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Your Certified Golden Supplier for Luxurious Travertine Bathtubs in China

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George Stone has a large customer base worldwide. We cater to individuals with different requirements. You can choose from 100s of travertine bathtub styles. Whether you need an oval, corner, round, or freestanding travertine bath, reach George Stone. George Stone also makes custom baths to meet your bathroom style and personal choice. Customers can also choose distinct bathtub finishings. For example, you can select from honed or glossy finishing options. So elevate your bath space with our range of travertine bath basins. George Stone has something for everyone.

Why Choose George Stone Travertine Bathtub?

George Stone has been serving its global customers for more than three decades. Several renowned brands and businesses are our regular customers.


years experience


Excellent Craftsmanship

All our artisans have years of experience in making stone bathtubs. They take care of every small detail and bring the best for our customers. You can rest assured about quality and precision. 

Handcrafted travertine bathtub


Cutting-edge Production Line

George Stone has a state-of-the-art factory covering an area of 20,000 sqm. We have some of the best production machineries from Italy and China.


Competitive Pricing

George Stone has access to numerous resources for travertine raw materials. Therefore, we make the best yet affordable travertine baths. We supply baths directly from our factory. There is no middleman involved.


Custom Baths

Individuals looking for personalized travertine bathtubs can also reach George Stone. Whether you want the bathtub with a specific size, shape, or finish, we can provide that. We can also install the accessories you need.

Travertine Bathtub


Installation Guidance

George Stone has a dedicated team to provide customers with on-time after-sales service. If you encounter any challenges during bathtub installation, reach our staff to get comprehensive guidance.

Tips to Care Travertine Bathtub

Although the travertine bathtub lasts for decades, you must care for it. It preserves its shine and functionality for years with regular cleaning and maintenance, George Stone recommends the following instructions for travertine bathtub care.

  •  Clean your bathtub regularly using a non-acidic cleaner. Always use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe down the surface of your bathtub.
  •  Do not let residue accumulate on the corners.
  •  Clean the spill instantly.
  •  Rinse the tub thoroughly after every use.
  •  Check out the sealing requirements of the tub periodically.
  •  If required, re-seal it using the recommended sealant.
  •  Do not place any sharp objects or acidic liquid on the surface.

Certification & Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is our uppermost priority. George Stone maintains quality throughout all the processes, whether it is picking a raw material, production, or packaging. We have enforced strict quality control standards to produce international-standard travertine bathtubs. George Stone is a certified building material supplier in China. We have received certifications like SGS and ISO. It makes us a trusted source for quality travertine bathtubs in China. If you want us to pass any other quality certification as per your country’s law, we can do that.

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Travertine Bathtub: The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Newbies

A travertine bathtub is an excellent choice for individuals who need a high-end, luxury bath. Travertine is a limestone type that originates from the evaporation of calcium carbonate found in the water of mineral-rich springs and lakes. When this calcium mineral settles down and accumulates into a huge deposit, it becomes a travertine stone. Consequently, travertine is found around the hot springs and limestone caves. China, Turkey, Peru, and Italy are a few countries with an abundance of travertine. Travertine stone has uses in a variety of applications. One renowned use of this natural stone is bathtub crafting. Baths made of this stone feature a unique appearance and a variety of natural characteristics. Do you want to buy a travertine bath and need complete information before you proceed? Read this FAQ guide until the end. It covers all the aspects of a travertine bath basin that you must be aware of before purchasing it. So let us begin it without any further delay.

Travertine bath basins feature natural elegance and come with a wide range of advantages. Nevertheless, like every bath basin, it has some limitations.


Let’s explore both aspects so you can determine whether or not you should buy it.




Aesthetic Appearance


Like all natural baths, travertine bathtubs look eye-appealing. They come in various natural shades, ranging from ivory to gold to light brown.


Travertine soaking tubs feature timeless appeal. Therefore, they never go out of fashion.


Insulation Property


In its natural form, travertine is highly porous. Therefore, it has better thermal insulation. It can retain the heat of warm water for a couple of hours.




Travertine baths are relatively environmentally friendly. They are made of natural stone, unlike acrylic bathtubs. Furthermore, their production does not involve the use of harsh chemicals.


Since they last for decades, they are a sustainable choice.




Travertine baths can go with any interior design. Whether your bathroom has a contemporary, futuristic, or classic appearance, these bath basins suit all architectural layouts and designs.


Easy to Customize


Travertine baths are easy to customize. Compared to marble and granite, travertine is a soft material. Consequently, you can cast it into any shape.


Regardless of the tub size and design you want, travertine baths are available in various options.




Need Frequent Maintenance


Travertine is a porous stone that can absorb moisture and stains. As a result, baths made of this stone need frequent sealing.


High Cost


Travertine bathing basin is a luxury product made of natural stone. Therefore, its prices are higher compared to fiberglass-based baths.

A travertine bathtub is a luxury item. Consequently, you cannot compare its price with regular bathtubs.


Several factors influence the cost of travertine tubs. Therefore, it is difficult to mention one fixed figure. Design, size, shape, quality, shipping cost, and product demand are a few major influencing factors.


Besides this, the price of a travertine soaking tub varies from retailer to retailer as their commission is also involved.


On average, you can expect to pay between USD 2000 and 5000 for a quality travertine bath basons.


Things you can do to buy a travertine bathtub at a genuine price include:


  • Shop around and get price quotes from different suppliers. It will give you an idea about the actual price.


  • Choose a supplier who provides bathtubs directly from their factory. If there is no middleman, the price will be cheaper.


  • Find out a company that handles shipping of bathtubs at a low price.


Try negotiating the price. Sometimes, you might get discounts.

Both travertine and limestone bathtubs are in demand. They are natural stones. However, they have different characteristics. Therefore, they suit distinct requirements.


Let’s find out the primary variances between them.







Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in limestone caves and hot springs by the evaporation of mineral-rich (Calcium carbonate) water.  



Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms from the crystallization of calcium carbonate, calcite, aragonite, and other minerals.




If you love bathtubs with earthy tones, you will like travertine bathtubs. They are readily available in colors like golden, cream, beige, etc. The surface of these baths is generally textured. If you do not seal it, you can feel its porous nature.

Limestone baths also feature neutral tones. They are available in colors like gray, white, cream, yellow, brown, etc. The texture of the bathtub is subtle yet lustrous.


Travertine baths are more durable than limestone. They have excellent structural integrity. You won’t need to replace your bathtub for several years.



Limestone is relatively softer than travertine. In the Mohs scale, its hardness is 2 to 4. Consequently, bathtubs made of limestone require frequent sealing to avert etching and scratches.

Heat Retention

Travertine baths feature outstanding heat retention properties. It can keep water warm for a long time.



Limestone also has excellent insulation properties. Therefore, its bathtub does not let the heat penetrate.  

Design Options

Travertine baths are available in various designs, patterns, and colors. So you have numerous choices.

Limestone bathtubs are also available in various styles. For example, you can buy freestanding, corner, drop-in, alcove, and customized baths.




The price of a travertine bathtub ranges between USD 2,000 and 5,000.

The cost of limestone bathtubs ranges from USD 1500 to USD 3000.

George Stone commits to providing you with on-time delivery. We take a synchronized approach to ensure timely delivery. All our team works in coordination to provide you with safe and sound product delivery.


Once the deal is final and you agree on the price, we will process your order. It might take up to 24 hours.


If you choose from our already-built travertine baths, our team will begin to arrange services like packaging, loading, and shipping.


Nevertheless, if you have custom requirements and need an entirely new design, we will proceed with production. It would take some extra days.


George Stone also arranges delivery, shipping, and customs clearance services. Depending on your urgency and budget, we can provide you with air, sea, and land-based shipping.


From our factory to the loading port, throughout the shipping, and till the travertine bathtub reaches your destination, we manage every aspect of shipment.


We have a dedicated team to take care of logistics and product delivery. We set a realistic period for delivery and keep the communication clear and transparent.

Using bath salt in bathing water is on trend. There are a lot of health benefits associated with taking a bath in such water. According to some claims, bath salt supports muscle relaxation and improves skin problems like psoriasis, acne, etc. It also removes the dead skin.


Nevertheless, is this composition safe for our travertine bathtub? Let’s find out.  


Yes, you can add bath salt to your bathing water. It is a water-soluble mineral that dissolves in the water immediately. Though it contains some cosmetic agents, it can’t damage or stain your bathtub surface. Make sure your bathtub is sealed.


Check out the sealing requirement of your bath frequently.

Crafting a travertine bathtub out of a solid travertine block needs proficiency. Always choose a company that has an experienced craftsman.


Below is the step-by-step process to construct a travertine bath at George Stone.


Selection of Material


First, we choose a high-quality travertine block that features consistent veining patterns. The aim is to find a stone with negligible flaws.


Design Planning


George Stone has designers who carefully plan dimensions, shapes, and styles for travertine bathtubs. Oval, rectangular, square, etc., are a few common bathtub designs we make. We also construct custom travertine bathtubs as per the design.


Cutting & Shaping of Travertine Block


At George Stone, we have special tools and machines to cut a travertine block in perfect shape and size.


Our craftsman hollows out the travertine block and gives it the shape of a bathtub.


They use both automatic and hand tools to carve and shape the tub. Generally, these tools include grinders, chisels, reciprocating saws, jig saws, and drills.


We have a team of skilled crafts workers who give the tub a perfect shape.




Once the bathtub is in proper shape, it is ready for smoothing and polishing. Our team uses sandpaper grits and precision tools to give the bath a smooth and even texture. Smoothing is followed by finishing.


At George Stone, we make travertine bathtubs of both matte and glossy finish. Customers can choose a honed or polished bathtub based on their personal preferences.


Drilling of Holes in Fixtures


We drill bathtubs as per the design plan. They make holes that align perfectly with standard faucets. In short, all our bathtubs fit your existing plumbing connection or system.  




We apply a quality sealant on the surface of bathtubs to protect them against mildew and leakage. Besides this, sealing also enhances the natural beauty of the bathtub.


Quality Analysis


We have a dedicated team to check out the entire production process and ensure quality in every phase.

Since travertine is a natural stone, it is relatively more durable than regular acrylic bathtubs. It can withstand day-to-day wear and tear with no trouble. On the Mohs scale, its hardness ranks between 4 and 5.


To maintain its appearance and inherent strength, users must provide it with regular maintenance. A good quality travertine bathtub can last for decades with regular maintenance.


You can do the following to keep your bath basin well-preserved.




Like most natural stones, travertine is also a porous material. If not sealed properly, it can absorb liquid stains. Consequently, it would be best to seal it with recommended sealant when required.




Clean your bathtub regularly, especially after every use. Always use a pH-neutral cleaner for your tub that is easy on its surface.


General Care


Place an anti-slipping mat beneath your bathtub. Give special attention to edges when handling as they are more prone to damage.

Yes, you can install a jet in your travertine bathtub. However, since it requires careful planning and professional expertise, do not try it yourself. Hire a professional plumber.


The installation of the jet requires precise cutting and drilling so that all the components of the jet fit properly. Do not forget to seal the area afterward.


Generally, the process for installing a jet in a stone bathtub goes like this:


  • First, get a jet system that perfectly aligns with your bathtub. It will come with all the required components, such as hoses, control panels, pumps, jets, etc.   


  • Mark the spot where you want to install a jet on your bathtub.


  • Drill those marked places to create holes. Perform this process carefully to prevent any sort of damage to the bathtub. Before you start drilling, drain the water out of the tub.


  • Install jets into the holes. Seal the area with sealant to prevent water leakage from there.


  • Connect jets to the pump with hoses.


  • Next, install the control panel and connect it to the pump.


 Test the operation of the jet. Make sure it is working properly and there is no leaking issue.

Travertine and marble both are popular choices for making stone bathtubs. While both materials are natural, they have distinct characteristics.  Let’s get to know about these differences in the following table.






Travertine is a sedimentary rock that contains minerals like calcite, aragonite, calcium oxide, and carbon dioxide.

Marble, on the other hand, is a metamorphic rock comprising recrystallized carbonate minerals. Primarily, the marble contains calcite or dolomite.






Travertine bathtubs are available in various warm color hues and veining patterns. These colors include beige, cream, gold, etc. In their natural form, these bathtubs have porous, textured surfaces.

Marble bathtubs also look classy. Like travertine, marble also comes in various colors depending on its composition. Most marble colors are soft and subtle, such as gray, white, etc. Comparatively, marble bathtubs have a smooth surface.


Travertine bathtubs are durable. They last for generations. However, they require frequent sealing to maintain their grace and strength. Travertine is comparatively more porous than marble.



When it comes to hardness, marble has the upper hand. However, it might also get etched if not sealed properly. Still, it is several times more durable than regular bathtubs.


Travertine baths are luxury products. You can expect to pay between USD 2K and 5K. Generally, the cost depends on the size and model of the bathtub.

The price of marble baths is almost similar to that of a travertine bath. Usually, it ranges between USD 2,000 and 4,000.


Although not 100%, travertine bathtubs are eco-friendly. Their production has a negligible impact on the environment. Consequently, it can be a sustainable choice.


Travertine is a type of limestone that takes thousands of years to form. As it is a natural stone, it does not produce harmful chemicals during the production of baths.


Compared to acrylic baths, travertine bath basins are several times more environmentally friendly.


Besides this, a travertine bathtub lasts for decades and naturally contributes to eco-consciousness. The good thing is that a travertine bath basin can be repurposed. All in all, the production and usage of a travertine bathtub has low resource consumption.

George Stone gives you a complete solution for your travertine bathtub requirements. Whether you want guidance about bathtub design, shopping, or installation, we will help you.


We have a team with a deep understanding of how a travertine bathtub should be installed, based on the available space and dimensions.


George Stone will give you complete guidance on the bathtub installation. We also offer local bathtub installation services.


George has tie-ups with reputable local contractors who can visit you and assist with installation service.


Reach us to find out if we can provide installation at your place.

At George Stone, we understand that every customer is concerned about the bathtub quality they buy. We provide 100% genuine, tested, and certified travertine bathtubs that go through various quality checks.


Therefore, we give a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Though we post real pictures of travertine baths on our website, people may have doubts. In online shopping, people can’t analyze the quality of travertine material.


To overcome this issue, we have decided to provide the sample or swatches of travertine material we use for making the tub. If you request samples, we can provide you with them.

A travertine bathtub has a long lifespan. You won’t need to replace it for decades. Nevertheless, like every stone bathtub, it has some maintenance requirements.


Since travertine is a porous stone, its bathtubs are sealed before delivery. However, with regular use, this sealing might wear down though slowly.


The good thing is that you can reseal your travertine bathtub easily. Even a newbie can perform this job without any professional assistance.


Below are the steps to reseal a bathtub


  • Clean your bathtub completely using a mild-cleaner.
  • Cover areas like drains, faucets, etc. You can use the painters’ tape to do the same.


  • Apply the sealer on the surface of your bathtub. Use a roller or brush to apply it evenly. If required, apply the second coat.


  • Use the recommended sealing agent only.


  • Let the sealant dry. Remove the excess coating using a cloth.


  • Test the sealer by splashing the water.

Yes, you can buy travertine baths both online and offline. You can find numerous companies over the internet selling bathtubs online.


One of the primary advantages of buying a travertine bathtub online is that it lets you explore a wide range of options from the comfort of your home.


Nevertheless, keep the following things in mind when buying bathtubs online.


Choose a reliable Company


Work with a company that has a solid reputation in the industry. Check out their reviews, history, and client ratings.


Check Out the Price


Compare prices of different suppliers. Do not forget to add additional expenses to your overall budget. These can be custom clearance fees, shipping charges, and installation costs.


Visit Websites


Log on to the official websites of your preferred suppliers. Look at the actual image of the travertine bathtub. Also, read the product description carefully. It will give you an idea about the features and specifications of the bathtub.


Authenticity of Bath


Make sure the bathtub you buy is fully certified. It must have certification for genuineness and safety.


Warranty & Return Policy


Ask the supplier about the warranty of baths. Also, inquire about the return policy.



At George Stone, we provide a wide range of travertine bathtubs at a competitive price. All our travertine baths come with a 2-year warranty.


We are a certified bathtub supplier in China, shipping products worldwide. George Stone also handles the transportation and delivery of bathtubs. So place an order and sit relaxed at your home.


If you need a customized travertine bathtub, George Stone can also make that.


If you doubt the quality of our travertine bathtub, we can send you swatches of the travertine stone we use.


To know more about our travertine baths, call us at +86 13077409280. You may also contact us through email:

If you require marble for your fireplace, then you should consult George Stone from whom you get authentic marble that would suit your fireplace installation. We provide numerous marble choices to amplify the grace of your living area. You can contact us for the detailed product options, availability, and pricing. Our team knowledge may assist you in choosing what type of marble will be the best for your hearth in order to make it look well with your interior.

Would you like to learn more or place an order? Contact us today to order your marble fireplace and make your house a home with a touch of luxury.

Final Words

So this was a complete guide on a travertine bathtub. We hope now you are aware of its price, durability, and maintenance requirements. The bathtub is a perfect blend of luxury and timeless beauty. Its natural veining patterns can enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. If you want to buy a durable, sustainable, and sophisticated bath basin, consider a travertine bathtub.

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