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Following are some of our most in-demand stone sinks. Upgrade your space’s aesthetics with our premium sinks or customize your stone basin.

Travertine Basin

Travertine Sink & Basin

Precious Stone Sink

Granite Sink & Basin

Granite Sink & Basin

Custom limestone sinks

Limestone Sink &Basin

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George Stone
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Why George Stone Sink & Basin?

High-Quality Products
George Stone never compromises on the quality. Our expert QC team checks the manufacturing process and the end products precisely. We also keep our customers informed and updated.


One-to-One Factory Sale
George Stone deals directly with the customers – no middlemen involved. So, you can enjoy maximum cost savings. Also, one-to-one dealing brings efficient services, transparency, and accountability.


Innovative Design Service
George Stone offers free 2D design services. However, with minimal added cost, you can also avail the virtual room and 3D design services. A realistic view of your project helps you to understand its final look better.


Extensive Experience
Our industry professionals have been competing in the stone industry for the past 30 years. George Stone team’s unrivaled expertise and professionalism make it stand out among others.


Affordable Prices
George Stone has no middleman in the supply chain. Therefore, you can enjoy maximum reduced costs. Whether you own a B2B or a B2C business, you can get top-notch stone basins at market competitive prices.


Why George Stone Sink & Basin?


Natural stones are tough and sturdy. George Stone sink units are made to last for a lifetime. Their durability is unquestionable.

Easy Care

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with stone sink bowls. Regular cleaning with a mild cleaner or wiping with a damp cloth is all you need.

Heat and Stain Resistant

Stone does not conduct heat. Therefore, stone sinks are ideal when it comes to humidity and high temperatures. Also, natural stones are resistant to stains.


Stone vessel sinks do not chip out and are highly resistant to scratches. Therefore stone basins are ideal for everyday usage in bathrooms and kitchens.

Aesthetic Appeal

Stone sink basins add to your area’s visual appeal. Whether it be a rustic theme or an elegant appeal, George Stone covers every possibility for you.

Wide Range

Versatility of stone sinks is unmatchable. You can get George Stone sinks in a wide range of colors, styles, textures, and shapes. Also, you can get customized sinks, on demand.

Our Credentials

The SGS and ISO certifications of our company indicate our quality and faith. Each slab we produce represents our dedication. We guarantee to provide excellence in every project. Trust in our quality.

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Your Go-To Stone Sink & Basin FAQ Guide

Nature has provided us with countless beautiful stones. These stones possess unique characteristics, colors, patterns, and textures. Their uniqueness and timeless beauty made them ideal for decor purposes. Along with the beauty, the strength and durability of the natural stone sink and basin is unrivaled.
With a stone basin, you can not only add your personality to the space but also make it elegant and eye-catching. This write-up has everything you need to know about a stone basin. From its types to applications, advantages to installation guide, it’s a complete guide for a newcomer. So, let’s start with the basic information!

Stone sinks are made with natural or artificial stones. There are many stones used for this purpose. The most common stones are marble, granite, and limestone. However, some unique and more stylish stones are travertine, onyx, and quartz.

Natural rock sinks are manufactured in two ways. They can either be carved directly from a solid rock or can be made with the matched pieces of rocks. On the other hand, artificial stone sinks are made with crushed stone blended with acrylic, e.g., granite.

Every natural stone basin has a unique appearance with natural veining and colors. However, artificially manufactured stone vessels have a more uniform and perfect appearance.

Choose any stone for your sink; options abound in colors and styles. Also, there are many benefits of choosing stone as the raw material. It is durable and resistant to heat, water, and scratches. So, a stone sink is an accessory that can serve you for a lifetime.

Although natural stone is resistant to wear and tear, rust, and scratches. However, regular maintenance is essential to increase its lifespan and maintain its beauty.

  • The first thing you must follow like a ritual is to clean the sink immediately after every use to avoid stains.
  • Cleaning the basin with lukewarm water is enough to clean soap residues from the surface.
  • Natural stone basins are polished and sealed properly. However, over time, you must seek professional help and get the sealing checked.
  • For polished stone basins, avoid using cleaners containing acid. Acid can damage the sealing, causing the water to absorb in the stone. Wet and dry sand pads are used to polish matte stone basins.

Stone sinks come in two varieties:

  • Natural stone sinks
  • Engineered or granite stone sinks

Let’s see how each of them is manufactured.

Making of Natural Stone Sinks

Natural stones obtained from quarries are used to make natural stone sinks. These are then finely carved by using state-of-the-art technology and proper tools. A single block of stone is used to craft the basin in the desired shape and size.

Sinks are used for holding water, therefore one-piece stone is used to avoid cracks and seams. After cutting and grinding the basin into the desired shape, sealants and special coatings are applied to the stone thoroughly. Natural stones are porous in their raw form, sealants make them water-resistant and stronger.

Making of Engineered Stone Sinks

Engineered stone basins are made with a mixture of granulated stone particles and acrylic resins. Additives and pigments are also added to the mixture to make it stronger and colorful. All the raw material, when mixed together, is then poured in the molds.

Titbit: Molds are the pre-manufactured dies according to the shape and size you want for the sink.

The sink is then left, for a specific period of time, for curing. Once the sink is cured, it then undergoes rubbing, buffing, and polishing to get a shiny finished look.

Following are some of the positive and negative points of stone sink bowls.

+ Durability and Easy Cleaning

Stone sinks are tough and durable. With proper polishing and sealing they can last for a lifetime. Stones are obtained from earth and are highly resistant to weather and temperature changes. Therefore, these sinks are ideal for working spaces with high-temperature.

Moreover, stone sinks are easy to maintain. Thorough wiping with a damp cloth is all you need on a regular basis.   

+ Scratch-Resistant

Stone sinks are resistant to scratches and chipping out. However, you must get the polishing and sealing checked by professionals after some time.

+ No Discoloration and A Radiant Finish

Stone sinks maintain their classic look for ages. The inherent veins, texture, and hues of natural stone provides each sink a distinct and personalized appearance.

+ Versatile Range Of Products

A vast array of designs and colors are available for stone sinks. From sleek to solid and elegant to antique, stone sinks are available in all styles.   

+ Non Porous And Hygienic

Artificial stone basins are non porous. Bacteria do not accumulate on them and thus are more hygienic. Similarly, despite natural stones being porous, with proper sealing agents they become stronger and germ-free.

+ Versatile Application

A stone sink can fit in any facility. You can use it in your home, public restroom, offices, hotels, and wherever you want. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is suitable for various installations—countertop, freestanding, or wall-mounted—stone sinks fit any setting.

+ Lifetime Guarantee

Thanks to the durability and resilience of the stone sinks, they enjoy a lifetime guarantee. It’s a one time investment and a lifetime luxurious look to the space.

+ Sustainable Choice

Naturally obtained stones are the sustainable and eco-friendly choice to opt for.

– Regular Maintenance

As sealants are applied to the stone sinks to lock the pores, regular and heavy usage or cleaning agents sometimes wear off these protective layers. For this you need regular sealing and maintenance of the basins.

– Heavy Weighed

Compared to steel or ceramic, stone sinks are heavier. Their weight also has an impact on the counter. So, if you have a small kitchen or bathroom, installing a heavy sink doesn’t seem appropriate.

Vessel and undermount sinks represent the most prevalent styles. Both have different appearances and pros and cons. Let’s see how they differ from each other.

Difference in

Stone Sink Vessel

Undermount Sink


Above the counter top

Embedded inside the countertop





Wide range of products

Limited style option

Focal point

Sink is the center of attention

Attention is diverted more towards the countertop than the sink


Less expensive



Ideal for heighted people

Appropriate for short heighted people

Stone sinks are versatile. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

The versatile range of natural and artificial stones merge with every style and theme. Whether it be contemporary, modern, antique, or traditional, stone sinks are available in all sizes and designs.

Moreover, you can install these sinks in both indoor and outdoor spaces. An exterior stone garden sink adds luxury to your outdoor space. In your outdoor cooking area or beverage station, a stone farmhouse sink will add a unique touch.

Multiple factors influence the price of your stone sink, which include

  • Type of the stone
  • Sink size
  • Style and appearance
  • Finishing and polishing

The per square feet rate of each type of stone differs from the other. For example, marble is more expensive than granite and granite costs you more than quartz. Similarly, limestone sinks are more costly than travertine sinks.

In addition, the style you prefer, double or single, pedestal sink, wall mounted, undermount, vessel, farmhouse, or sink with a vanity makes a difference in the cost.

For your convenience, here is a price range of per piece basin:

  • Marble basins – $50 – $500 (due to variable sizes and material)
  • Granite sinks – $80 – $300
  • Onyx sinks – $100 – $800

For an outdoor application, sinks must be more robust and resistant to different exposures. At the same time, you need an eye catching garden setup for your friends and family gatherings.

Marble, granite, or soapstone sinks for your outdoor kitchen are among the best options. Here is a quick guide on how to find the best stone sink for your garden kitchen.

Color Blends with the Outdoor Theme

Stone is a natural material that blends well with the natural environment. So, for your garden theme and outdoor kitchen counter, a stone sink is an ideal choice. Go for a granite or limestone sink for longevity and resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Longevity and Durability

Go for a stone sink that has more durability and lifespan. For example, composite granite stone sinks are the best options for outdoor kitchen sinks.

Heat-, Water-, and Stain-Resistance

Temperature resistance is one of the main considerations while choosing an outdoor sink. Usually every stone sink is heat resistant. However, when it comes to engineered stone sinks. they surpass natural stone in resistance to heat, water, and stains.

Easy Maintenance

Granite stone sinks are non-porous and thus require less maintenance. In outdoor applications, you need more cleaning. A simple damp cloth quickly cleans the sink, simplifying maintenance.


Before purchasing a stone sink, you must know whether you want a sink made with assembled pieces or carved from a single block. A single-piece sink is heavier in weight than an assembled sink. However, the carved sinks are more durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Compatibility with the Surroundings

Before purchasing a sink for your kitchen or bathroom, you must consider the worktop. Sometimes, contrasting countertops look amazing, and sometimes a similar worktop gives a wider look to the space. Similarly, choose a sink that compliments the entire look.

Proper Finishing

Ensure the stone sink you are choosing is properly treated with repellents and sealants. Poorly treated sinks will absorb water and will get stained soon.

Size, Shape, and Style

As various sizes, shapes, and styles are available in the market, you must choose the best-suited according to your bathroom style and area. For example, you can opt for double sinks if you have a big bathroom, or go for a precious vessel basin if you want to create a futuristic elite look.


Color is very important. Make a keen choice according to the theme and other fixtures in the space.


Ensure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer to avoid sinks made with substandard raw materials.


Last but not the least, you must take into account your budget. There are countless stones used to manufacture basins. You can buy aesthetically appealing and durable basins at affordable prices. On the contrary, do not compromise on the quality. Tolerating a high upfront cost leads to a lifetime peace of mind.

Explore the diverse range of stone sink types and styles available to choose from

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink is called a bottom-mount sink. It is installed beneath the countertop. It gives a sleek look to the space by enhancing the counter.

Stone Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are also called above-counter sinks. As the name reveals, it is placed above the counter. Their unique colors and textures gives a striking and attractive ambiance to any space. These sinks give a modern and stylish look to the area.

Stone Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse, apron sink, or a semi recessed sink – all mean the same. A semi-recessed sink is installed in the countertop with an exposed front. It is partially inside the countertop and the remaining portion is out of the counter top. This type of basin provides you with a wider space to avoid water splashes. Also, you get more space on the counter due to the recessed position of the sink.

Wall Mounted Stone Sink

Wall-hung sinks are perfect for compact bathrooms. This sink is directly installed in the wall. No counter or pedestal is needed to support the wall hung stone sink. To create space in the bathroom, wall mounted basins are the perfect choice.

Double Basin Stone Sink

These sinks are usually installed in kitchens. A stone double basin sink allows two people to work simultaneously or to perform two tasks at once.

Stone Sink Pedestal

Another classification of bathroom sink is the pedestal sink. It neither needs a counter for support nor it is installed in the wall. It is a stand alone sink with a supportive pedestal. The pedestal hides the plumbing pipes. This type of sink is also suitable for small bathrooms.

There are many types of pedestal sinks. Following are the various classifications.

Half Pedestal

Half pedestal sinks have a shorter pedestal. This pedestal adequately hides the plumbing pipes while giving a specious look to the bathroom. These are also known as semi-pedestal sinks.

Full Pedestal

Full pedestal sinks have a sink to floor pedestal. That supports the basin as well as hides the plumbing pipes. Following are different types of full pedestal sinks.


Modern pedestal sinks are the true example of creativity combined with tradition. You can get countless designs of modern pedestal sinks. One piece, sculptural, and 7-shaped pedestal sinks are some of the examples.


This type is the oldest one. However, with time, elegance and style has been added to these sinks. Curvy designs, vintage look, and designed pedestals are the innovations you can see now.

Double Basin

Double basin pedestal sinks are your go to option if you want to manage space in a stylish manner. This basin is ideal for a large family bathroom.  

Although stone basins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing the right shape is mandatory. The shape of the basin plays an important role in creating an overall impact of the bathroom.

The most commonly used shapes are oval and round. They give a classic and elegant look to the bathroom. At the same time, rectangular sinks are also in demand. They give a more modern look to the space.

You can change the look of your space by installing variable stone sinks. For example:

  • A marble stone sink gives a classy look to your space
  • Granite sinks speak for durability and elegance
  • If you want to make your bathroom spacious you can opt for a white marble or limestone sink
  • A stone crystal sink adds elegance and beauty
  • Gemstone sinks are ideal for industrial, commercial, and institutional spaces
  • Some precious stone sinks like quartz, onyx, crystal, and travertine are ideal when you want to give your interior a unique and luxurious look

Here is the step by step guide to install a wall mounted stone sink.

Step 1

Put marks on the wall using the mounting plate (if available) or the holes of the sink.

Step 2

Use a drilling machine to drill the holes on the wall.

Step 3

Install the drain assembly and faucet before mounting the sink.

Step 4

Secure the mounting plate with anchor bolts. If unavailable, directly attach the sink to the wall using suitable hardware.

Step 5

Now connect the water supply and drainage to the already existing connections on the wall.

Step 6

Now open the tap and check for any leakage. If the water leaks, use a plier to tighten the connections.

Purchasing the best stone sinks is not a difficult task anymore. George Stone is a leading stone sink & basin manufacturer in China. We supply high-quality stone sinks all over the world. We have a huge global clientele.

No matter where you live, just book your order and our efficient professionals will ensure to deliver your order at your doorstep. George Stone takes minimal time to get your order ready. Our strong bond with the transporting agents and freight forwarders assure on-time and undamaged deliveries.

So, regardless of your location and the number of items you want, contact our customer services team right now and get your order booked!

The Final Cut

So, if you want to try something unique and move out of the traditional ceramic bathroom accessories, it’s time to explore the stone sinks and basins. From the wide range of stone options, their colors, sizes, styles, and designs you can select the best for your space. There is no such durable option to install in your kitchen as a stone sink. When style and beauty combines with sustainability, it becomes George Stone’s top-notch stone basins. See our catalog and start selecting a stone for your space.

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