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Bonafide Manufacturer of Stone Planters & flowerpot in China For Sale

George Stone - Revolutionize Your Spaces

  • Upgrade your imagination with the deluxe range of George Stone extensive range of stone products for each space of your house. Give your house a lavish makeover with us.
  • We are always ready to provide the facility of personal preference and customization. Trust us, and we can turn your imagination into reality.
  • George Stone not only guides you through the order process but is also here to save you precious time and effort by providing onsite installation and after-sales service.

Collection From The House Of George Stone

By Material

George Stone uses the following material to manufacture stone planters.

Marble Flower Pot

Granite Planter

Limestone Planter

Travertine Planter

By Design

You can get the following shapes and styles of stone planters from George Stone.

Square Stone Planter

Large Round Stone Planters

Unique Stone Planters

Stone Trough Planters

Why Buy Stone Planters From George Stone?

The endless possibilities with stone pillars make more room for your creative ideas. Here are some popular applications.


Worldwide Acknowledgment

George Stone has been a quality name in the stone industry for 30 years. With more than 200 international clients worldwide, we serve our customers none less than perfect.


Premium Quality Products

George Stone is your one-time investment for premium quality stone planters for your place. Our quality control team is always there to maintain the uniform quality of products throughout the manufacturing.


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying our customers is our priority. We provide a complete guide for our customers from day 1, placing the order till the delivery of the product and its installation.


B2B and B2C Businesses

George Stone is your one-stop solution, whether it’s a B2B or B2C transaction. We cater to large projects for business, and at the same time, we offer personalized services to individuals.



Affordability At George Stone, you will find more affordable prices without compromising quality. We have an extensive range of planters for you to choose from based on your budget and criteria.

Pros and Cons of Stone Planters

Pros of Stone Planters

Weather Resistance

As extracted from nature, they are more resistant to harsh weather conditions than other materials. These planters can tolerate the highest and lowest temperatures if sealed and maintained correctly.


There is no doubt about the durability of these beautiful stone planters carved out of natural rocks. They can last longer than you expect with the same natural luster and elegance.


The aesthetics of the stone planters is unquestionably no match. Their timeless elegance and beauty are the main reason for the new trend of stone planters.

Cons of Stone Planters


One of the drawbacks of stone planters is their weight. They are challenging to move and relocate. And with the additional weight of soil and water, they are sometimes double their original weight.


They are made from natural stone and not synthetic material, so they are more costly than other planters. However, their durability can justify the cost.


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Stone Planters & Flowerpot - An Across The Board FAQ Guide For Beginners

Planters have been used for plantations for a long time throughout history. From simple clay pots in the initial days to the decorative ones in the Victorian era, the planter pots have continuously evolved. From different materials ranging from clay, ceramic, and wood, these planters have now taken a new turn in the form of stone planters.

Without any doubt, the durability of the stone and its natural fascination and antique touch are gradually outcasting all other materials in modern times. This guide will answer your queries and help you decide the best stone planter for your place.

Stone Planters are the containers made of stone for the growth and display of the plants. They have been a new addition to gardening accessories in the last century. They have been proved to be an eco-friendly  and all time classic choice of gardening enthusiasts.

They offer a great help in growing and exhibiting  flowers, herbs and even smaller trees. They enhance the beauty of the outdoor landscape as well as add to the elegance of the interior if kept indoors. These beautifully made artistic planters are helpful in elevating the aesthetic of your place and multiply the natural beauty of the plants manifold.

Trough/Rectangular Planter

Trough stone planters are an ideal way to elaborate the natural beauty of your garden. It has been used for centuries and adds a chunk of traditional style to your place. It’s a long trough-like planter in which you can have multiple plants at the same time.

They are relatively deeper than other planters and provide an ideal environment for the plants and trees having deeper roots. These rectangular stone planters are great for your walkways or boundaries to decorate them uniquely.

Urn Stone Planter

The urn stone planter is more of an ornamental type of flowerpot. It gives an antique rustic look and can be used in events and occasions with flower arrangements besides gardening. They are simply a mesmerizing addition to the overall worth of your garden. They are also ideal for a patio and balcony. They come in varied sizes and styles so as to accommodate your needs.

Vintage Stone Garden Planter

Vintage stone planters are versatile flowerpots. They have an antique touch to give an aesthetic taste to your environment. They vary significantly in size, from desktop planters, stone head planters, and hanging planters for your not-so-vast balcony to large ornamental masterpieces to add to the charm of your garden.

Natural Stone Planters

As evident from the name, the natural stone planter is made entirely of the natural rocks found in the earth. It must be your first choice if you adore earthly vibes around you and are looking for something to give your lawn a touch of elegance and luxury. Being made from original stones, each planter is unique in color and pattern but is comparatively heavier than other planters.

Cast Stone Planters

Cast stone planters are made of composite materials to look similar to natural stone. They are also known as synthetic or faux stone planters. They are made from crushed stone, resin and other materials. They can withstand weather conditions for an extended period. They make a great choice if you want a sophisticated look of stone flower pots in your garden on a limited budget.

Round Stone Planter

Round stone planters are the most widely used planters of all time. They remain a classic choice to date. They can be made from natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, or cast stone, which look like the original.

Square Stone Garden Planters

The square stone planters give a sleek, modern touch to your interior. Although they can be used in gardens and patios, the dignified look they give your interior is unparalleled. Like the round planters, they can also be made from natural stone or synthetic material.

Following is a comparison table explaining the characteristics of various materials for outdoor planters.


Marble Planters

Granite Planters

Limestone Planters

Travertine Planters

Colors and patterns

Unique veining patterns and colors

Uniform colors and patterns

Primarily white, gray, and black color

Warm colors like beige, brown, gray, and gold


Luxurious finish

Textured finish

Grained finish

Fibrous finish


Less durable than granite

Most durable

Less durable than marble

Least durable


Least weather resistance

Highest resistance to weather

Less weather resistance as compared to granite

Less weather resistance as compared to limestone


More porous

Less porous

More porous

More porous


Less resistance to stain compared to  granite

Highest resistance to stain

Least resistance to stains

Less resistance to stains compared to  marble


Desktop planters from $15 to larger ones for $300 to $700

Desktop planters from $10 to larger ones for $150 to $400

$40 till $500 dispensing on size

$20 till $400 depending on size

The differences between ceramics and stone planters are mentioned in the following table.


Ceramic Planters

Natural Stone Planter


Lightweight than stone planter



Made from baked clay at high temperature

Made from natural stone


Usually uniform patterns

Each piece is unique in pattern


More porous

Less porous


Might chip or break easily

Doent easily chip or break


Less prone to stains

More prone to stains


Retain more heat

Heat resistant


Retains more cold

Cold resistant


Less durable

More durable


Vibrant color palette

Earthy color palette

The planters made with natural stone differ from the ones made with cast stone. Following are some of the major differences between the two.


Natural Stone Plantes

Cast Stone Planters



Less heavier when compared





Increased risk to scratches

Less prone to scratches


Only natural stone

Mix of crushed stone, resin and other material


Limited natural colors available

Customized into any color


Weather resistant

More weather resistant than the natural stone

Selection Of Stone

The first step is to choose the stone, usually marble or granite. Along with the type of stone, one must be sure about the color or pattern. If you need more clarification about the color or pattern, we can always help you decide by going through our available stone range.

2D And 3D Virtual Help

If you are still trying to figure out the look of the headstone once it’s ready, we can help you with our innovative 2D and 3D technology. You can witness the look of your customized headstone and tombstone and then confirm the order.

Manufacturing Process

The stone slabs are cut into smaller slabs with the diamond saw’s help, according to the thickness required, once they are brought to the working unit. It is at this stage that they are shaped according to your order.

Polishing and Finishing

The slabs are polished through machines, and multiple polishing techniques are used to enhance the natural shine of the stone. The edges are also chiseled to give a more refined touch.

Engraving and Etching

Then comes the step to design and engrave a headstone and tombstone. Here, you have several customization options: you can ask to engrave the headstone for either the hand etching or the computerized one. You can also add photos, vases, and other items to personalize it.

The criteria for the selection of an outdoor planter comprise the following essential requirements:

Size and Shape

The foremost consideration in selecting an outdoor planter is its shape and size. A round stone planter may be visually appealing to the eyes. However, as their corners are cut, they are not ideal for larger plants and wide-spread roots due to limited space and water-carrying capacity.

On the other hand, the square planters may not give the same level of aesthetics to your garden but are an excellent choice for the overall health of your plant. Similarly, the rectangular or trough planters are perfect for multiple plants in a row because of their superb soil and water-carrying capacity.

The size of the planter has the same effect on your garden. The bigger the plant and its roots, the bigger the planter’s size, and vice versa. It would help if you always had a good estimate of the depth of the roots and the proper know-how of the plant you are placing in the particular stone planter.

Drainage and Watering

Whatever planter you opt for in your garden must have proper drainage holes. Excessive water can lead to damaging the roots and ultimately destroying the plant. It must also be made sure that the planter is placed on a saucer to prevent the excessive leaked water from running down to the walkways or patio. Also as some stones are porous in nature, you must be careful about the quantity of water while watering.

Weather Resistance

The capacity of resistance to weather conditions can not be overlooked while searching for the best option for outdoor planters. Whatever stone you are opting for must have high weather resistance to not only scorching heat but also the capacity to withstand freezing temperatures in winter. Almost all rocks are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions but comparatively at different resistance levels.


The aesthetics of the planter play a significant role in the selection of it. Why would anyone choose a planter that is not visually appealing?

The planter must be a match with the overall interior and outlook of your place. The stone planters are a mark of luxury and elegance worldwide.

Reliable Manufacturer

The role of the manufacturer and supplier of stone planters surpasses all. The supplier to which you decide to cut a deal must be reliable enough. You must know the market reputation and customer reviews. Always survey the market price of the type of planter you want and then choose the reliable one.

The number of quarries and working units of the supplier and the variety of designs and types in the showroom are enough to ensure that you are making a deal with a professional, competent team.

You are always welcome at George Stone. We are here to assist you with any information you need to know before placing the order. We are among the leading suppliers of stone products in China, and we assure you of the unparalleled quality standard of our stone planters.

Despite being durable, the stone planters need time-to-time maintenance and cleaning to restore their natural luster for an extended period. Let us guide you through the cleaning process of stone planters in the simplest steps:

  • Take a soft nylon brush or a blunt knife to scrape off the silt and moss on the build-up dirt on the corners of the planter.
  • The planters can be cleaned daily with a soaked sponge to remove the dirt.
  • In case of a weekly cleaning or a light layer of dirt, make a solution of warm water with mild detergent.
  • Scrub the planter gently with the solution. Do not scrub, as it can cause scratches.
  • Rinse the planter with clean water and pat dry with a towel or microfiber cloth.

In case of more stubborn stains and dirt, which didn’t go away with the soapy solution, try the following:

  • Mix baking soda with a bit of water and make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to the planter, focusing on the stains. Scrub it gently.
  • Let the paste stay for 15-20 minutes so that it may penetrate.
  • When the baking soda has done its work, scrub it again to remove the stains.
  • Rinse the paste with ample water.
  • Pat it dry completely so as to prevent the water stain from forming.

Points to Remember

  1. We always advise you to test a small patch of the planter before cleaning.
  2. Never use harsh chemicals or bleach, as they might dull the planter.

Maintenance of Natural Stone Planters

  • Never put the planters directly on the ground to avoid excess moisture from the ground. Always place a patio stone under it.
  • Like all stone products, the planters must be sealed yearly to increase their longevity and charm. It also decreases the risk of cracking in the freezing winters.
  • There must be proper, sufficient drainage holes at the bottoms. It is not only necessary for your plant’s health but also for the clean, luster look of your planter.
  • The maintenance of the planter varies in summers and winters. Winters need you to care extra for planters. Elevate your planters in winter to stop them from freezing and, ultimately, cracking. Wrapping them with insulating material can also help.

The stone urn planters are not just flowerpots for your garden but more of an ornamental masterpiece exhibiting your aesthetic taste. We have the most antique cast  stone urn planters in many stone variations, like granite, marble limestone, and travertine. They all come in different standard colors and sizes. Moreover, we can also help you by making custom colors and designs that fit your tastes.

Gone are the days when planters and pots were used solely for growing plants. Nowadays, they are also used for decorative purposes. Planters are not only a need for your garden but also add to your house’s luxurious theme. They are widely used for decoration in corners of the drawing rooms and lounges.

Planters are often placed in balconies with mesmerizing vibrant flower plants to give the interior a floral antique touch. These eye-catching stone planters are mainly used outdoors. They are great for elevating the look of your lawns, gardens, and patios.

If your house is not accompanied by a lawn, you can also place the stone planters on your roof as they are weather resistant. They make a marvelous first impression of your house when kept at the main entrance. The list doesn’t end here. You can always place these elegant planters in your office to give your workplace an entirely new, sleek interior.

Absolutely, natural stone planters are a perfect choice for those who are environment-conscious. They are made from natural stones like granite, marble and limestone. Their manufacturing process doesn’t harm the environment, nor is any plastic or artificial material added.

Also, they are durable enough to be used and reused for decades to come. You don’t need them to be scraped and thrown away. Once they cannot be used anymore, they aren’t any threat to the environment. They are a part of nature, and nature embraces them back happily.

Cast stone planters are also eco-friendly compared to other material planters. The crushed stone and resin added in it is also considered eco-friendly. These planters share the same durability as natural stone planters and thus are less prone to be recycled frequently.

Having a vast scope of variations in size according to different ornamental and antique designs, the size of the stone urn planters varies greatly. However, we can provide you with a close estimate of their size.

The dimensions for our extra large size stone urn planter are 58H x 46W x 38D, with an estimated weight of about 200 to 300 pounds.

While for large planters, the size is 46H x 30W x 30D with a weight of 50 to 150 pounds.


The stone flower pots for graves must be selected according to specific criteria of durability and elegance. Let us make it simple for you with the following checklist:

  • The stone used must be durable enough to stand firm against weather conditions.
  • You must choose the size and style of the planter in accordance with the headstone of the grave. It is a plus point if you place a planter of the same stone as the headstone to give it uniformity.
  • You always have an option to either choose from a freestanding stone planter or a smaller one to insert with the headstone. Decide before placing an order.
  • Proper drainage holes must be checked to prevent potential damage to the plantation.

The stone planter must be more accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Marble flower pots have remained a top choice for greenery lovers for decades. They come in diverse colors and patterns, offering a perfect match for everyone. The most popular color for marble flower pots remains the serene white shade with unique veining patterns. Besides white, green and black marble are also popular when it comes to marble flower pots;

White Marble

It is the customarily found white marble with a unique shade and veining in each masterpiece. These planters are a perfect match for vibrant, colorful flower plants with their lavish, sleek look.

Carrara and Calacatta Marble

They both are white marble; Carrara has a gentler appearance with a grayish-to-blue veining pattern. Calacatta marble has a richer glossy white color with grayish veining and reflective surface. They upgrade your garden to a new standard of excellence and luxury.

Green Marble

Besides white, green marble is also extensively used despite being rare. It’s just a captivating match for the lavish green plants in your garden. It gives a different level of sophistication and luxury to your place.

Black Marble

It’s not a choice for everyone, but black marble is a top pick for those who want to give a dramatic touch to their surroundings. Popular ones in this regard are Nero Marquina, which offers a bold statement to your garden with its deep, mysterious black luster and white veining pattern.

Apart from the prescribed planters, we can assist you with unique stone planters with the most astonishing designs. The price range may vary from design to design, starting from as low as $30 for small desktop planters and ending at $400 for the huge ones for your entrances and patios.

In a Gist

George Stone excels in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality stone planters and flower pots throughout the globe. Choose from an ending array of timeless styles and designs to suit your space, and let us unleash your dream garden into reality.

As the epitome of durability and timeless beauty of premium stone planters with the option of customization at an affordable rate, we are indeed the cup of tea of our esteemed customers worldwide.

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