temperature of your room. Moreover, the stone is water and heat-resistant.


Let us learn how to apply this rock stone on a wall.


  • First, you need to remove all the possible debris from the wall.
  • If your wall has any existing covering, remove it.


  • Get an accurate measurement of the area where you want the stone to be applied.


  • Choose the best slate laying pattern based on the overall design of your space. Seek the help of your architect and interior decorators.  


  • Next, apply the mixed mortar on the wall to make an even base for the tiles.


  • Place the tiles on the wall carefully. Tiles must be pressed gently on the mortar.


  • If you are worried about the spacing issue, try using spacers.


  • Ensure the level of your shale stone tile is even.


  • Use high-quality cutters to cut the extra edges of the tile.


  • Once the tiles are set, add grout inside the spaces between tiles.


  • Last but not least, polish the shale tiles.


Installing this slabstone on a wall is a professional job. It is advisable to hire an expert, especially if it is a large area.

Indeed, slate is one of the ideal materials to construct a roof. Still, people have numerous queries about this natural stone. Is a slate roof a good choice? What is the lifespan of this stone? Questions like these are prevalent over the internet.

Let us get the answer to these questions by analyzing the pros and cons of a slate roof.



Slate is one of the most durable building materials for roofs. Invest in fine-quality shale stone, and you won’t need to replace your roof.

It would be safe to mention that it could be the first and last time you put a roof on your home.

Aesthetically Appealing

The slate roof looks classic. Numerous houses across Europe, the UK, and the US (especially in cold places) have roofs made out of this stone.

The best thing is tiles made out of this stone are available in various sizes, densities, and hues.


Besides pleasing to the eye, this roof is quite practical. The stone material does not catch fire easily. It makes it ideal to use in fire-prone areas.

Environmentally Friendly

If you support sustainable living, you are going to appreciate slate roofs. As it lasts for centuries, it won’t contribute to landfill waste. Furthermore, it is a natural stone.


Although negligible, slate roof comes with the following disadvantages.

  • Installing this stone on a roof requires a decent budget. If you are not working with an experienced and trustworthy company or contractor, the budget can go high.
  • These roof tiles are slightly more expensive than regular tiles.

If not installed properly, the tiles might break under pressure.

Undoubtedly, slate tiles are tough and long-lasting. However, you must clean them often to enhance their life.

Below are the steps for stone cleaning and maintenance.


  • Sweep your tiles from time to time. Use a soft brushed broom to clean the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from joints.


  • Use a cleaner if tiles are filthy or you notice stains over them. Make sure it is not acidic and too harsh. Seek the guidance of a stone supplier for cleaning. They can also guide you to the best cleaners.


  • You can simply use dish soap with lukewarm water to remove stains. Nevertheless, you must avoid using oil-based cleaning agents as they might make the surface clogged and slippery.   


  • Remove the excess water using a mop.


  • Also, seal your stone properly. A wide range of stone sealers are available in the market. For example, you can use a film-forming, water-based, or penetrating sealing agent.

Polishing a slate stone gives it a glossy finish and enhances its natural shade. In addition to this, it improves the hardness of the stone. Therefore, this rock stone does not wear off quickly.


Polishing can maintain the appearance of your slate stone for years.


Check out the steps to polish slate stone.


  • Deep clean your stone using mild detergent.
  • Let it dry
  • Wipe down the entire surface with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • If your stone has rough edges or deep scratches, remove them with sandpaper.
  • If the sanding process causes dust, clean it.
  • Apply polishing compound. For smooth distribution, apply it in the circulation motion.
  • Use a handheld buffer to buff the compound. Its polishing pad will ensure that the polish has penetrated the slate.
  • Wipe away all the extra compound with a cloth.


While a wide range of slate stone polishing compounds is available, seek the advice of your supplier before applying one.

  • Yes, slate does make an excellent kitchen countertop. It is a popular choice for people who love natural-looking countertops in their kitchen.


    The stone comes in various shades, such as gray, tan, greenish-gray, black, purple-gray, and more. So you have a lot of options for kitchen countertops.


    Besides the visual appeal, these kitchen countertops have numerous advantages.


    Since the stone is heat resistant, it won’t damage if you place hot pans over it accidentally. Moreover, sealed kitchen countertops do not stain quickly.


    These kitchen countertops are easy on the pocket too. In comparison to other countertops, they are affordable.

Yes, the slate stone looks exceptionally graceful whether you use it in your patio or garden. The stone comes in various hues. As a result, you can create distinct design patterns for your garden paver.  


Slate stone is naturally eye-appealing. Even with the natural oxidizing process, it retains its color.


The slate paver gives a classic appearance. If you want to give your patio a modern appearance, go for slate-crazy paving. The irregular-shaped slate stones arranged properly enhance the beauty of the space.


Moreover, crazy paving is easy to maintain and can endure heavy foot traffic and harsh weather.



Slate stone with a thickness between 20mm and 22mm is an ideal choice for paving. The stone with this density can last for about 100 years.



In its natural form, the texture of this stone is slightly ruptured. Consequently, its paving is non-slippery. People won’t slip even if the surface is wet.

Yes, slate stone is a perfect choice for the bathroom area. Unlike other natural stones, it has low water absorption.


Besides this, the stone is corrosion-resistant. Therefore, water, soap, and other bath chemicals won’t damage your washroom.


You can use this stone in a bathroom in multiple ways. Some common examples are




A slate bathroom floor can take the beauty of your bathroom to another level. Depending on your choice, you can install different colors of tiles.



Its countertops can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom several times. Additionally, they do not chip easily. You can check out numerous slate countertop ideas over the internet.




You can also use these tiles for the shower area to give it a sophisticated look. However, you will need to seal it properly.

Slate is one of the most preferred materials for making a roof. It has been used as roofing material for hundreds of years. The stone is a metamorphic rock that looks quite elegant even in its natural look.


If you install this rock stone on your roof with proper fasteners and underlayment, your roofing becomes fire and waterproof.


If you provide frequent care and maintenance to this type of roof, it can last for more than a century.


Apart from this, the stone is known for its strength and waterproofing capabilities.


Below we have put together some points to keep in mind when choosing a slate roof.


Choose the Types


Options are endless when it comes to slate roofing. Soft, hard, patterned, and staggered butt slates are readily available in the market.


Besides this, the stone mined in different geographical locations has diverse characteristics. You can also determine the origin of this stone when choosing them.


Do your research to learn about their durability. Choose the slate type depending on your budget and the weather conditions of your region.


Consider the Grade


The stone comes in various quality grades. S1 is the highest quality grade, while S3 is the lowest. It is advisable to select the highest grade for the better longevity of the roof. Along with grades, do not forget to check the thickness of the slates.


Select Color Shade


Choose the stone shade wisely. Go for stone hues that suit the overall aesthetic of your house.



Maintenance Requirements


These roofs are indeed comparatively stronger. Nevertheless, some tiles might require repair with time. So learn about the maintenance needs of your roof

The slate roof is not a new concept. The stone has been a popular choice for roofing since prehistoric times.


Even if we take a look at the recorded history, the first-ever slate roof was built around 1300 in North Wales.


Today, this type of roofing is quite popular in countries like Scotland, Cumbria, Wales, and several parts of the United States.


There are several reasons people use this rock stone for roofing.

Some common reasons include:


Low Maintenance


In comparison to asphalt roofs, slate requires low maintenance. The stone is resistant to fungus, mold, water, and fire. As a result, the maintenance cost of slate roofs is several times lower.


Countless Choices


Roof slate is available in different colors and shapes. You can give your house both a vintage and contemporary look.


Depending on your creativity level, you can choose diverse architectural styles for roofing.


Cost Effective

Another reason people favor these roofs is that they are more affordable than many other options.


The slate roof costs you between 5 and 10 USD per square meter. It is about 0.5 – 1 USD per square foot.


Tile installation and labor charges will be separate.


Long Lifespan


Generally, the lifespan of this stone is long. How long it would last depends on factors like the type of stone, its thickness, weather conditions of your area, and more.


Still, you can expect it to last for 80 to 200 years. It means you won’t need to reroof in your entire lifetime.


The lifespan of a slate roof also depends on its installation quality.


Installing this stone on a roof requires a lot of experience and expertise. Choose a professional who is well-trained and equipped.


Slates are heavier than other roofing materials. Get them installed in a manner, they do not put additional weight on the structure of your house.


At George Stone, we also provide on-site installation guidance. Our engineers will save both your time and money.

Yes, its initial cost might be higher for some people. If you consider its durability and low maintenance requirements, you will find that slate flooring is more affordable than numerous other flooring options.


The cost of this type of flooring varies based on various factors. The type, grade, thickness, color, and texture influence the price of a slate to a great extent.


In addition to this, the market condition, transportation, and shipping costs also affect the price.


Do not forget to add labor and floor installation charges.


On average, the slate stone costs you between 10 and 30 USD per square meter. It will be 1 to 3 USD per square foot.


If you want to learn the exact cost for your specific project requirement, reach our team. They will guide you about the pricing and analyzing your project needs.

How safely a material would reach your place depends on its packaging. At George Stone, we do not compromise on it. Like all building materials, the slate stone may get damaged during transportation. Therefore, we are extra careful while packaging them.


We follow a unique packaging process that enhances safety several times.


  • We pack products in a wooden box that is reinforced with iron pieces.
  • We use timbers to provide the box with extra structural stability.
  • The box features full plank support that increases its load-bearing strength.
  • We cover the surface of the box with waterproof plastic.
  • We place material in a manner that does not get scratched.
  • We separate them with pearl wool to prevent any possible damage.

Since corners are more prone to breakage, we use special corner guards.

Cutting slate accurately for paving is a skillful job. As a result, only professionals must perform it.  

Below are the steps to cut this stone for the paver.


You will be required to have the following items:


  • Safety gear like gloves and eyeglasses to protect hands and eyes during the process.
  • Measuring tape and chalk to measure the stone.
  • Saw with a blade to cut the stone.


Below is the cutting process step-by-step.


  • Soak paving slabs in water. The process removes the dust and makes the cutting process smooth.


  • Put on gloves and goggles to minimize the risk of injuries.


  • Place the slab on a hard surface so that it does not slip.


  • Take the measurements and do markings on the stone.


  • Do the necessary settings in your saw as per the instructions.


  • Set the cutting depth of your saw.


  • Switch on the saw and move it steadily over the marked lines.


  • Make sure the cutting machine does not heat.


  • Smooth out the edges of the stone using sandpaper.


  • Repeat the process if required.

You can buy slate slabs both offline and online. You can visit some local home improvement stores to see the kind of stone they have. You can also use the internet to find some trustworthy suppliers in your area.

If you want to buy slabs in bulk, find a supplier selling a diverse range of options.

At George Stone, we provide a wide range of stone products. Whether you need slabs, floor tiles, slate pavers, or roofing tiles, get everything under one roof.

With us, you do not need to roam here and there. Choose slab products on our website and order online.

If you want to rest assured about the quality of the slabs, visit us physically. We can also send you product samples at your request.

At George Stone, we take care of shipping ourselves. We deliver products right from our factory to your nearest port.

For more information, call us at +86 13077409280 or email us at:


Slate stone is a versatile building material that has numerous uses. Moreover, it is available in diverse colors, thicknesses, and finishing options.

The stone looks excellent whether you use it on paving, flooring, countertops, or wall cladding. Due to its rustic texture, the rock stone gives a timeless appearance.

So this was an in-depth guide on slate. We tried to answer all your queries. Still, if you have any questions in your mind, get in touch with us.


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