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Stacked Stone Fireplaces

Find the ideal centerpiece for your place with George Stone. Our wide variety of styles and colors of premium stacked stone fireplaces is perfect for all décor. With George Stone, we not only offer high quality natural stones but our specialist design team is there to assist you in choosing the perfect stone for your space. Add style and comfort to your environment—select us for all your fireplace requirements.

Available Colors of Stacked Stones for Fireplace.

Every type of stacked stone provides a different range of colors, from pure whites and elegant greys, to dark blacks and rough tones. The stone selection not only dictates the color but also the mood and style of your fireplace.

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Ample options, gray stacked stones create an unagitated and harmonious base which fits into any interior design.

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Stacked white stones are both bright and clean, as they amplify light and give your fireplace area a fresh and open appearance.

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Golden stacked stones add a sun-kissed glow to customer’s room, making it ideal for a warm, cozy fireplace ambiance.

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Charcoal stacked stones are deep and dramatic, making a bold, striking contrast, suitable for modern and minimalist aesthetics.

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Elegant and eternal, black stacked stones make a strong, smooth statement, grounding any decorative scheme.

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Brown stacked stones are earthy and natural, they bring a comforting and grounded feel, and they complement warm color palettes.

Popular Stacked Stones Tiles Shape and Dimension:

Why Choose George Stone for Stacked Stone Fireplace?

Comprehensive Stone Solutions

Certified golden supplier with SGS and ISO certifications and product test reports, George Stone is a one-stop solution for any stone projects. Our vast range of stones is obtained from hundreds of quarries around the world which includes our three stone quarries, therefore offering a wide variety at reasonable costs.

Innovative Design and Real-Time Visualization

We offer virtual room design services for free. Our talented designer team has the highest competence in 3D Max and AutoCAD, which enables you to see your project in real life before realization.

Exceptional Production Capacity

With our 20,000 sqm factory, two major processing bases and a team of 215, we are devoted in producing the product of highest quality and efficiency. The factory has a production capability of 100 million square meters per annum which is powered by top Chinese and Italian stone machinery.

24/7 Professional Support and On-Site Services

George Stone provides an online professional service 24/7 to assist your project at every stage. Support can be given at the site and management and installation guidance can be provided so that quality control and time consumed can be managed.

Decades of Expertise

Having over 30 years of experience, George Stone has finished thousands of international projects, and as a result, he is trusted by customers from over 128 countries. Our competence is your guarantee of having only the finest stone project control.

Uncompromising Quality and Logistics

We are supported by regular update, such as the order progress and product photos, to make our strict quality control measures perfect. Our packaging adheres to international stone packaging standards and we provide professional forklift and loading services for extra caution along the way, guaranteeing your stacked stone fireplace arrives in perfect condition.

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Stacked Stone Fireplace:

Modern Designs, Installation Tips & Cost

This is your ultimate guide on Stacked Stone fireplaces! Are you thinking about a new focal point for your space or enhancing an old one? If you are a home owner or a business man here will some good tips. A stacked stone fireplace is not only a heater but also a feature making the room a completely different one. They have a timeless character and complement both classic and modern designs. This article will present several ideas, ranging from modern white surrounds to rustic dry-stacked designs, and address practical issues such as installation and price. Join us and find out how a stacked stone fireplace can improve your interior design effortlessly!

To find the most suitable stone for your stacked stone fireplace you have a lot of pretty options that suit the taste of different people. Some of the most popular choices for the fireplace are marble, limestone, granite, and travertine, each having a different aesthetic and functional features.

  • Marble provides an idea of elegance and elegance making it perfect for creating a stunning center of attention in formal spaces with such an air of sophistication and luxury. Its veined patterns are attractive and can be used to complement various types of decors, both modern and classic.
  • Limestone with subtle earthlike hues, is a more subtle form of elegance, which suits casual and rustic settings. It’s ideal for people who want to make comfortable and friendly environment.
  • Granite is famous for being very durable and for the many different patterns in which it comes, from small grains to bold speckles. This makes granite versatile since it can withstand high heat and heavy use and thus is a perfect material for a family room or a commercial area.
  • Travertine provides a rustic yet elegant look that features textures and layers, which give any fireplace surround depth and character.

The fact that it is possible to customize these stones to fit any space, makes your fireplace unique. The right stone can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your fireplace whether you are going for a polished granite finish for a sleek, modern look or rugged limestone for a cozy, traditional effect. Combine those choices with different mantels and surrounds such as a sleek white mantel for a crisp, contemporary look, or a warm wood mantel for a more traditional, inviting feel. This flexibility guarantees that the stacked stone fireplace will be not only your warmth provider, but also a central point of your home’s interior.

A stacked stone fireplace with built-ins is a fireplace encircled by stacked stones and features built-in shelving or cabinets on one or both sides. This style does not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room, but also provides useful storage space. The fireplace in the corner is finished with stacked stone to create a textured living piece, and there is a set of built-ins on the opposite wall which make it a perfect place to display beautiful decor items or store anything that doesn’t have a home.

One way to have a customized design is to change the design of the built-ins. These can be adapted to the room and aesthetic of the fireplace, often including bookshelves, decorative items, or media equipment, and hidden storage cabinets. This kind of fireplace arrangement is especially common as it adds the rustic appeal of the stacked stone with the practicability and neatness of modern built-ins. Be it symmetrical shelves on both sides, cabinet storage for less visual clutter, or an open shelving and enclosed spaces combination, this design can be customized to suit specific requirements and tastes.

In general, a stacked stone fireplace with built-ins is a versatile attribute that plays the roles of a focal point and a useful detail in any living area, adding style and practicality together in an unobtrusive way.

Yes, stacked stone fireplaces are definitely in style!

  • Their timeless allure and organic aesthetic attributes make them a preference for both classic and contemporary home design. Stacked stone provides a special texture and an earthy beauty which can harmonize different interior styles, including smart modern or tidy cottage. It’s not only about the aesthetic of such a fireplace, but it also adds tactile sense that improves the sensuality of a room.
  • Contemporary tendencies in fireplace design are in favor of the employment of natural substances, the stacked stone being a top choice for its durability and suitability. It is frequently suggested by designers for making an eye-catching focal point in a room. Apart from that, contemporary design approaches have been incorporating these fireplaces in the designs featuring the darker, moodier tones and the neutral and earthy palettes, and hence, they are perfect for multiple interior schemes. The stone veneer options like ledgestone, which offers clean lines and a sophisticated look, are especially popular in today’s interior design trends.

Regardless of whether you’re updating an old fireplace or putting in a new one, stacked stone is a fashionable and convenient option, as it will make your living area look great and remain stylish as well.

Several factors influence the cost of a stacked stone fireplace project, and understanding these can help you budget accordingly:

  • Material Costs:The kind of stone you go for determines the cost to a large extent. Marble, granite, limestone and other types of natural stone are more expensive and the price usually varies from $15 and $50 per square meter ($1.5 and $4.7 per square feet). 
  • Labor Costs:Stacked stone installation needs skilled labor, especially when working with natural stone which is heavier and trickier to install. The labor cost can be between $20 to $30 per square foot, thus significantly increasing the total cost. The DIY installation with faux stone can cut this cost largely.
  • Preparation and Tools:The preparation of the place for the fireplace is in ensuring that the wall can support the weight of the stone and this may require additional reinforcement. Besides, other specialized equipment like a diamond masonry saw might be required and this may also add to the rental expenses.
  • Size and Design Complexity:The size of the fireplace and the intricacy of the design will determine the quantities of required material and labor. The custom designs and the larger fireplaces would tend to be pricier.
  • Additional Costs:You should consider the costs of reworking or reinforcing existing structures which could involve changes to framing, flooring or even a new chimney or venting systems, depending on your existing home structure.

These aspects will help you determine the price of the stacked stone fireplace project and make the necessary arrangements as well as achieve your own budget and design requirements.

Yes, stacked stone veneer is a real stone. It is found either in units or as a part of panels. Such stones are sliced into thin strips that when fixed together form a stacked look. You’ll notice that there are two styles: one with sharp top and bottom edges and the other with natural, jagged edges.

There isn’t usually any kind of grout in either style visible. On the other hand, adding grout is another alternative in case you like it either for style or additional strength. Stacked stone veneer is therefore multi-design, as it is capable of meeting different design requirements either in traditional or modern interior. No matter if you want to renovate your living room with a fireplace surrounds or you want to give a character to your outdoor space, stacked stone veneer is the perfect and beautiful way.

The modern trends of stacked stone fireplaces for 2024 unite many stylish and innovative designs, which are practical and appealing. Here are some of the key trends:

  1. Frameless Fireplaces:Sleek, modern fireplaces have definite lines and edges and sometimes no mantel which makes them a part of a modern interior. This model is common for linear wood or gas fireplaces that can function as a focal point but not a dominating element.
  2. Two-Tiered and Textural Designs:The fireplaces are being designed in more complex, multi-level patterns that give the room more depth, dynamic and charm. In addition, different finishes, raw stone and shiny marble for example, are gaining in popularity to give more tactile and visual contrast to a living area.
  3. Stacked Stone Fireplace with Mantel:The new trend is to use mantels as a shelf for decorations and personal items that fits into both modern and traditional decors. Combination of a stacked stone fireplace with white mantel creates a contrast and such a fireplace would be a focal point in any room.
  4. Stacked Stone Fireplace with TV Above:A functional and convenient design, TV above fireplace saves space and gathers entertainment in one place.
  5. Eco-Friendly Options:However, sustainability still remains a strong trend but that concentrates on the eco-friendly designs, which minimize the damage caused to the environment. It includes sourcing of materials sustainably, thus saving energy, and design that is energy-efficient but not less stylish or luxurious.

The listed patterns are signals of the progression to the modern, versatile designs in stacked stone fireplaces which are able to be adapted to various tastes and styles of houses, from ultra-modern to more traditional or rustic.

When you notice that your white stacked stone quartz fireplace is getting darker, there is a chance that it happens because of the soot and smoke build-up. This is a common problem with fireplaces whereas the burning process releases natural carbon compounds which can stick to the rough textures of the stone. This type of staining can be caused by both wood-burning and gas fireplaces, as gases used for burning normally are made up of compounds which leave recognizable exhaust stains.

To deal with this, ensure that your fireplace is working well. Ensure that the damper is open, the flue is unobstructed and that the room is well ventilated. As well, make sure that the wood that you are burning is well seasoned in order to reduce the amount of smoke that is produced. If the above measures do not work to solve the problem, it would be better to visit a fireplace expert to consider complex issues like downdrafts or negative pressure scenarios.

Begin with a light method to clean the soot off of your stacked stone by using detergent soap, hot water, and a stiff brush. If that does not help, you may consider using a cleaner specially designed for stone. If the stain is stubborn, use a weak acid cleaner to clean it, but always test it on a small, hidden area first to prevent the damage of the stone. Sealing the stone after cleaning can also ease future cleaning and protect the surface from stains.

If you use your fireplace correctly and regularly maintain it, white quartz will remain clean and shiny.

The installation of a stacked stone fireplace can have a great impact on your place. Here’s how to do it step-by-step, avoiding jargon and keeping it simple:

  1. Measure Your Fireplace: Begin by determining the distance from the hearth to the top of your fireplace. To have a stone panel that covers this all for a smooth finish. Also, measure the height of your panels to make sure they fit. If a panel is too high, you will need to trim it to the size you want.
  2. Mark Your Wall: Using your panel measurements make the marks for where each one goes on the wall. This will help to make the installation neat and tidy.
  3. Prepare for Cutting: When your panels require resizing, it is better to cut them outside due to the mess. For this job, you will require a cement saw or a grinder with a diamond blade. Do not forget to measure and then make cutting lines in each panel.
  4. Mix and Apply Mortar: In the end, mix your concrete. Because of its quick drying, mix it in small amounts at a time. Apply the mortar to the cement board of the fireplace using a notched trowel. Also, mortar the back of each stone panel—this is called back buttering. It increases the adhesion of the panel and stops it from creeping.
  5. Install the Panels: Lay your stone panels onto the mortar, following your marks. Apply pressure to each panel to make sure that it bonds well.
  6. Finishing Touches: After all the panels are installed, take off any tape you may have placed around the fireplace. Remove any mortar residue and let everything dry all the way.

This technique will allow you to form a stacked stone fireplace that is the center of attention in your room. Spend a moment in each phase to get the greatest results.

To achieve a rustic look with a dry stacked stone fireplace, you can incorporate a few key elements to enhance the natural, earthy aesthetic:

  • Choose the Right Stone: Choose stones that have natural, irregular texture and earthy colors such as tans, browns, and grays. A dry stack stone implies that the stones are placed together carefully without any apparent mortar, highlighting a rough, hand-laid appearance.
  • Incorporate Wood Elements: Substituting a wooden mantel, a distressed or even reclaimed one can help increase the rustic appeal. A manifested mantel that is seen with markings and a natural appearance suits the stone and adds character to the room.
  • Use Natural Decor: Adorn the mantel as well as the hearth with objects that reflect the rustic aura, including ceramic pots, antique metal tools, or woven baskets. Components similar to that of the nature also mix perfectly with the roughness of the stone, as well as the warmth of wood.
  • Lighting: The soft, warm light can highlight the texture of the stone and make the room more welcoming. Think of using wall sconces that have a rustic design or used vintage bulbs to contribute to the total atmosphere.

All these elements create a nice and friendly rustic environment of your dry stacked stone fireplace, and it turns into not only warmth provider but a main house design element.

The cost of a stacked stone fireplace from the options available in China is very reasonable. Prices fall in the $10-$40 range per square meter that can be converted to approximately $1-$4 per square foot. This makes it rather economical especially for those who want that modern stacked stone look but on a reasonable budget. If your preference is to include a rustic detail in the living room or a modern element in the entry, these rates provide freedom of style without strain on your wallet. Keep in mind that the overall cost will also be determined by your fireplace size and the exact design you select.

A stacked stone fireplace installation includes the cost of stone and installation. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The stone itself is usually about $1-$4 per square foot. Immediately, you will need to spend extra to install the stone as a surround, costing from $9 to $70 per square foot. Remember, the bigger your fireplace is, the greater the total cost is going to be, because you will require more materials and more labor.
  • The cost of these stones varies based on the type of stone, your fireplace design complexity, and local labor prices. The more delicate the stone is and the more detailed your design, the more expensive the installation. The selection of a local contractor can also impact the price since the fees can differ greatly from region to region.

As such, consider the size and style while budgeting for your stacked stone fireplace so that you are able to cover all possible expenses.

Choosing between a cast stone and a stacked stone fireplace means that you get to have two styles, and each of them has its advantages.

Cast Stone Fireplace:

  • Material: With the use of aggregates such as concrete, cast stone fireplaces are mold-produced. This approach allows for diverse designs and textures.
  • Installation: They are less in weight when compared to real stone and are generally easier and in many cases cheaper to install.
  • Customization: Cast stone can be pre-tinted and textured to your specifications, and this provides a variety of customization options.
  • Maintenance and Safety: The fireplaces are fireproof and usually simple to clean.

Stacked Stone Fireplace:

  • Appearance: Gives a more classic and old-fashioned appearance using staked ledger stone panels resembling the real stoned placed one over another.
  • Texture and Color: The natural stone image offers unusual textures and color variations that make it look more realistic.
  • Durability: Although the installation process may be more time consuming and more expensive, the final product is strong and durable.

Your selection will be based on your particular requirements and style preferences. If you want quick and easy installation and customization options, cast stone could be the answer. On the other hand, if you go for a natural appearance with exclusive textures and an intensive finish, then it is better to choose a stacked stone fireplace. All of them offer a different approach to improve warmth and aesthetic value of your home.

In choosing between a stacked stone fireplace with a hearth and one with a mantel, it is important to comprehend the aesthetics as well as the functionality that each one adds to your living area.

  • A stacked stone fireplace with hearth is an example of a traditional look that goes down to the floor and evokes classic and solid image. The hearth itself acts as an insulation, protecting your floor from sparks or burning logs and also provides extra seating or decorative space within the room. It gives a practical and cozy look.
  • In contrast, a stacked stone fireplace with mantel provides the focal point at a higher level in the wall. Mantels are perfect for showcasing art, photographs, or decor and can be made from other materials that coordinate with the stone, such as wood or metal. This configuration provides the room with a more modern atmosphere and integrates well with the contemporary design, as it is framing the fireplace beautifully.

Both designs are enhanced by the textured and organic look of stacked stone, which can be accommodated to match your home style, whether it is modern or rustic. Regardless of whether you opt for a hearth to provide tradition and functionality, or a mantel to provide decoration, stacked stone is a hard-wearing and enhancing choice that will add warmth and character to your living area.

Yes, stacked stone fireplaces are suitable to be used both inside and outside, therefore, they are a flexible choice for improving your living spaces. Stacked stone is long lasting and ideal for all settings due to its natural build that can stand through any environmental condition. This, in turn, means that it can withstand the outdoor elements, such as rain and sun, and at the same time supply a warm and welcoming indoor ambience.

Outdoors, stacked stone creates a rustic and sturdy appeal around gardens, patios, or pool areas. Inside, it creates a natural and cozy character for any space, acting as a beautiful center. The material’s durability guarantees that it remains in ideal condition throughout time, regardless of whether it is exposed to indoor heat of a fire or outdoor weather. Furthermore, the process of installation of stacked stone is the same in both settings; however, care should be taken to ensure that the stone is adequately sealed and maintained to avoid the weathered look when using them outside.

Out of those contemplating on a fireplace that passes from indoor to outdoor, some models are actually made for this type of double use, providing a continuous style and performance across the barrier walls of your house.

Consider George Stone as a trusted stone fireplace supplier when looking for a reputable one. Make sure you’re choosing a reliable supplier by reading their customer reviews, requesting project photos, and comparing their services and prices with other local options. A reputable partner should deliver quality materials and proper installation services. You can as well go to the showroom to see what types and the quality of stone fireplaces they have. Do not forget, selecting the correct supplier can greatly improve the aesthetics and utility of your home. If George Stone does, feel free to contact us today for your stone fireplace needs.


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