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Stone Mosaic Medallion For Sale

Turn Any Bland Floor Into A Kaleidoscope Of Beauty With Our Lovingly Crafted Mosaic Medallions

Embrace the best quality and infuse life into your dream ideast through our virtual reality technology facilitating truly practical visions.

The Mosaic Medallion - A Revived Timeless Tradition

Mosaic Floor Medallions have always been the quintessence of luxury. 

They’ve been that for a long time, with roots going back to ancient Rome and Byzantium. 

So, there’s a lot of cultural weight behind them. 

They used to be a common sight in grand estates and luxurious homes- and these stunning medallion designs are making a comeback.

 Even casual homes have variations of the design that go perfectly into their decor

Modern versions combine classic patterns with current architectural stands, creating heirloom pieces that connect the past with modern design.

Stone Mosaic Medallion_Case
Stone Mosaic Medallion_Case

We Craft It To Perfection

Our crew can turn any humble stone or tile into radiant mosaic medallions through their mastery of a centuries-old art form. 

The artisans in our team use lap grinders and mosaic hammers, along with custom equipment to cut and shape tiny pieces called tesserae.

 These tesserae come from vibrant materials such as marble, granite, pebbles, smalti glass, and even semi-precious stones. You can pick which one you want among these. 

With all that done, we painstakingly arrange each little tessera by hand. 

Everything is then fit into a complex but beautiful design that focuses on both detail and color harmony.

You Get Endless Possibilities

· Our team can make mosaic floor medallions any way you want them. 

· We’re very flexible and can do classic styles like complex floral designs or timeless geometric Greek patterns. No look is a limit – traditional, trendy, formal, casual, neutral, or vibrant – we’ve already done them all. 

· All of our selections take inspiration from different cultures, adding lively Moroccan tile designs or peaceful Asian zen landscapes.

 · Even if a more modern look is your thing, we’re great at eye-catching contemporary looks and bold abstract designs that really pop. 

· The color options are wide open – feel free to use your favorite color schemes or colors that have special meaning. 

· Our skilled crafters can even recreate personal symbols like family crests, logos, or other cherished images that are important to you.

Stone Mosaic Medallion_Case Stone Mosaic Medallion_Case

Mosaic Medallion Installations

From direct additions to your house floors and walls to headboard installations – you can be very versatile. These beautiful designs can fit in anywhere. Let’s talk about some of the spaces they fit well in.

Commissioning Process

Our team makes commissioning a custom mosaic medallion simple. We start by discussing your design vision and style. Our artists then create personalized motifs, natural stone cuttings, and color options for your approval.  Once finalized, we’ll go straight to production. You’ll receive timelines for the completion and delivery of your unique mosaic centerpiece. The whole thing usually takes us 4-6 days, for both the production and delivery of your unique, handcrafted mosaic centerpiece. Does that sound good? If yes, we’ll be more than happy to help you get started, so contact us right away!


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