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The Most Unique Terrazzo Supplier in China

Best Bet - Unparalleled Range of Terrazzo Products

Following are some of our best-selling terrazzo products. Uplift the grace of your space with these unique and customizable terrazzo designs.

George Stone - Bringing Innovations to Beautify Spaces

  • Give a luxurious look to your space with high-quality terrazzo. George Stone is the name of durability combined with style and elegance. With 30 years of expertise in the industry we ensure to provide you with a wide range of terrazzo products.   
  • George Stone factory is spread over 25,800 sqm. We ensure smooth operations and controlled quality to satisfy our valuable clients.   
  • We ensure to transform your dreams into reality. Our expert team of designers use 3D Max and AutoCad to view the project precisely.

Why George Stone Terrazzo?

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Unmatched Quality

George Stone never compromises on the quality. We update our customers, with the progress, weekly. Also, we regularly share product photos.



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Unlimited Product Range

From countertop to floor tile, bathtub to kitchen sink, you name it and George Stone has it for you. We have a wide range of terrazzo styles, colors, and designs to best fit your space.



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Open for Both B2B and B2C Businesses

George Stone readily serves both B2B and B2C businesses. Whether it be your personal need or a bulk order for your business, we always stand by your side to cater your needs.



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Efficient Customer and After Sales Service

Our top priority is our valuable clients. We answer your queries within 24 hours. Our online support is available 24/7. We also provide on-site guidance and installation support.



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Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices George Stone offers affordable and market competitive pricing. As there is no middleman between you and George Stone, therefore we offer lower operating expenses.



Why Terrazzo?


Terrazzo is one of the materials that lasts for centuries. We can see terrazzo floors still standing gracefully in many ancient buildings.

Extensive Range

You can get a unique and extensive range of designs in terrazzo. It comes in multiple colors which can be used for any environment.


Terrazzo is playing its part in green and sustainable technology. It is usually made of natural and recycled raw material which is safe for the environment.

Water Repellent

Terrazzo requires minimal maintenance. When sealed properly, it becomes non-porous. Consequently, it does not absorb water or damage the surface.


Terrazzo is one of the best options for flooring. Several textures can be added to the terrazzo tiles to make it anti-slip yet attractive.


Terrazzo is ideal for outdoor usage as it is highly resistant to heat, UV rays, and natural elements. You can also use terrazzo in home decoration, like coasters or lamp holders.

Our Certification

George Stone is holding SGS, Quality Control Management Systems, and SGS certificates.

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Terrazzo - A Beginners FAQ Guide

Many people think terrazzo is an old-fashioned flooring style. It is one of the materials that has been used in construction since ages. However, with the advancement of technology it has evolved to a versatile and timeless material.

Its application in several spaces, flexibility to create designs, and durability to last for decades had made terrazzo the best of the choices. Designers and builders prefer using terrazzo for floors and walls because they can design the space freely and play with designs and patterns with this incredible material.

Continue reading and you’ll learn why this material is so popular!

Terrazzo is one of the oldest flooring styles that dates back to 600 years. In the beginning, terrazzo floors were rough and uneven. However, with the advancement in polishing and grinding techniques terrazzo texture got improved and became the majority’s choice. It was very popular in the 50’s. However, durability and versatility are the reasons for bringing this vintage trend back into our lives.

Terrazzo is a building material made with ground minerals. A binder (cement or epoxy matrix), when mixed with these ground minerals, forms terrazzo. These chips can be of several materials, like:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Glass
  • Shell

Nevertheless, you name it and George Stone can add that crushed raw material in your Terrazzo. For example, you can add broken bottles, aluminum, brass, metal, glints of gold, semi-precious stones, and whatnot!

Terrazzo is produced in three different ways:


This is a process in which thick sheets of terrazzo are compressed mechanically. These sheets are then sliced thinly and then cut into tiles. Grooves and insets are made using cutting machines. These sheets are strong and are ideal for larger projects.


This process is ideal for customization. The mixture is carefully laid and rolled. Once hardened, it is cut into the required thickness. The tiles are then ground and polished to give a finished look.


To get a terrazzo seamless pattern, this technique is ideal. The mixture is poured, ground, and polished on-site. The mixture can be cement or resin-based. Resin-based terrazzo is best for interal environment. While the cement-based terrazzo is more flexible and can be used in either environment.

Terrazzo, when started, was known for flooring. However, it has come a long way and is now available for multiple indoor and outdoor purposes. Mentioned-below are some of the applications where terrazzo has marked its way.

Terrazzo Countertops

With the advancement of technology, terrazzo can be cut into the desired shape and size. Therefore, it can be used as:

  • Kitchen countertop
  • Tabletop
  • Office counter
  • Side table
  • Coffee table

For kitchen installation terrazzo is preferred as it is heat resistant and cools down quickly.

Terrazzo Stairs

When it comes to terrazzo textures, there is a wide variety. Terrazzo stairs can be precast offsite with an anti-slip finish. Later when installed onsite, it gives an eye catching impact. These stairs are recommended for areas with higher foot traffic like schools, malls, and hospitals.

Terrazzo Backsplash or Wall Panels

Thanks to the design flexibility of terrazzo, designers can create noticeable designs on walls. Terrazzo kitchen backsplash is the new trending style. 3D wall installations in your living room or commercial areas with terrazzo is another available option.

Terrazzo Outdoor Benches, and Furniture

Terrazzo’s durability and weather-resistance make it suitable for outdoor purposes. Also, its flexibility opens up the universe of customizations. Thanks to the CNC technology, now you can create millions of products with terrazzo. Therefore, it is a go-to material for outdoor benches and furniture.

Terrazzo Pavers

Heat-resistance, durability, easy maintenance, and design flexibility are the characteristics that make a material ideal for outdoor usage. Terrazzo possesses all these properties. With an anti-slip texture and finish, terrazzo pavers can be installed in any outdoor facility.

Terrazzo Sinks and Bathtubs

Beautify your kitchens and bathrooms with the water-resistant terrazzo. Terrazzo bathtubs and sinks look aesthetically beautiful. Their longevity and easy cleaning make them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. So, you can enjoy your long soak in a unique terrazzo bathtub.  

Terrazzo is flexible in both designing and budget. It’s an affordable solution that works with any budget. In comparison to natural stones, terrazzo is cheaper in price. Depending on the binding material and the chips you are using, size and thickness of the tiles, and the size of the project, terrazzo prices vary. Following is the rough estimated cost of terrazzo floor tiles and countertops.

Terrazzo Floor Cost

Terrazzo is a cost-effective solution. However, you may find a higher initial cost as compared to some flooring options. But, due to its longevity and low-maintenance, it is ultimately cheaper than the rest. The price range (without delivery charges) may vary between $14 to $90 per square feet (standard tile range starts from $109 per square meter), depending on the:

  • Material used (resin or cement)
  • Total area of the project
  • Size and thickness of the tile
  • Design’s complexity
  • The finishing you choose
  • Project’s location

But in case of a commercial building, it can cost you an average of $20 to $30 per square feet. This doesn’t include the delivery charges.

Terrazzo Countertop Prices

Similar to terrazzo flooring, the cost of terrazzo countertops varies depending on different factors:

  • Size and thickness of the slab
  • The material used in the countertop
  • Its finishing, patterns, and textures

Roughly, a standard-sized countertop with standard polishing and finishing may cost you $1025 per square meter or range between $50 to $100 per square feet (excluding delivery charges).

Terrazzo is undoubtedly a durable and long lasting material. However, it still needs some maintenance at times. For example, during the renovation of an older building or while removing carpet or tile from an already existing terrazzo floor.

Removal of carpet or another type of flooring from the terrazzo floor is tricky. You must contact an expert for this purpose to avoid destruction. Nevertheless, if your floor is damaged, there is nothing to worry about. It can easily be repaired.

Depending on the floor condition, sometimes void filling solves the issue. Whereas, at times, similar patches are added to replace the damaged portion. A similar binding material, chips, and color is used to match the existing floor.

Daily cleaning increases the life of terrazzo floors. However, with time and excessive usage, you can observe stains and cracks. Neutral pH cleaners when diluted in warm water are ideal to remove stubborn stains from terrazzo addition to daily cleaning, periodic floor care routine must also be followed. The following methods are the best ones to make your terrazzo floor shine.

Diamond Polishing

This method lasts for a minimum of eight years and is also cost-effective. Things you need to have for this process are:

  • Planetary stone grinder
  • Coarse-grit diamond bits
  • Medium-grit diamond bits
  • Finely-grit diamond bits

Use the coarse bit first, followed by the medium and finely-grit diamond bit. This grinding will remove unwanted scratches and marks from the floor giving it a new-like shine.

Polishing Powder

Polishing powder makes terrazzo tiles shiny and glossy. For this you need to have:

  • pH-neutral polishing powder
  • Buffing machine with soft polishing pads
  • Wet mop

Divide the entire floor into sections. Use the small amount of polishing powder on it. Buff one section at a time. Move to the next section when the powder is completely absorbed. Once you are done, use a wet mop to get rid of the leftover polishing powder. Buff once again once the floor is dried out. You will be surprised to see the visible results.

Recrystallization Method

Things you need:

  • Polishing machine with a steel wool pad
  • Acid solution

Start by applying acid solution (a bit) on the floor. Use a polishing machine with a steel wool pad to spread the solution evenly on the floor. Crystallization forms a fresh layer of fluorosilicate calcium on the floor. This layer will give a radiant glow to your terrazzo floor.

Despite its creation, years ago, terrazzo gained popularity in the 1920’s. With time, modifications and innovations made this material more versatile and popular. Terrazzo floors never fully faded away. It is a timeless option that can be seen in ancient buildings and is equally popular nowadays.

Terrazzo’s contribution to the green construction projects has increased its demand. Not only outdoor applications but terrazzo interior designs are unmatchable. From floors to kitchen counters, and utensils to jewelry items, terrazzo is in style!

Outdoor terrazzo pavers are not only durable but are easy to clean and maintain. In the flooring industry, terrazzo pavers enjoy a unique position. These pavers are ideal for all outdoor facilities. Regardless of the size, shapes, hues, and designs, you can opt for terrazzo pavers in every situation.

Terrazzo is weather- and heat-resistant. Therefore, these pavers can withstand snow, sun, or rain for years. Also, hard aggregates are used in outdoor terrazzo pavers with several patterns and textures to add to their longevity and appearance. So, whether it is a commercial area or your driveway, terrazzo pavers are suitable for every outdoor facility.

Terrazzo is not a porous material. It is water- and stain-resistant when sealed properly. However, if a stain is left on the surface it will be dissolved.

How to clean?

You can use alkaline cleaners to remove the stains. But, never use acidic products to clean terrazzo.


Terrazzo contains calcite deposits. Acid dissolves the calcium and leaves a permanent rough mark on terrazzo. For example, coffee, lemon, or cola.

There are four popular finishes for terrazzo tiles and slabs. These are explained below.

Honed Finish

This is the most popular and commonly used finish. It is ideal for places with more foot traffic. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet durable terrazzo finish, honed is your best choice,

It gives the surface a matte, smooth, and anti-slip finish. This finish fulfills all the safety standards and can be applied to any public or private space.

Polished Finish

If you are looking for a brilliant shine, you must go for the polished terrazzo finish. It is a cost-effective solution and can easily be replaced. However, it is not recommended for outdoor use. It can be slippery due to its smooth and shiny surface.

Brushed Finish

Looking for an anti-slip solution? Brushed finish complies with the slip-resistant standards. Metal scrapers are used to scrape off cement from terrazzo. You can feel the slight grooves on the surface by touching it. This treatment makes the surface slip-resistant and ideal for both public and private areas.

Bush-Hammered Finish

To get a non-slippery terrazzo surface with a homogeneous look, bush-hammered technique is used. A diamond tip tool is used for this purpose. When this tool spins quickly, small chips cut from the surface giving a rough texture to the terrazzo. This is a recommended finish for outdoor applications.

Terrazzo is sensitive to acidic materials. Therefore, any harsh cleaning agents or acid containing products must not be used for cleaning terrazzo. Also, all-purpose, miracle, and cheap cleaners or sealers are harmful for your terrazzo floor, avoid them.

By following the below-mentioned daily and weekly cleaning routine you can conveniently maintain your terrazzo floors.

  • Use a dust mop to clean your terrazzo floor, daily.
  • To remove stains and marks, dilute a neutral cleaner in warm water and rub it on the floor
  • For weekly cleaning, use a damp mop and clean the dirt.
  • Use a buffing machine to clean heavily soiled floors.
  • Yearly stripping, grinding, and polishing will extend your floor’s life

Following are two easy ways you can adopt to protect your terrazzo floor from stains.

Application of Acrylic Wax

The first method is to apply acrylic wax to the terrazzo. This coat protects the terrazzo surface from harsh elements. However, this method requires regular maintenance, like buffing, stripping, and recoating. With time, the wax turns yellow or can wear off completely, making the surface open to the damaging materials.

Water-Based Urethane Coating

This technique is best to get a polished finish. A thin coat of urethane protects the terrazzo from stains. Also, it requires less maintenance than acrylic wax as a single coat lasts for years. Moreover, variable-sized grit additives can be added to the coating to make the surface anti-slip.


Polished Concrete

Contains more aggregate

Contains more cement

Originated in the 15th century

Derived from terrazzo

The concrete slab is covered with epoxy and then polished

The concrete slab is polished itself

4-8 times more expensive


Stronger and more durable

Less durable

Endless design options

Less versatile



Stronger and durable

High risk of cracking

Elegant and thin tile – ¼” in thickness

Its thickness ranges from ⅜” to ½”

Can be repaired

Cannot be repaired

Countless color and design options

Limited natural stone colors

Flexible and allows limitless design options

Inflexible and limited design options

Helps preserve earth’s natural resources (made with recycled materials)

It is a limited resource (made with natural materials)

Easy maintenance

Hard to clean










Heavier material

Low maintenance

High maintenance


Very slippery

Large holes and damages can be repaired

Scratches and minor chips can be repaired

Countless color options

Less color options

Versatile and flexible

Less flexible and versatile



Less resistance to chemicals

More resistant to chemicals

Usually made with cement and ground aggregates. Moulded, ground, and polished

Made with 90% natural quartz particles and treated at high temperature

Mostly used for flooring

Mostly used as kitchen countertops

Less expensive

More costly

More durable

Shows wear and tear over time

China is one of the leading countries that manufacture products useful in every field of life. They not only produce but export high-quality goods worldwide. Let’s have a look, why wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and end consumers prefer buying Chinese products.

Why Import Terrazzo from China?

China is a leading name when it comes to terrazzo production. Following are some of the main reasons for selecting a Chinese terrazzo supplier.

Lower Price

One of the main reasons for selecting a Chinese supplier is the minimal cost. China offers lower prices as compared to other countries. This increases the possibility for vendors to boost their profit margin.

Wide Range of Products

Another good reason for selecting China for business is the variety they offer. You can get unlimited terrazzo designs, patterns, colors, and textures.

On-Time Shipments

The advanced infrastructure and efficient transportation services has made on-time deliveries possible. Importing terrazzo from China is recommended as you can get your order on-time and continue the construction or renovation without any delay.

Small MOQs and Bulk Orders

Whether you need a single product, want to start from a small scale, or own a well-established business, Chinese terrazzo manufacturers always stand by your side. Unlike other countries, you can book small MOQs as well as bulk orders as per your requirement from China.   

Simplified Import Process

The Chinese government has made the import process easier. Moreover, you can hire agents and freight forwarding companies. These companies provide you with a door-to-door service without the hassle of documentation and custom checking struggle.

High-Quality Products

You can get high-quality terrazzo tiles, bathtubs, pavers, sinks, etc., from a Chinese manufacturer. It is a misconception that Chinese products are low in quality. In reality, the deeper the well, the warmer the water.

Ways to Choose the Best Terrazzo Supplier in China

You can choose the best terrazzo supplier in the following ways.

Search Online

The world is a global village. You can search for the best terrazzo manufacturing companies in the world from the comfort of your home. Browse the web, see the official websites, social media networks, and check customer’s reviews to select the best supplier for your business. Contact the suppliers and after negotiations finalize the one that best suits your requirements.

Visit China

One to one meetings are always a better choice. So, you can also visit the manufacturing facilities. Plan a visit to China or ask someone on your behalf to visit the factory and meet the officials to convey your demands and see their manufacturing processes. Always visit multiple factories and then choose the best among them.

Talk of the Town

You can also ask your friends or an experienced business person from where they had imported terrazzo. Despite experimentation, you can learn from their experience and play safe.

Attend Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Another good way to see what manufacturers have for you is to attend the trade fairs and exhibitions. Every year, China organizes several exhibitions. Also, Chinese manufacturers display their products in worldwide exhibitions. You can go to your nearest exhibition and select an appropriate supplier.

The Final Cut

So, add a timeless beauty to your space by using terrazzo tiles, pavers, bathroom fittings and accessories, counters, tabletops, and many more. Design your space like an art piece – thanks to the versatility and flexibility of terrazzo. It’s a name of durability and affordability. George Stone is a one-stop solution for a wide range of terrazzo products. Contact our customer services team for more information. We will readily get you back within 24 hours.

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